Juvenile Justice System Training (Senior NKE)

  • Posted on 28 June 2018

Job Description

Project title: Technical assistance for the development of a social protection system in Swaziland

Brief description of the assignment: The overall objective of the project is defined for the priority area of social protection in the NIP for the 11th EDF in Swaziland: ‘by providing a higher level of social protection, to enhance the capacity of the poor and vulnerable to live their lives free from hardship and indignity, to better manage shocks, and to overcome poverty and vulnerability’.

The two Specific Objectives of the project are fully aligned with the NIP and its sequencing:

  1. Specific Objective 1: Institutional capacity, regulatory, and oversight functions of government are strengthened to deliver social protection for the most vulnerable;
  2. Specific Objective 2: Social protection provision is more efficient, sustainable and accountable throughout the lifecycle.

In particular, this Senior NKE will support the following:

  • Result 1.6: Greater capacity to deliver social protection for vulnerable women and girl children, and
  • Result 2.4: In addition to other results from work across Departments, the Department of Children protection Services in DPMO is particularly empowered to coordinate child protection services, delivered by different ministries, departments and units, as well as non-state actors and civil society and to strengthen family and community to contribute to social protection.

The Non-Key Expert (NKE), working under the Team Leader of the SPS TAT and in collaboration with KE 2, will assess the situation of Juvenile Justice, in line with the legal framework and the Child Protection Strategy for Swaziland. Based on this assessment, the NKE consultant will work towards establishing practice standards, guidelines, and a national juvenile justice coordination mechanism that seeks to strengthen the administration of Juvenile justice in Swaziland.

Specific activities under the assignment

  1. Development of training materials and conduct training of Social Workers in Juvenile Justice Administration and capacitating Co-Trainers from partner institution.

Output 1: Trained Social Workers in Juvenile Justice Administration and at least 4 Co-Trainers equipped and capable of delivering training in Juvenile Justice Administration.

  1. Liaise with Juvenile Correctional Services (HMCS) to ensure successful implementation of:
  • Training needs assessment, draft curriculum and classroom training of Juvenile Correctional Services on relevant topics related to the basic rights and dignity of youth in conflict with the law, diversion correctional practices to avoid detention, positive discipline, re-integration of youth at risk, (HM Correctional Staff Training College);
  • Support implementation of training modules for correctional officers who will effectively engage in alternative ‘diversion’ services for juveniles in conflict with the law;

Output 2: Training materials developed

Duration of the assignment: 40 working days within the period 1st Aug 2018 – 31st Dec 2018


Essential criteria

- A minimum of 10 years general professional experience and independent and free from conflicts of interest in the responsibilities they take on. In particular:

- At least 10 years relevant work experience, out of which 5 years practical experience working on Juvenile Justice Administration and Criminal Justice, including traditional diversion systems and community alternatives to custodial sentencing

Qualifications and skills

- Advanced University degree (MA or PhD) in Law, Criminal Justice, Criminology, Social Work or another relevant field

- Strong interpersonal and negotiating skills, including excellent written and oral skills and cross-cultural sensitivity

- Ability to work under pressure, prioritise tasks, take initiative, meet deadlines and remain tolerant, with capacity to develop participative and inclusive team-work

- Computer literacy skills (MS Office / MS Project)

General experience

- Extensive experience in designing and delivering juvenile justice services in a range of settings

- Experience in Juvenile Justice environments

- Extensive experience in training a range of professionals

Specific experience

- Solid knowledge and understanding of International Human Rights laws and standards on Juvenile Justice

- Experience in working on the interaction of statutory and customary/traditional laws in respect of children

- Knowledge of Child Protection strategies, including policy and guidelines on Juvenile Justice

- Ability to draft clearly and concisely ideas and concepts in written and oral form

- Competent in writing training curricula and course materials

- Proven experience in teaching and training in the area of Juvenile Justice

- Strong communication skills; including fluency in written and spoken English

Desirable criteria that would be an added advantage

- Experience in the sub-region or international experience

- Knowledge of SiSwati

- Experience in delivering Social Work training

* eSwatini nationals are strongly encouraged to participate

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