Lead Crowd Engagement Specialist

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Apply by 11 August 2018
Full-time staff position
Posted on 12 July 2018

Job Description

Job Purpose: Lead the exploration, establishment and administration of the crowd engagement frameworks and platforms on the optimal way for IDB to leverage the crowd for an alternative source of fund and grant mobilization and for knowledge-related activities. Contribute to the development of the crowd engagement strategy.

Key Accountabilities:

Engagement Strategy

  • Establish and develop crowd-sourcing and crowd-funding opportunities and channels that could be of support to the financing of concessional projects, profit projects, payment of mark-ups for non-concessionary projects and others.
  • Formulate the crowd engagement concept in IDB and study the means to cover the implementation costs in conformity with principles of Islamic Law.

Framework and Platform Development

  • Establishment the crowd policies and guidelines to support the setup of platforms to engage the crowd for specific projects in coordination with the relevant units of the Global Practices.
  • Collaborate with external partners to design the crowd-sourcing activities and the IDB marketing in-order to determine the areas of IDB’s development work which can most benefit from crowd engagement.
  • Collaborate with partners to develop flagship campaigns on crowd funding platforms for emergency appeals to key developmental and humanitarian situations. The platform may be jointly marketed or be IDB-specific campaigns. These platforms can be of the form of crowd-granting.
  • Oversee the Development of platforms to fund activities traditionally funded by IDB Waqf Fund such as projects for Muslim communities in non-MC and scholarships.
  • Develop other crowd engagement platforms for profit-generating projects where possible.

Publicizing Crowd Funding & Sourcing

  • Establish and Coordinate with external crowd engagement platform owners to developplatforms to market IDB’s crowd engagement activities.
  • Act as focal point for external platform owners to provide all updated information on beneficiary projects for reporting on crowd engagement platforms.

Engagement Activities

  • Coordinate with respective units in the Global Practices and Country Relations & Services to collate the information on beneficiary projects funded by the crowd.
  • Conceptualize crowd microfinancing with the Islamic Finance Investment unit for microfinancing activities.
  • Develop crowd knowledge sourcing to add greater public participation in the development of MCPS and project design as well as public oversight of project progress and issue identification.
  • Explore and establish means of crowd-sourcing for knowledge to expand the engagement of civil society and developmental partners in the development of strategies and for monitoring project management
  • Develop knowledge workers (IDB developers) to contribute to the developmental objectives of IDB through educating the target crowd about the crowd sourcing concept and its immense benefits.
Job Requirements:

Academic qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree in Economics, Finance or any related
  • Master’s degree in Economics, Finance or related field is preferred


  • English (mandatory)
  • Arabic and French (preferred)

Minimum number of years and nature of experience

  • 11 - 15 years’ experience with development banks or Islamic finance institutions

Job specific competencies

  • Advanced knowledge of IDB Financing Instruments
  • Advanced Project Management knowledge
  • Advanced Managerial skills
  • Proficient Financial Management
  • Proficient Islamic Finance knowledge
  • Ability to Work with different stakeholders
  • Ability to articulate and influence others
  • Advanced planning & organizing skills
  • Advanced presentation skills
  • Advanced communication skills
  • Advanced negotiation skills

About the Organization

Islamic Development Bank (IDB) is a Multilateral Development Bank established in 1973 with the purpose of fostering economic development and social progress of its member countries and Muslim communities in non-member countries in accordance with the principles of Islamic Finance. The IDB remains amongst the most highly-rated MDBs and the highest in the Muslim World. The ‘AAA’ rating enhances the Bank’s financial capacity to fulfil its development mandate and play a leading role in the development of the Islamic Finance Industry.

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