Local Economic Development and Multi-stakeholder governance Expert (KE2)

Apply by 11 June 2018
Posted on 30 April 2018

Job Description

Project title: Technical assistance to the Inter-Ministerial Coordinating Committee on decentralisation

The overall objective of the programme is: To build effective, accountable and inclusive institutions at all levels for sustainable development through the implementation of the Ghana National Decentralisation Policy Framework (NDPF).

The purpose of this contract is: To support the institutions in charge of decentralisation reforms, particularly the Inter-Ministerial Coordinating Committee (IMCC) on Decentralisation and its members, through technical assistance focusing on skills transfer and capacity development in the planning and implementation of the National Decentralisation Policy Framework (NDPF) and National Decentralisation Action Plan (NDAP) in a participatory manner.

The expected results are as follows:

Result 1: Policy, legal and institutional reforms implemented

  • To develop new NDPF/NDAP (2019-2022) with Medium Term Expenditure Framework (MTEF) and Performance Assessment framework (PAF);
  • To create the enabling environment for the implementation of Local Economic Development and Public-Private Partnership policies.

Result 2: The capacities of MMDAs are enhanced

  • To decentralise by de-concentration appropriate Departments and Agencies to the district and regional levels;
  • To enhance the capacity of MMDAs to deliver municipal services effectively and on their general mandates;
  • To support the implementation of the reviewed Local Economic Development and Public-Private Partnership policies at the district level for economic growth, employment creation and income generation.

Result 3: Funding at MMDAs level is available for local service delivery and increase in birth registration

  • To support implementation of approved Inter-Governmental Fiscal Framework (IGFF), Inter-Governmental Fiscal Transfers (IGFT) and Internally Generated Funds (IGF) strategy;
  • To enhance the revenue mobilisation capacity of MMDAs.

Commencement date of the project: September 2018

Duration of the assignment: 470 working days

Description of work:

The Local Economic Development Expert is responsible for providing technical support to the IMCC and more specifically at the Ministry of Local Government & Rural Development (MLGRD) for the implementation of the Local Economic Development Policy and Public-Private Partnership at MMDA level.

The Local Economic Development expert shall oversee the implementation of the component called Multi-stakeholder consultation and participatory processes for the three results areas.

Additionally, he/she will support the structural dialogue between crucial actors of decentralisation in the policy-making process, and policy implementation in the three result areas of the present contract. Particular attention shall be paid to the involvement of coalitions of CSOs and the National Association of Local Authorities (NALAG) that represent the ‘demand-side’ of the decentralisation process and should as such be systematically and meaningfully involved to address systemic constraints of the constitutional, legal, policy and institutional environment.

Qualifications and skills:

Minimum requirements:

  • Post-Graduate Degree in Public Administration or Economics, or Development planning or Local Economic Development, or Development Studies or equivalent and professional experience of at least ten (10) years;
  • Proficient in English.

General professional experience:

Minimum requirements:

  • At least ten (10) years of experience in public administration, decentralisation and/or institutional development or Local Economic Development.

Specific professional experience:

Minimum requirements:

  • Six (6) years professional working experience in supporting decentralisation reforms;
  • At least three (3) years of professional working experience in Local Economic Development and experience in multi-stakeholder process management.

Preferred requirements:

  • Experience in strengthening capacities of local institutions in various aspects of Local Economic Development;
  • Similar experience in other countries is an asset;
  • Experience in participatory planning and conflict resolution.

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