Legal Advisor to Privatization Agency of Kosovo (PAK)

CARANA Corporation
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Senior-level , Long-term consulting assignment
Posted on 1 August 2012

Job Description

Vacancy: Legal Advisor to Privatization Agency of Kosovo (PAK)

Location: Kosovo

Duration: Long-Term

CARANA Corporation (), a contractor for USAID, designs and directs innovative economic growth strategies to help countries and businesses compete globally, reducing poverty and raising living standards around the world. For 25 years, we have specialized in market-led solutions to development challenges in more than 80 countries, packaging our expertise with on-the-ground resources for continuing, cost-effective results.

CARANA seeks a Legal Advisor to PAK for a $10.2 million USAID-funded Growth and Fiscal Stability Initiative (GFSI) project focusing on the creation of PPPs, privatization of socially-owned enterprises, promotion of fiscal stewardship, and improvement of economic policies in Kosovo. This Legal Advisor will work with PAK in liquidating socially owned enterprises and strengthening the capacity of central and local institutions to implement public-private partnerships. This project is pending funding.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Ten years of experience in providing technical assistance in support of commercial law best practices, resolving complex legal issues, and implementing reform policies or related activities resulting in demonstrable positive change in developing economies;
  • Proven track record of providing decisive legal guidance to senior government officials in complex transition environments;
  • Ability to manage and monitor the work of a team of lawyers;
  • Proven ability to find non-traditional means of accomplishing objectives;
  • Ability to enlist others in accomplishing the greater objective (international donors and host country counterparts);
  • Ability to interact and advise senior host-government counterparts on policy and other strategic planning issues;
  • Capacity to effectively resolve conflict and overcome resistance to change;
  • Prior experience in Central, Eastern or Southeastern Europe; and,
  • A law degree.

To apply: click on the following link to our consultant registry and select “PAK Advisor - Kosovo” from the drop down menu of current, open positions.

No phone calls please. CARANA is an EOE.

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