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  • Mid-level, Long-term consulting assignment
  • Posted on 15 July 2020
  • United States
  • Remote position
  • Closing on 14 August 2020
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Job Description

Position Description

EnCompass LLC is currently seeking an IT consultant who will provide support to review of IT systems of a USAID office. This review will inform decisions about the office’s investment in systems and ensure that systems remain both CIO-compliant and accessible to the office’s staff and partners. The review will assess the suitability of IT systems to support the unique needs of the office staff and identify gaps, inefficiencies and more appropriate systems solutions to meet the needs of the office. The review will also provide recommendations to maximize effective use of systems resources.

IT Consultant will provide expertise in grading office’s current IT systems.

This is a three-month consultancy position with an approximate commitment of 45 days. This is a remote position.

Position Duties and Responsibilities

Essential functions

  • Survey the office’s inventory of systems, the character of its user and program needs, its processes for system management, and operating environment (in terms of organizational setting, partners, security and compliance).
  • Review and grade current IT systems in terms of: technical architecture and system requirements per system; documentation and supporting resources; user personas; security and privacy; compliance; and durability, scalability, and maintenance required.
  • Review sustainability of IT systems
  • Articulate tradeoffs between the office’s current structures and customs, off the shelf, or open source alternatives, including positions required to maintain such constructs
  • Provide recommendations to make systems more efficient and effective e.g. by eliminating or modifying existing systems and/or introducing new system tools. Recommendations should include an estimate of resources (human, financial, compliance, time etc.) required
  • Browse and interpret large amounts of code in various syntaxes
  • Review various cloud infrastructure setups and services

Position Requirements

Academic Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree or higher in Information Technology

Experience and Skills

  • At least five years of experience and demonstrated expertise in the review of technical ecosystems, preferably within USG.
  • Strong understanding of system project management, business process analysis, user experience, architecture, Agile development and quality assurance
  • Strong understanding of standards established by government regulatory bodies such as NIST, OMB, GAO in governance and architecture of IT systems
  • Understanding of broader information, communications technology for development (ICT4D) industry including the Principles for Digital Development strongly preferred
  • Proficient in the following syntaxes (in the order of priority): SOA, SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, OSI Model, OOP, MVC, Atomic Design; LAMP - MySQL/MariaDB, RedHat; AWS; DevOps, CI - Jenkins; Drupal 8/9 - Symfony, Twig; Javascript - ES6+, React, Backbone, Handlebars, JQuery; REST, GraphQL; OAuth, OpenId Connect; PostgreSQL, GIS
  • Strong data visualization skills

How to Apply

Please send CV and cover letter with your application.

About the Organization

EnCompass is a women-owned business offering innovative and customized solutions for leadership, capacity strengthening, technical assistance, and monitoring and evaluation. We have experience in more than 70 countries and a team of more than 100 staff and 1,200 experts around the globe.

We partner with government and multilateral agencies, nonprofit organizations, and corporations around the world, offering thought leadership, rich diversity, and technical expertise in global health, inclusive development, education, human rights, and food security.

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