International Gender Specialist (South Sudan)

  • Senior-level, Short-term contract assignment
  • Posted on 11 April 2019

Job Description


Banyan Global is an international development consulting firm with offices based in Washington, DC and abroad. Banyan Global operates seamlessly within six practice areas: health, finance and investment, enterprise development, gender, youth, and evaluation and learning.

USAID/South Sudan has hired Banyan Global to develop a Gender-based Violence Roadmap that provides specific, measurable recommendations for the Mission to adopt in FY 2020 and FY 2021. The Roadmap should help the Mission to understand (1) what GBV is in the South Sudan context; (2) what we USAID staff and partners do to promote change and foster greater awareness and (3) and how USAID can promote GBV mitigation efforts in its programming.

The Team Leader will work with one South Sudanese national gender expert and collaborate with USAID/South Sudan staff and partners, local academia, government institutions and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to gather data for the Analysis. The consultant will travel to South Sudan for 4 weeks to conduct the research for the Roadmap.The work is set to take place from May 1-July 26, 2019.

  • Lead the research team to prepare an Inception Report that includes a literature review, a detailed methodology, work plan, and question guides (process for data collection, analysis and interpretation, the roles/tasks/levels of effort of team members, and a table of contents of the Roadmap report).
  • Travel to South Sudan for 4 weeks to lead the team of national gender experts to carry out data collection for the GBV Roadmap.
  • Meet with stakeholders to complete Donor Mapping and USAID/South Sudan Program Analysis Stocktaking Reports.
  • Participate in a USAID/South Sudan GBV training.
  • Work with Mission Gender Working Group to collaboratively develop the GBV Roadmap.
  • Lead the team to make a presentation of a mission-wide outbrief on the preliminary results in South Sudan.
  • Lead the preparation of the draft and final GBV Roadmap. Integrate USAID and Banyan Global feedback into the final report.
  • At least ten years of experience in conducting gender and most preferably GBV analyses and assessments, across multiple sectors, including in agricultural and food security, democracy, human rights and governance, health and education, economic growth and trade, and water.
  • Master’s degree in sociology, public health, anthropology, economics, or another relevant social sciences field.
  • Must have leadership skills, be able to lead meetings, coordinate, and gather different points of view of members of the team, draft documents with conclusions and recommendations, and prepare the report and presentations.
  • Familiarity with public policies addressing gender and social inclusion gaps, gender-based violence, and gender agendas and programs of USAID.
  • Ability to communicate diplomatically and clearly with USAID staff and partners and national organizations.
  • Must have experience in qualitative research and statistical data analysis.
  • Regional or South Sudan experience is preferred.
  • Superior speaking and writing skills in English are required.

About the Organization

Banyan Global is a small, women-owned development consulting firm, founded on the principle that integrating expertise and experience from the development community and private sector will achieve a broad and lasting impact. Through market-driven, business approaches, Banyan Global works with the private sector, civil society, and government to improve livelihoods, build markets, and promote efficient resource allocation in developing and transitional economies. Banyan Global operates seamlessly within four practice areas: health sector development, microfinance, enterprise development, and financial sector development. Gender is a cross-cutting area of expertise. Banyan Global brings together a unique team of professionals with experience in international development and the private sector. Banyan Global provides advisory, policy, and regulatory services; program management; technical assistance and training; and research and evaluation. Banyan Global also provides niche expertise in gender and post-conflict. Banyan Global's clients include leading bilateral and multilateral donor agencies, regional development banks, foundations, not-for-profit organizations, business, and industry. Banyan Global holds a significant portfolio of subcontracts for USAID-funded work and has worked in more than 35 countries, serving clients in Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East.

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