Individual Consultant: National Border Health Specialist

  • Mid-level, Short-term contract assignment
  • Posted on 7 August 2020

Job Description

Objective and Purpose of the Assignment

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) and the ensuing pandemic has created an unprecedented global health crisis. Mobility is a defining feature of the COVID-19 pandemic, and a driver of the speed and scale of the disease’s global spread. Without a vaccine, countries have moved to contain the virus by closing borders, restricting passenger transportation and labor mobility, reducing business operations, and initiating lock downs. The social and economic implications of these measures are significant. As countries act to address the COVID-19 crisis, a strong case can be made for an inclusive public health and socio-economic response to control the virus, restart economies and remain on track to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. This response is consistent with Asian Development Bank’s (ADB) Strategy 2030, and the priority to expand programming in sectors such as health and social protection.

The Government of Laos has requested technical assistance from ADB to support the Ministry of Health in developing an inclusive policy and programming response to cross-border migration in the context of COVID-19.

Scope of Work

The specialist will provide strategic, evidenced-based advice to the Ministry of Health to inform policy and programming with respect to the management of migrant workers upon the reopening of international borders.

Detailed Tasks and/or Expected Output Under the direction of the Department of Planning and Finance MOH, the specialist will:

  • a. Conduct a risk assessment for priority border crossings, including analysis of projected numbers of migrants and destination points.
  • b. Provide analysis of the readiness of health services at primary destinations to monitor and manage migrant populations for COVID-19 and other health needs.
  • c. Review current policy pertaining to migrant workers eligibility to access health and other services, including health financing requirements.
  • d. Review the regulatory and legal frameworks governing digital sharing of health information, including cross border information sharing.
  • e. Participate in inter-ministry meetings as required.
  • f. Provide briefing papiers to the Department of Planning and Finance to inform policy and programming.

Minimum Qualification Requirements The consultant will have:

  • i) Advance qualifications in public health, social science research or a policy related field;
  • ii) Experience in programming and/or advisory roles on migrant health;
  • iii) Previous work experience with a government health agency;
  • iv) Good command of written and spoken English.

Minimum General Experience: 7 Years

Minimum Specific Experience (relevant to assignment): 5 Years

Project Officer: Patrick Osewe
Designation: Chief of Health Sector Group
Asian Development Bank

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