Knowledge Management Director, South Africa

  • Entry-level
  • Posted on 3 July 2018

Job Description

RTI International is requesting applications for the Knowledge Management Director role on USAID-funded, the Beyond-the-Grid Program (BTG) under Task Order of Power Africa Indefinite Delivery project. This Task Order intends to expand affordable and reliable electricity services in East Africa, with the ultimate goal of supporting development priorities, including inclusive economic growth, security, and improved health and education outcomes. This position is based in South Africa. •• The Knowledge Management Director will establish and manage the project•s overall M&E systems, tracking all progress made towards meeting program/contract results, indicators, and targets. In this capacity, s/he will manage and coordinate all field-based activities and M&E staff and ensure that performance monitoring, action research, and evaluations are consistent with program results and compliant with USAID guidelines.• Primary Responsibilities: ••••••••• Coordinate and manage all monitoring and evaluation tasks and deliverables for the project. ••••••••• Harmonize M&E data collection and reporting systems with USAID policies and education indicators. ••••••••• Monitor and report on activities required to communicate program results and improve implementation, which includes establishing systems to gather, report and analyze performance data for impact and sustainability of project implementation; overseeing data collection processes as required within the project•s parameters; developing documentation of best practices; and facilitating the use of data to drive program design and decision making. ••••••••• Prepare monthly, quarterly and annual progress reports on the status of project implementation; contribute to other project reports such as annual work plans. ••••••••• Review and update the project•s M&E plan on an on-going basis.
Required Skills and Qualifications: • Master•s degree in project management or development studies with 9 years of M&E experience, including technical experience in knowledge management systems, taxonomy, information architecture, content analysis and classification, databases, document/records management, and versioning control systems. • Strong knowledge of USAID rules and regulations around monitoring and evaluation. • Exceptional technical skills in data management, M&E, survey design, mapping and/or assessment required. • Strong interpersonal skills and ability. • Strong oral and written communication skills. • Fluency in written and spoken English required. • Africa experience essential.

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