LHSS Dominican Republic Consultant (HR Policy and Planning)

  • Short-term contract assignment
  • Posted on 21 January 2021

Job Description

LHSS Dominican Republic: Consultant to support HR policy and planning for provision of HIV services for focus clients (FCs) at community level facilities.

Organization name: Abt Associates

Position: Consultant to support HR policy and planning for provision of HIV services for Focus Clients at community level facilities.

Location: Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Number of contracted days: 35

Anticipated Period of performance: February 15, 2021 to August 31, 2021.


The Local Health System Sustainability Project (LHSS) under the USAID Integrated Health Systems IDIQ helps low- and middle-income countries transition to sustainable, self-financed health systems as a means to support universal health coverage. The project works with partner countries and local stakeholders to reduce financial barriers for care and treatment, to ensure equitable access to essential health services for all people, and to improve the quality of health services. Led by Abt Associates, the five-year, $209 million project will build local capacity to sustain strong health system performance, supporting countries on their journey to self-reliance and prosperity.

Through the Local Health System Sustainability Project (LHSS) Dominican Republic Activity, USAID will strengthen the Government of the Dominican Republic’s (GoDR) capacity to sustainably manage quality HIV prevention and services, to drive achievement of the country’s commitment to achieve UNAIDS 95/95/95 targets by 2030

The LHSS activity in the Dominican Republic (DR) will work with the GoDR to advance greater local ownership of HIV prevention and control. Led by Abt Associates, the one-year activity will support GoDR to operationalize and supervise global standards of clinical care at the facility and community levels, ensuring Focus Clients (individuals of Haitian descent residing in the DR) have access to quality HIV services. The LHSS DR activity will achieve this goal through the following two objectives: (1) to strengthen governance and management of HIV service delivery including at the community level, and (2) to strengthen service delivery capacity to improve quality of HIV care at the facility and community levels.

LHSS will work with SAI clinics, the SNS and Regional Health Services that oversee PEPFAR-supported sites and MOH’s Dirección de Control de las Infecciones de Transmisión Sexual y Sida (Directorate General for the Control of Sexually Transmitted Infections and AIDS) to assess the current and projected human resources (HR) needs at the national and sub-national, and community level based on a gap analysis.

LHSS is seeking a local short-term consultant to support the DR government on developing a facility, community and mobile based HR plan.


The consultant will contribute to LHSS Dominican Republic’s objective to strengthen and increase access to high quality HIV care, specifically for focus clients and key populations by conducting a landscape analysis on human resources needs and capabilities for facility, community, and mobile services, and developing a national level HR plan that supports the provision of HIV services at the facility and community levels, including mobile services. The consultant will support the MOH to build and update a national HR plan that strengthens current HR management and decision-making regarding local HIV services and will provide detailed recommendations for improvement.

Consultant responsibilities:

· Facilitate a key stakeholder workshop to review and validate needs assessment findings and to build consensus on HR planning approaches.

· Conduct desk review of existing policies, HR framework, staff and profiles at the facility level to identify gaps and needs in service.

· Draft report on findings, good practices and recommendations for MOH to incorporate in HR planning after desk review.

· Develop a national HR plan which will include staffing, standard requirements, and minimum management capabilities for facility and community HIV services, including mobile services.

· Plan follow up meetings and agreements for each province to further tailor specific HR plans.

· Assist and support PEFPAR sites in coordination with the SNS to apply the new national HR plan to develop site-level HR plans that are adapted to address specific HR priorities which will help to reduce vacancies, and compile new and updated roles and responsibilities including consideration of task shifting.

· Participate in follow-up meetings as requested.


Consultant will complete the following deliverables by August 31, 2021

· Work plan of activities (Anticipated completion February 22, 2021)

· Landscape assessment of existing policies and HR. ( Anticipated completion March 8, 2021)

· Report of needs and gaps identified to deliver facility, community and mobile HIV services in the stakeholder consultation workshop (Anticipated completion April 7, 2021)

· Development of HR plan with standard requirements to provide facility, community and mobile HIV services. (Anticipated completion April 30, 2021)

· Report of gaps, good practices and recommendations after pilot implementation at PEPFAR sites. (Anticipated completion June 21, 2021)

· HR plan for PEPFAR-supported sites based on the new national HR plan. (Anticipated completion July 26, 2021)


The project is seeking a consultant with the following qualifications:

- Master’s degree in HR management, business administration, public health, health economics, or a related field from a reputed university.

- More than 15 years’ work experience in consulting and in the areas of HR management and policy.

- Knowledge of the Dominican Republic’s HIV’s National response.

- Previous experience working closely with the Dominican Ministry of Health, DIGECITSS, CONAVIHSIDA, USAID, and other key health sector stakeholder.

- Excellent oral and written communication skills in Spanish; preferred candidates will also have English language skills.

Please submit CVs by Wednesday, February 3 to: Julie_Collins@abtassoc.com

About the Organization

Abt Associates is a global leader in research, evaluation and program implementation; driving innovation and measurable impact for more than 50 years. What sets us apart is our evidence-based and multi-disciplinary approach to solving tough challenges in health, social and environmental policy and international development.

Specific areas we work in include:

  • Health
  • Education and workforce development
  • Climate change and the environment
  • Food security and agriculture
  • Housing and communities
  • Survey and data collection

Abt is a mission-driven company with a staff of 2,600. Our focus is on using evidence and cutting-edge methods to improve the lives and economic well-being of people worldwide.

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