Knowledge Management Specialist

Arlington, Virginia, United States
Apply by 19 July 2018
Mid-level , Long-term consulting assignment
Posted on 19 June 2018

Job Description

Project Background

The Education Performance Improvement, Communications, and Knowledge (EPIC) project is a five-year program of support services managed by the Education Policy and Planning Division (EPP) in the E3 Office of Education (E3/ED). The project was designed to improve education sector impact, programming, measurement, management and performance by strengthening 1) organizational effectiveness; 2) professional development and training; 3) internal and external communications and outreach; and 4) knowledge management uptake and brokering. The project is framed within the overall goals of the USAID Education Strategy.

EPIC consists of support services in four key areas that will be implemented simultaneously:

  • Performance improvement through organizational effectiveness
  • Professional development and learning
  • Knowledge management
  • Engagement, communications, and partnership

Activity Overview

The consultant will provide knowledge management advice and support to EPIC under the knowledge management work stream in 2 ways.

First, the consultant will serve as the knowledge management specialist to the Mobiles for Education (mEd) Alliance, an organization in which USAID currently plays a lead coordinating role.

Illustrative Activities:

  • Design and implement a knowledge capture plan for the annual mEd Symposium
  • Develop an editorial calendar for existing and new KM products that will be shared through the soon-to-launch new mEd Alliance website
  • With the editorial calendar in place, develop a content management plan for the new website
  • Lead the development of mEd KM materials
  • Coordinate formatting and copy-editing support
  • Apply USAID branding guidelines in development of materials
  • Identify and share creative, efficient, and effective ways to engage audiences and facilitate sharing and collaboration

Second, the knowledge management specialist will provide technical advice and support to USAID’s Senior Education Technology Specialist for any USAID ICT4E activities (outside of those undertaken through/with the mEd Alliance).

Illustrative Activities:

  • Develop rubrics for an ICT4E evidence product framework
  • Synthesize and publish ICT4E evidence products
  • Review, edit, post existing USAID ICT4E notable activity briefs
  • Develop ICT4E Bi-Monthly Webinars
  • Provide formatting and copy-editing support
  • Apply USAID branding guidelines in development of materials
  • Identify and share creative, efficient, and effective ways to engage audiences and facilitate sharing and collaboration

Additional activities may be assigned as the project proceeds through implementation and as activities are further clarified and defined with USAID E3/ED and the mEd Alliance.


Editorial Calendar of existing and new mEd KM content that will be shared in coming months

  • mEd Alliance website content management plan
  • mEd Symposium knowledge capture plan
  • ICT4E knowledge product framework
  • Evidence products and notable activity briefs
  • Bi-monthly webinars

Specific deliverables will be determined as tasks are scoped and agreed on between TRG and the consultant.

About the Organization

Training Resources Group, Inc. (TRG) is an employee-owned management consulting and training firm located in Arlington, Virginia. Since its founding in 1973, TRG has grown steadily in size and in our professional capabilities. TRG has worked in over one hundred countries providing training and organizational development services to clients in large and small corporations, international organizations, federal and state government agencies and non-profit organizations. As an employee-owned firm, we are each personally committed to the work we do. We value our company's close-knit community and participatory culture. There is no "majority" shareholder, and in fact, no TRGer owns more than 10% of the company. We manage ourselves through an employee board of directors, committees and client service teams. We pride ourselves on our involvement in running and managing our own business. The clients we work with benefit from the over thirty years of self-management. As a result of the working environment we have created, the vast majority of the consultants who have joined TRG in its thirty year history are working at TRG today. When a firm is able to retain its staff, the result is high quality work for its clients. Like our clients, we constantly revise how we do our own work, developing and testing new approaches to leadership, employee involvement, and communications. We use our firm as a learning lab to test out ideas and learn new ways of managing that might prove useful to clients. We strive to remain on the cutting edge of our field by applying state-of-the-art methods to support clients in their own improvement efforts.

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