Ingénieur énergies renouvelables/Renewable Energy Engineer

  • Mid-level, Short-term contract assignment
  • Posted on 18 July 2018

Job Description

Contract Type: Independent Consultant

Project: Southern Africa Energy Program (SAEP)

Outcome: Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency

Location: Madagascar

Delivery Range: 2 months

Estimated Level of Effort: 60 days

Language Requirement: French and English

Project Overview

Deloitte Consulting LLP seeks a short-term Renewable Energy Specialist to support Outcome 4 of the USAID Southern Africa Energy Program (SAEP): Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Technologies and Practices Locally Demonstrated. Specifically, SAEP is working to support the development of mini-grid and off-grid solutions with private sector as a faster way to accelerate access to affordable and reliable electricity of remote villages in Madagascar. SAEP will develop various business models targeting mainly Solar Home Systems and Hybrid mini-grid to attract the required funding to close the gap with sovereign credits.

Position Description and Responsibility

Under the supervision of Outcome 4 Lead and the Madagascar Country Manager, the Renewable Energy Specialist will work on a number of activities in field. During the field work, the Consultant should exert best efforts to collect all literatures to avoid repeating data gathering or analysis already done by others. He/she is expected to consult closely with the SAEP Country Manager during the field work.

The Consultant shall use his/her education, experience, knowledge of international best practices, to accomplish the following:


Task 1: Asses the SHS market demand and levels of incomes in the villages of Doany, Anjialavabe and Bevonotra in the Region SAVA

The purpose of this task is to collect as much data as possible on the current market in the view of characterizing the areas in terms of potential penetration of SHS solutions:

  • Through a series of interviews and literature review, identify the current status of local market in terms of players in the business, types of available equipment, profile of consumers, volumes of the markets, price of the PV systems, distribution network and maintenance and repairs services
  • Evaluate the market prevailing conditions such as awareness of population on PV technology, local presence of distributors and skills
  • Assess the current main source of finance for consumers and availability of other financing and the constraints to access them
  • Collect and assess available documentations on local development plans
  • Develop series of recommendations on specific capacities of SHS products per village that the Program should focus on along with the consumer power of purchase and business models, key local partners for each component of the business, different approaches to overcome local constraints to access finance with the list of available options
  • Develop an implementations strategy for the recommendations with priority level
  • Establish guidelines and manual to help local players participate in the market development including technical standards, required skills, potential sources of finance

Task 2: Determination the cost of rehabilitating four abandoned diesel-based mini-grid concessions and the feasibility of implementing expanded hybrid solutions in the villages of Mandoto, Andaingo, Antsiafabositra and Anjajia

The purpose of this task is to collect as much data as possible on the current market in the view of rehabilitating and converting the concessions to hybrid renewable solutions:

  • Meet with Rural Electrification Development Agency (ADER) and the four operators of these sites at their respective offices to assess their requirements, obtain their opinions on the best approach to the rehabilitation of the concessions based on their experience and evaluate their capabilities
  • Carry out field work at remote sites which entails collecting technical details of the infrastructure asset, consumers’ levels of satisfaction and the quality and reliability of their connection to the diesel concession services
  • Evaluate the willingness of consumers to re-connect after being disconnected and their ability to pay the services and estimate the potential of the concessions to expand and attract new connections
  • Produce a technical report of the available infrastructure asset and propose conceptual technical designs under different demand forecast scenarios with consideration of the available assets and availability of the primary resources
  • Provide recommendations on the modifications and improvements required along with estimated costs associated with each and the total estimated cost of the rehabilitation projects and propose various business models and tariffs, taking into consideration the willingness and ability to pay of the consumers
  • Propose RE hybrid solutions aimed at reduced reliance on diesel fuel and at expanding connection coverage.
  • Advise the SAEP and ADER on the capacity building needs of the mini-grid operators for the sustainability of the project

Educational Qualifications and Experience

  • A Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, Finance, Economics or other Energy-related areas
  • Minimum four years of work experience
  • Familiarity in the application of photovoltaic systems for rural electrification with familiarities not only with the technical aspects of photovoltaic systems but also with social, economic and financial considerations associated with the marketing of PV systems in rural areas of developing countries
  • Prior experience in Madagascar is desirable
  • Excellent oral and written communications skills, including demonstrated ability to communicate effectively with different stakeholders with diverse education levels and in a multi-cultural environment
    • An advanced ability to write technical and non-technical reports is essential
  • Ability to develop, analyze and articulate project issues and to diagnose problems and propose reliable solutions
  • Fluency in spoken and written English and French is a strict requirement

Additional Requirement

  • The successful applicant is required to have a fitness level adequate for lengthy walks in mountainous areas; some of the sites that will be visited can only be accessed by foot

Application Instructions

If you are interested, please email your CV with the Cover Letter to by 17:00 EDT on Tuesday, August 14.

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