Individual Consultant: Child Protection

  • Mid-level, Short-term contract assignment
  • Posted on 30 June 2020
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Job Description

The present term of reference aims to hire a Child Protection Individual Contractor. Under the supervision and coordination of the Chief Field Office, specialist in child protection the individual contractor will provide technical and operational support the Office in Salvador to implement at least 2 strategic activities: (i) provide technical support to the chief of Field office, to implement the Awure’s Project - initiative on prevention violence to be implemented in 9 municipalities in Bahia Recôncavo Region and Salvador and (ii) improve child protection’s response to COVID-19 in aligning with Pillar II, toward to assist the municipalities enrolled at UNICEF Seal in Bahia, Sergipe and Minas Gerais States.
The planned activities on child protection services improving will directly benefit municipal managers and technicians, civil society partners, community agents, municipal guardianships, community leaders and adolescents’ networks, through strategies of capacity building, support and technical assistance, advocacy, knowledge management, materials for training, social mobilization and interinstitutional articulation.
The consultancy will be carried out at Field Office in Salvador and aim to contribute for strengthening of subnational UNICEF presence and its cooperation in these regions, territories and cities. Official travels are planned, in this consultancy, in order to attend mentioned regions, capitals and cities, representing a total of 10 trips over the 11.5 months contract period.

Expected results:
Under the guidance of Chief Field Office, the individual contractor should contribute to achievement of results of Component 3 within these strategic regions and capitals of Minas Gerais, Bahia and Sergipe States, committing to deliver the following results by activities performed.

Expected result 1 - Rapid Assessment on social inequality indicators of adolescent children and their families from Bahia Recôncavo Region and Salvador accomplished, contributing to achieve AWURE Result 2 - Facing the impacts of racism, sexism and religious intolerances

Main activities

  • In joint an M&E specialist for the SAB territory, carry out the mapping and analysis of social indicators on inequality situation of children, adolescents and their families, taking into account race, gender and ethnicity perspectives, as well as, the traditional populations in situations of vulnerability who lives in Recôncavo Region and Salvador;
  • Conduced in collaboration with Chief of Salvador Field Office, with the communication specialist of UNICEF, as well as with the communication professional from implementing partner (IP) , planning and coordinate the survey on social perception, attitudes, norms and behaviors on violence, sexism and racism against children which will be applied in 9 municipalities of the Recôncavo and Salvador capital.
  • To collaborate technically with Implementing partners on the elaboration of epidemiological bulletins on homicides against adolescents which will be prepared semesterly.
  • Maintain the technical interaction of the initiative with the other relevant UNICEF programme areas and projects: education, health, adolescent’s participation, monitoring and evaluation and communication at national and semiarid territory;
  • Working in collaboration with the communication specialist to ensure good visibility of the information, data and initiatives;
  • Preparing reports, and other relevant documents;

1.1. Deliverable - 1 Rapid Assessment on children’s social inequality situation in 9 Municipalities carried out and finalized and first findings of survey on social perception and attitudes systematized, analyzed and released.
1.2. Duration - 60 days (since 1st. day of contract)
1.3. Deadline - 60 days after start date
1.4. Payment 25% of the contract

Expected Result 2 - AWURE’s implementers partners (IP’s) technically supervised on their activities directed towards Result 1 - Diversity and Inclusion; and Result 3 - Overcoming the Scholar drop out

  • To assist IP’s giving technical support to develop the UNICEF BAE methodology and contents of capacity building activities, considering the challenges that vulnerable adolescents profile and their efforts to improve the schooling level and employed in the Recôncavo Region;
  • Participating in meetings with UNICEF programme specialists’ staff and with Chief of Field Office to giving feedback and technical discussion on the progress of both Results
  • To participate in meetings with implementers partners (IP) in order to construct work plan and identifying opportunities, challenges, strengths and risks throughout the projects;
  • Preparing reports, donors report and other relevant documents.

2.1. Deliverable - panorama of indicators of age-grade distortion and of children drop out of school from the 9 municipalities mapped and analyzed by using municipal source datas.
2.2. Duration - 90 days (since 1st. day of contract)
2.3. Deadline - 90 days after start date
2.4. Payment 25% of the contract

Expected result 3 - AWURE’s implemented partners (IP’s) with their plans of capacity buildings elaborated aligned with UNICEF’s methodology and contents on violence prevention against children in order to attendance at municipal public services and contribute to achieve AWURE Result 5 - Strengthening community networks for protection against violence.

Main Activities

  • To collaborate technically with Child protection specialist in Salvador Office and with implementing partners, on training and capacity building activities targeted local , social and technical actors improving the integrated flow of public municipal services social assistance, education, health and protection systems (community networks) in the 9 municipalities of Recôncavo and Salvador;
  • Technical and operational support to implement the Action Plan of the Committee of Homicides prevention of children, adolescents and young people in Salvador
  • Based on experience of Salvador’s Committee offers technical support to implement integrated strategic actions on prevention and reduction homicides against adolescents and youth in these 9 cities of Recôncavo Region.

3.1. Deliverable - number of trained professionals in health, education and social work from the 10 municipalities monitored and reported.
3.2. Duration - 360 day (since 1st day of contract)
3.3 Deadline - end of contract
3.4. Payment - 20% of the contract

Expected Result 4 - By December 2020, 40% of the municipalities enrolled in UNICEF Seal in Minas Gerais, Bahia and Sergipe States having accomplished the activities of municipal campaign to protect against violence in the context of the pandemic and post-pandemic, and training guardianships counsellors on protection children and adolescents who are victims and witnesses of violence as of Outcomes of Protection Programme Pillar II in this Edition of the UNICEF Seal.

Main activities

  • In joint with the implementer partner of UNICEF Seal, manage necessary technical assistance on prevention of violence against children municipal initiatives by the municipalities enrolled in UNICEF Seal;
  • Using CP capacity training materials available and social mobilization strategy to support implementer partner to engagement of a greater number of municipalities receiving specialized technical assistance to induce a municipal campaign protection children and increase the number of guardianships counsellors developing prioritized municipal measures on protection of children and adolescents; Provide specialized technical assistance to elaborate, installation and operate an integrated municipal policy to assist child victim, witness or threatened by violence in the municipality of Vitória da Conquista;
  • Participating in the meetings with municipal, state and national partners, discussing de
  • major challengers and achievements of this municipal experience;
  • Identify the main and findings of this experience, proposing for the best technical contribution of UNICEF on this matter since the new national legislation - 13.431/17

4.1. Deliverable - (i) updated table of the status of the municipalities on the protection activities elaborated and reported; and (ii) the systematization of good practice in compliance with Law 13.431 / 2017 by the municipality of Vitória da Conquista;
4.2. Duration - 120 days
4.3. Deadline - 120 days
4.4. Payment - 30% of the contract


  • Quantity of work (addressing all the areas of the current ToR);
  • Quality of work (ability to develop high quality content, strategic plans, reports, papers and technical recommendations);
  • Punctuality in reports and documents delivered;
  • Accountability and professionalism while using or giving information on behalf of UNICEF;
  • Teamwork;
  • Feedback from Salvador Office coordination.

Key competences, technical background, and experience required Deadline

  • University Degree in Social Sciences or other relevant disciplines (International Relations, Statistics, Politics Sciences, Human Rights, Law, Public Administration, Planning, Management, etc.);
  • From 5 to 10 years of relevant work experience with projects, public policies management, and social programmes, including community or volunteer projects;
    • Multidisciplinary experience and considerable knowledge on social policies;
  • Multidisciplinary experience and considerable knowledge on research methodologies, social indicators, primary and secondary data, as well as understanding of public social databases and registers
  • Knowledge about human rights and the rights of children and adolescents in Brazil;
    • Knowledge regarding the territories where the consultancy will be developed;
  • Excellent writing skills in Portuguese, with desirable experience in text production and institutional and social mobilization materials (reports, technical notes, assessments, releases etc.);
    • Experience with planning and organizing events;
  • Ability to use basic computer tools (Office, social media, internet, virtual spaces);
  • Ability to dialogue and liaison with stakeholders from different sectors;
  • Oral and written skills in English is desirable;
  • Adaptability and ability to work in a team environment;
  • Administrative capacity to prepare reports and meet deadlines.

Closing Date Mon Jul 13 2020 10:55:00 GMT+0800 (China Standard Time)

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