International Logistics and Procurement Manager

New York City, New York, United States
Apply by 21 May 2018
Mid-level , Full-time staff position
Posted on 21 April 2018

Job Description

Are you ready to use your logistics and procurement acumen to restore vision for millions of people in frontier and emerging markets? Would you like to work for an organization that combines the best of business and social impact practices?

VisionSpring, an international social enterprise, seeks an International Logistics and Procurement Manager. The Manager will coordinate the shipment of 50-100 annual consignments of eyeglasses and optical accessories from vendors in Asia to partners throughout the global south. S/he will develop and manage a network of international suppliers for all product lines, procuring high-quality products at competitive prices, ensuring short lead times, managing relationships with third party logistics providers, and working through shipping/procurement challenges as they arise. The Manager is a member of the Global Partnerships team, reporting to the Vice President of Global Sales and Institutional Partnerships, and is based in New York City.

  • You are a logistics and procurement superhero. You excel at juggling numerous shipments to diverse destinations simultaneously.
  • Your shipping paperwork is meticulous, so nothing ever gets stuck in customs. But if something does get stuck, through no fault of your own, nothing gives you greater satisfaction than negotiating a fee-free release.
  • You are analytical. You can break down bids to understand which vendor costs are driving ours and where there is room to negotiate. You know that shipping costs can enhance or destroy margin. Knowing that margin will fund clear vision for many more people, you will negotiate hard to land a favorable deal. Similarly, you can scrutinize billing statements from third-party logistics providers to ascertain their accuracy, and you can rectify errors as necessary.
  • You thoroughly understand sourcing, and find fun in designing and implementing best-in-class procurement processes.
  • Your world needs to be predictable, so you make it so. Instinctively you create routines and manage risks. You help others appreciate the need for structure and repeatable processes, leveraging technology solutions when possible.
  • You feel a profound sense of urgency. You know that partners are waiting for their shipments, and your work enables VisionSpring to fulfill its promises to the partners and communities where we work. You are willing to aggressively push our suppliers and in-country partners to work quickly to deliver as expected and resolve issues when they do not, all while maintaining positive, strong relationships.
  • You know that VisionSpring does not work in the exact same way with every partner, and you have the flexibility to adapt to the needs of different shipping methods and partner requests.
  • You can roll with punches. You recognize and expect that Q3 and Q4 will be more intense than Q1 and Q2. You are ready to embrace that seasonality and deliver at the highest level when business is bustling.
  • You are not a solo performer. You enjoy relationships with many stakeholders in a dynamic environment, maintaining close ties with colleagues and external partners.
  • You see the big picture. You connect with people across the organization to gain insights into every operations function, from manufacturing to last mile delivery, from sales to finance.

International Logistics

  • Manage relationships with international service providers to ship up to 100 consignments annually from vendors in Asia to partners throughout the global south, with a strong focus on sub-Saharan Africa.
  • Liaise with international vendors to manage shipment bookings, ensuring timely transfers from manufacturers to freight forwarders, and from there to logistics providers’ warehouses and onward to final destinations, as appropriate.
  • Negotiate competitive air and sea shipping rates. Monitor international trends that affect shipping prices and storage rates.
  • Troubleshoot logistics-related problems. Attain optimal resolutions when matters go awry.
  • Manage expectations and assist new partners with importing. Educate partners and train in-country sales teams on shipping and logistics practices.
  • Anticipate country-specific logistics needs with special attention to import/export documentation.
  • Monitor changes in importation protocol/laws in target countries to maintain compliance.
  • Maintain an internally accessible system that provides up-to-date statuses for all current and future shipments. Disseminate logistics information and updates to management and sales teams.

Third Party Logistics (3PL) Management

  • Gather, analyze, and reconcile inventory levels from all third-party logistics providers on a weekly basis. Resolve any problems associated with discrepancies or inaccurate dispatching of orders to partners.
  • Conduct due diligence and deliver information and comparative reports for internal discussion to select in-country logistics and warehousing partners when VisionSpring enters new markets, or needs to replace an existing partner.
  • Negotiate and/or provide counsel regarding contract terms and pricing for in-country warehousing services.


  • Manage VisionSpring’s purchasing of eyeglasses and accessories from manufacturers in China.
  • Develop comprehensive knowledge about available suppliers. Create mutually beneficial long-term relationships with a subset of preferred suppliers who meet our standards with regard to labor and environmental practices.
  • Limit dependency on any given supplier. Have redundancies at hand and maintain options to circumvent unforeseen production problems.
  • Ensure we: (1) are receiving competitive pricing and short lead times, (2) have visibility into any production delays, and (3) are procuring best-quality-for-price-point products.
  • Accurately forecast demand for stock by: (1) analyzing inventory levels, (2) interacting with Global Partnerships staff and in-country teams as needed, and (3) scrutinizing sales and lead pipelines data; manage procurement to prevent stock-outs and maintain product range, while meeting manufacturers’ minimum order quantities.
  • Coordinate random quality control tests at strategic intervals throughout the year to prevent defects from entering the market.
  • Parlay partner feedback regarding style, quality, and price points into product selection and sourcing decisions. Handle any partner dissatisfaction regarding found defects or related problems.
  • Bachelor’s degree required, preferably in business or another relevant field.
  • Minimum seven (7) years of professional experience managing supply chain logistics and procurement for organizations with international operations.
  • Experience with: supporting international sales operations; warehousing operations, import/export requirements, and customs procedures; coordinating the acquisition, storage, packaging, transportation, and tracking of materials and products within low-income countries; and third-party logistics providers.
  • Technology savvy, including excellent Excel skills and prior use of client-side inventory management tools like Fiori, Tally, Sage 300, SAP, etc.
  • Preference will be given to candidates with: experience in FMCG, optical/medical/healthcare products; experience drafting procurement requests and developing procedures in compliance with corporate guidelines; knowledge of Salesforce; expertise and experience in demand and supply modelling; and/or experience exporting from China and delivering to Africa, South and Southeast Asia.
  • Must be highly organized and detail oriented, with great problem-solving skills.
  • Excellent communication (verbal and written) in English. Knowledge of Chinese/Mandarin is a plus.
  • Must meet the highest standards of ethics and personal integrity.
  • Willingness to travel internationally, as needed. Expected travel will not exceed 10% of time.
  • Based on experience and education, and competitive for a social enterprise.
  • We offer comprehensive benefits, including medical, dental, and vision, as well as 401(k) with match, pre-tax commuter plan, and generous vacation/personal time.
  • We want to know more than just what you have done. We want to know who you are. What are the passions and talents that draw you to this role?
  • Please submit your application, including a thoughtful cover letter and your CV/résumé, to: Please assure there is a short description of each company or organization on your CV/résumé. Include your last name and “ILP Manager” in the subject line.
  • Please note, only candidates to be interviewed will be contacted.
  • VisionSpring is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

About the Organization

  • We are creating access to affordable eyewear, everywhere. Clear vision creates opportunities for increased learning, work, safety, civic participation, and quality of life.
  • As a social enterprise, social change motivates us first. Our focus on sales and revenue targets serves and advances our mission objective – to increase functioning, productivity, and income earning potential for our low-income consumers by correcting refractive error with eyeglasses.
  • We are working to transform the systemic dysfunction of an optical market that has failed to deliver eyeglasses – a 700-year-old technology – to 2.5 billion consumers in need of vision correction, most of whom live on less than $4 a day.
  • We serve low-income consumers, not as beneficiaries but as customers. Our customers expect a high-quality and affordable product, and they will spend limited discretionary income for the immediate and tangible benefits of vision correction.
  • By selling eyeglasses, we awaken new demand and seed a viable market. By selling new eyeglasses we are able to serve four times as many people per dollar input than the alternative of donating recycled ones. To efficiently scale, we must deliver each new unit with lower cost.
  • We run our business on both sales metrics and social impact measures. We exploit a range of organizational forms and practices to get the job done.
  • We believe in scaling our impact, not our organization. We are a lean team of doers.

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