Information Technology Specialist

Baghdad, Iraq
Apply by 18 September 2017
Mid-level , Full-time staff position
Posted on 6 September 2017

Job Description

Within the Executive Office, the Intermittent Information Technology (IT) section is responsible for providing Information and Communication Technology (ICT) services and support as well as overall management of USAID/IRAQ’s computer systems. These services include the following: general systems administration; information security and data protection; organization of all data and vital records; computer advisory services; system integration between USAID systems and Department of State systems; facilitation of the sharing of programmatic information with sister agencies, implementing partners and the Government of Iraq (GOI).

The USAID Mission in Iraq is headquartered in Baghdad, has an active disaster recovery system in Basrah with AIDNet, and users working remotely. The Mission’s electronic infrastructure is a complex collection of equipment/systems: high availability data storage, server equipment, VSAT systems, microwave and VPN links, heterogeneous network equipment, and other advanced technologies.

The system architecture is a virtualized MS Windows platform and consists of the following basic elements: Domain Controllers, SCCM Servers, Firewalls, Intrusion Detection Systems, File and Print Servers, SQL and Oracle Database Servers, and IIS WEB Servers. The virtual environment is supported by VMware vSphere and NetApp HA data storage clusters. Due to the security environment, contingency planning, its implementation and regular testing is vital for business continuity of the Mission. In addition there are many peripherals and multi-functional devices supporting daily office operations.

The Contractor will provide all levels of IT systems support for USAID/IRAQ enterprise architecture to include: day-to-day operations, installation, maintenance of computer and network equipment, systems and application administration, troubleshooting and backups, user assistance and training, operation of the request tracking system and providing first-line IT user support, inventory maintenance of IT equipment and GFE mobile devices.

USAID/IRAQ faces a variety of complex security challenges. The incumbent, together with the Systems Manager, supports a Contingency Planning, testing and implementation process which includes but is not limited to maintenance and update of the Contingency Plan as required; testing of customized recovery scenarios, maintenance and monitoring of data synchronization status between sites, etc.

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