Information Support Manager

Apply by 1 September 2018
Senior-level , Full-time staff position
Posted on 14 June 2018

Job Description

Coordinate and manage the main support functions related to information management. Your responsibility is overall strategic design and maintenance of the information support systems of the team, including data collection support; data storage and cleaning; server and user management; QLIK analysis design and maintenance; asset management; documentation; support to M&E functions for project teams; training on IM functions internally and externally; and coordination for IM functions with other NGOs and with other Medair offices. The role also includes guiding the donor reporting and proposal processes for the IM sector and the management of activities and results related to these proposals.

Project Overview

Assist Medair programming to conflict-affected populations in the Middle East Region. Programmes supported to be in line with Medair’s core sectors of WASH, Shelter, Health, CASH and Nutrition, as well as Information Support to logistics, finance, and HR functions of the team.


Field based position in Jordan, Middle East. Take a look at Medair’s work in Jordan.

Starting Date / Initial Contract Details

As soon as possible. Full time, 12 to 24 months.

Key Activity Areas

Information Support Management

  • Provide strong leadership, working to ensure positive impacts and outcomes for the beneficiaries.
  • Set clear objectives, for information support activities (e.g., donor proposals).
  • Provide input into the integration of beneficiary participation.
  • Provide logistical and training support to programme staff with respect to information systems, including ODK training, smartphone setup, data analysis training, and QLIK dashboard orientation.

Information Support – Technical Oversight

  • Data Collection and Protection: Ensure programming standards are applied to ODK forms.
  • Server Maintenance: Oversee servers used by Medair; manage users and login information etc.
  • Database Management: Enable automated database management of all data collection sources.
  • Technology Development: help to pilot and implement information technologies.
  • Data Analysis and Visualization: Understand indicators/calculations. Develop QLIK dashboards.
  • M&E: Identify gaps in M&E, making data available to the appropriate project team staff and advisors.

Staff Management

  • Line-manage team, including day-to-day management, development and training, appraisals, etc.
  • Facilitate regular meetings to assist information sharing between information support and project staff,
  • Provide coaching and technical supervision for staff in order to develop ownership.
  • Assess the training needs of all team staff and ensure appropriate training is provided/conducted
  • Carry out recruitment and induction for new Information Support staff.

Stakeholder Technical Support

  • Contribute to capacity building of relevant stakeholders’ ensuring Medair standards are met.
  • Set up automated data sharing solutions for partner teams.

Financial/Budget Management

  • Manage and track expenditure of the budget allocated for Information Management.
  • Prepare and develop the budgets for information support, ensuring they meet requirements.

Coordination, Training & Documentation

  • Develop appropriate communication structures to ensure good cooperation and partnerships.
  • Participate and represent Medair in coordination meetings and other working groups as required.
  • Quarterly, plan travel to regional locations in the Middle East and Europe and elsewhere.
  • Coordinate with other Medair teams developing IM resources to ensure integration of solutions.


  • Support the logistics activities in relation to the purchasing of supplies for assigned activities.
  • Ensure items are procured, transported, stored, managed and accounted for correctly.

Quality Management & Data Protection

  • Ensure Information Support activities are implemented in line with donor proposals and requirements.
  • Make effective use of mobile information technologies for monitoring quality.
  • Continuously develop Data Protection Principles, and ensure they are being implemented

Team Spiritual Life

  • Reflect the values of Medair with team members, local staff, beneficiaries, and external contacts.
  • Work, live, and pray together in our Christian faith-based team settings. Fully contribute to the rich spiritual life of your team, including team devotions, prayers, and words of encouragement.
  • Encouraged to join and contribute to Medair’s international prayer network.

This job description covers the main tasks that are anticipated. Other tasks may be assigned as necessary.


  • Higher level qualification in a technical field, preferably in Systems & Computing.
  • Strong working knowledge of English (spoken and written).

Experience / Competencies

  • 2 years post-qualification professional experience in a relevant field.
  • At least 1-2 years management experience in an Information Support context in a developing country.
  • Experience designing QLIK solutions. Experience using and managing ODK.
  • Experience in server management (e.g., ODK aggregate server, QlikView server, user management).
  • Experience in training / mentoring / coaching staff. Problem solving ability.
  • Ability to manage project implementation. Good numerical, report writing and administration skills.
  • Able to take the initiative in project decisions. Able to enforce procedures. Able to set clear objectives.
  • Committed to consultative and servant-minded leadership Team-player with good inter-personal skills

Working Conditions

  • This is a field-based position and working and living conditions may be very different to that previously experienced.

Application Process

Before you apply, please ensure you are fully aware of the:

  • Medair organisational values.
  • Profiles sought for Internationally Recruited Staff (IRS).
  • Medair Relief & Recovery Orientation Course (ROC) (which forms part of the recruitment selection process for field positions).
  • Benefits Package provided for Internationally Recruited Staff (IRS)

Then to apply, go to the “Current Vacancies” page, then:

apply for this vacancy (or another position that matches your profile), or

apply for a Medair ROC (where we can try and match your competencies to our vacancy needs)

Please do not make multiple applications. We will not review email applications. Only English-language applications / CVs will be reviewed. Medair does not set closing / deadline dates for applications; recruitment is on-going until the position is filled.

About the Organization


Medair is a humanitarian organisation inspired by Christian faith to relieve human suffering in some of the world’s most remote and devastated places. We bring relief and recovery to people in crisis, regardless of race, creed or nationality. As signatories of the Red Cross Code of Conduct, we believe that aid should be given to everyone who is in need, regardless of political, social or religious viewpoint. We save lives in emergencies and then stay to help people recover from crisis with dignity—working side by side with communities to leave a lasting impact. We provide a range of emergency relief and recovery services: health care and nutrition; safe water, sanitation, and hygiene; shelter and infrastructure.

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