Loan Product Modification Consultant

Kabul, Afghanistan
Apply by 31 August 2018
Senior-level , Short-term contract assignment
Posted on 16 August 2018

Job Description

  1. About Consultancy:

OXUS Afghanistan considers that the potential of new products encompasses multiple client segments and in order to tap such potential, product diversity is needed. With new and innovative products, OXUS shall be able to cater for the needs of the customers in better manner and will be able to increase the outreach exponentially.

OXUS intends to hire services of an Individual and Independent Consultant to review the existing micro finance market with reference to the product offering, analyze the need from market survey and discussions with the clients and provide with suggestions for new products, keeping in view the existing demand of financial products in Afghanistan.

  1. Expected Results (Measureable Results):

Primarily, the consultant shall:

Review the existing products at OXUS. The review shall include, but not limited to:

  • Features of the product being offered to customers
  • Disbursements of the product and its history
  • Repayments history and mechanism
  • Outreach in term of growth and compare the same with other MFIs in Afghanistan
  • Market responses
  • Competitive landscape of micro finance products in Afghanistan (including review of offering by other MFIs)
  • Feedback from the customers of the products offered by OXUS
  • Identification of features which need to be added to make the existing products more attractive and ‘fit for purpose’ for the customers
  • Suggest revision in the following products: Gold Loan, Social Loan, agriculture Loan and salary Loan products
  • Provide support in assessment of lending demand and supply-side market survey i.e. provides ways and means in which the survey should be conducted and the outcomes which survey should result into. The objective of the consultant’s work will be to guide OXUS to conduct the survey in professional manner resulting into assessment of the market demand and supply

Primarily, the following need to be reviewed and the report of consultant should cover about:

4.1 Review of existing products of OXUS:

At present, OXUS has eight different loan products for its customers including one loan product for staff. The consultant shall assess features of all the existing products being offered, their outreach, disbursement history, market demand from customers and feedback from customers about such products. Consultant shall comment on performance of the existing products.

4.2 Refinement of the existing products:

Based on the market offering by competitors and the need of the market, the consultant shall suggest the gaps identified and the feature needed in the following four products which should respond to the need of market. Recommendations shall include detailed assessment and revised features for the following products:

  • Gold Loan,
  • Social Loan,
  • Agriculture Loan and
  • Salary Loan products

4.3 Market (demand and supply side) of micro finance products in Afghanistan:

Key deliverables shall include:

  • Mystery shopping plan and methodology
  • List of financial institutions and branches actually visited for developing product offering list
  • Database of all information collected on products available in the market
  • Report on financial products available in the Afghan microfinance market, clearly including OXUS products in the market
  • Quantitative survey methodology and definition of sample
  • Quantitative survey questionnaire
  • Interviewer Training material
  • Quantitative survey results full database (i.e. all data collected as part of the survey)
  • Report on quantitative survey results (i.e. report presenting the survey’s findings and outstanding questions to be solved as part of the qualitative survey)
  • Qualitative survey methodology and definition of focus groups sample
  • Qualitative survey questions and moderator guide book
  • Data record of all focus group participants and focus group minutes
  • Report on qualitative survey results (= report presenting the survey’s findings)
  • Final report analyzing overall results, including gap analysis and actionable recommendations
  • Workshops to present and discuss the results and discuss recommendations provided with OXUS Management at each stage of the project
  1. Key competences, technical background, education & experience:

Key competences, education, technical background, and experience required:

  1. a) Master’s Degree preferably in relevant field.
  2. b) At least 10 to 15 years of professional experience at management level in micro finance
  3. c) International certification in management preferred
  4. d) Experience in consultancies and assignments related to micro finance
  5. e) Experience of product research in micro finance, focused group discussions, qualitative and quantitative surveys and reporting
  6. f) Experience working in the south-Asian region in microfinance
  7. g) Strong writing skills and experience of presenting complex technical information in an easily comprehensible way for non-specialist readers.
  8. h) Fluency in English. Fluency in Persian preferred and will be a value added advantage

  1. Submission Guideline:

Make sure to write the position title and vacancy number in the subject line of your email and send your CV along with a cover letter to:

Human Resources Manager
HQ, OXUS Afghanistan

For hard copy submission; submit your CV along with a cover letter to OXUS HR Department, House # 600, Street # 6, Qala-e-Fatullah Khan, Kabul, Afghanistan.

  • Only short listed candidates will be notified.
  • No phone calls will be entertained.

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About the Organization

  1. Background:

OXUS Afghanistan (OAF) is a part of the OXUS Group, a global network of Microfinance Institutions created by ACTED, a leading international NGO operating in 25 countries. The OXUS Group is present in Central Asia (Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Tajikistan), and has its headquarters in France.

OXUS Afghanistan began operations in January 2005 and currently has a portfolio of over US$ 13.2 million with an outreach of about 24,000 customers managed through 23 branches in 10 provinces.

  1. About the Project

OXUS Afghanistan has identified the need for comprehensive market assessment and feasibility study to review the existing loan products of OXUS Afghanistan and launch of new micro finance products which shall include loans or any other relevant product, based on market need analysis. Both OXUS partner MISFA and feedback from the field have reported that once the products are developed according to the need of customers, those are expected to increase in outreach and lending.

More information

Product Modification consultant announcement Aug 2018.pdf

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