International Gender Communications Strategy Expert

  • Senior-level, Short-term contract assignment
  • Posted on 18 January 2019

Job Description

Consultancy Description:

POSITION TITLE:International Gender Communications Strategy Expert

PROJECT: USAID Bersama – GBV Prevention Program in Eastern Indonesia

LOCATION:Jayapura, Papua, Indonesia

DEPARTMENT:Civil Society & Education

REPORTS TO: Chief of Party


The International Gender Communications Strategy Expert will review and provide support in developing the project’s communication strategy, which will include ways to improve communication about project activities and develop effective communications tools to achieve the project’s objectives.

USAID Bersama (Bersama) is a five-year USAID funded project based in Jayapura, working in Papua and West Papua Indonesia in eastern Indonesia. The project’s goal is to strengthen the government’s capacity to improve services to victims. The communications strategy is the key document that guides project staff on how to communicate successes, market the project and how to develop appropriate materials to achieve the goal of the project. The project is helping government entities implement their communication strategies which may include developing referral information through pamphlets and posters, increase people’s awareness about GBV, through posters, brochures within their service centers and inform the public about their services. In addition, Bersama will support the government to plan and facilitate events around internationally and locally recognized days (such as International Women’s Day) to raise awareness. The project is working primarily with departments of women’s empowerment and child protection, and plan to work with other auxiliary agencies at the provincial and district level. Each department may have different messaging. The project has a communications plan, but the project has changed its objectives and needs to update the plan.

The International Gender Communications Strategy Expert will review and edit the project’s communications strategy and help design the communication plans for the different departments and campaigns. This will include multi-media (pamphlets, posters, social media and radio announcements) communications for services, referrals and awareness. The communication plans should incorporate locally appropriate graphics that will communicate relevant messages effectively to populations who are illiterate or have low literacy levels, and Bahasa speakers. The consultant will draw on international best practices and ensure there are practical ways for the plan to be implemented.

Key Tasks:

* Review project materials, (1 day)

* Review and edit Bersama’s communication strategy drafts (3 days)

* Work with staff to develop workplan and budget (1 day)

* Provide a report which will include: (1 days)

* Refined communications strategy with communications plans.

* Workplan

* Meet with staff as necessary – via phone/Skype for staff based in Papua, Indonesia (4 hours)


Education: Master’s level degree required in social sciences or communications with experience in gender, and communications.

Required Work Experience:

  • Demonstrated experience developing successful and effective communications strategies
  • Experience working on GBV prevention
  • Experience in non-formal education (communications for illiterate populations)


  • Fluency in and English required
  • Understanding of GBV sensitivities, required
  • Ability to work in a team and independently
  • Ability to produce quality products within time
  • Acute attention to detail.

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