Information Management (IM) Officer

  • Entry-level, Short-term contract assignment
  • Posted on 16 November 2020

Job Description

Job Purpose

Information Management (IM) Officer role, is to support the COVID-19 Emergency Operation within the Disaster and Crisis Prevention, Response and Recovery (DCPRR) within in the IFRC Americas Regional Office (ARO) with development, maintenance and update of regional information products. During the COVID-19 Emergency Operation, the IM Officer support will be based on supporting National Societies to collect, analyse and share key data related to COVID-19 response at both regional- and country-levels, in close coordination and alignment of tools of regional and global IM teams. Since the GO Platform will be a key asset for National Societies to host preparedness and operational information products (dashboards, maps, situation reports, activities), the IM Officer will advocate and support the GO Platform, specifically COVID-19 field reports and GO emergency pages at regional- and country-levels. The IM Officer will maintain critical databases related to COVID-19 emergency operation and other information products that require updates with a defined frequency. The IM Officer will ensure that analytical frameworks and analysis plans are implemented throughout the operation and in support to IFRC sectors. They will be responsible for implementing innovative approaches and solutions to qualitative and quantitative analysis, including software. The job responsibilities include a close collaboration with the IM team within the Americas, the Global IM team (Geneva and Regional Office focal points), with different IFRC staff members, and more broadly, with the Red Cross Red Crescent Movement members to:

  • Support the IM pillar in COVID-19 emergency operation.
  • Develop and maintain COVID-19 specific emergency pages on GO, bringing key operational information together in an accessible and discoverable platform.
  • Support National Societies on IM practices for developing and managing their own information products.
  • Support the IM component of DCPRR Unit in the Americas region.
  • To provide IM support during emergency operations at regional level.
  • Collaborate with regional IM team in capacity building activities to Movement members in the Americas Region (NS/IFRC).
  • Reinforce regional IM network to support National Societies and the IFRC in Americas region, aligned with Surge Information Management Support (SIMS) network, IM processes and best practices.

The IM Officer will report directly to the Information Management Senior Officer and holds a Technical line manager to the Continental Operations Manager of the DCPRR Unit

Job Duties and Responsibilities

The job responsibilities include a close collaboration with the IM team within the Americas, the Global IM team (Geneva and Regional Office focal points), with different IFRC staff members, and more broadly, with the Red Cross Red Crescent Movement members to:

  • Maintain existing databases and information sharing systems deployed for COVID-19 emergency operation;
  • Ensure an efficient data collection system aligned with IFRC and National Society needs that allows analysis and presentation of information;
  • Support, advise or facilitate (when assigned) the analysis and related reporting processes based on the analysis framework;
  • Design clearly and graphically key messages and analytical outputs/products of the analysis(s) findings;
  • Ensure that IM products are accurate, comprehensible, clear and simple.
  • Provide IM support during disaster response operations in the Americas region;
  • Disseminate information products to all those who require them in a timely and useful format;
  • Advocate for the use of IM tools and products in decision making, planning and coordination;
  • Establish clear information flows and explain them to whoever needs to make use of it, both as users and managers;
  • Create basic maps, infographics, dashboards and other data visualisation products filling needs and requirements and disseminate;
  • Ensure that information is updated on the GO Platform to facilitate information sharing and promote the usage of the platform in support of the operations;
  • To maintain GO COVID-19 emergency pages for National Societies and provide technical support;
  • Look for potential risks, harm or opportunities regarding the IM, data process and outputs;
  • To support on capacity building activities to grow the IM component in the region;
  • Complying with the IFRC Policies and Guidelines that become relevant to any work;
  • Any other reasonable tasks as stipulated by the line manager and other senior staff.


  • Bachelor’s degree relevant to the position - Required
  • Masters degree relevant to the position - Preferred


  • 2+ year(s) experience with graphic design and data visualisation with the ability to translate complex digital information into clear and attractive graphic representations
  • 1+ year(s) experience with GIS tools and ability to produce basic maps to visualise geographic information
  • 1+ year experience with mobile data collection tools (Kobo and ODK)
  • Strong background in data and information management and informatics
  • Strong computer literacy skills with advanced skills in MS Excel
  • Experience within the humanitarian field, preferred on disaster response and project management
  • 1 (+) years of experience within the RCRCM

Knowledge, skills and languages

  • Excellent written and verbal communications skills are essential, with the ability to craft an analytical narrative from data findings.
  • Strong interpersonal skills and diplomacy in order to manage relationships with many stakeholders and in a complex situational environment.
  • Analytical and problem solving skills, including the ability to synthesize, order, process and prioritize large amounts of information.
  • Strong attention to detail in both listening and visualisation design.
  • Ability to take initiative to create new processes from scratch and act to fill identified gaps.
  • Strong knowledge of data visualization (Tableau, Power BI, GIS tools).
  • Skills in database management, web design and programming.
  • Good domain of information technology is an advantage.

Competencies and values

VALUES:Respect for diversity; Integrity; Professionalism; Accountability

CORE COMPETENCIES:Communication; Collaboration and Teamwork; Pro-activity; National Societies and Customer Relations; Creativity and Innovation; Building Trust

FUNCTIONAL COMPETENCIES: Building Alliances; Empowering Others

Closing date (Geneva time zone): 28-11-2020

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