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  • Posted on 1 July 2020

Job Description

About the Position

The Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL) is part of the Department of State’s multi-faceted response to transnational crime. INL’s Office of Western Hemisphere Programs (WHP) plays a key role in leading the development and synchronization of U.S. foreign assistance in the region by strengthening criminal justice systems, impeding the movement of illegal narcotics, and minimizing corruption. INL/WHP’s support is tailored to bolster the capabilitiesof partner countries through regional and Peru-specific programs.

Dexis’ 31-person team supports INL/WHP in developing monitoring and evaluation (M&E) policies and procedures; creating performance measures; supporting, managing, and conducting data collection efforts across the hemisphere; and developing an M&E data management system. Dexis creates performance indicators, translates them into a data management system, and designs corresponding reporting templates. The team works in five sectors: transnational crime, counter-narcotics, criminal justice, corrections, and border security.

This will be a full time (defined as at least 40-hour work week) position based in or near LIMA, PERU. This position will require remote work while the individual is undergoing the required security checks (MRPT certification or RSO vetting). This position may ultimately be based in a U.S. Embassy facility however this is dependent on the individual’s ability to obtain and hold either a MRPT certification or RSO vetting approval as well as the availability of space in Embassy facilities. All in-Peru personnel will follow Embassy hours of operation.

This position is open to U.S. Citizens, Third Peru Nationals, or Local Nationals. Local Nationals are especially encouraged to apply.


The PERU M&E Specialist will work with the M&E Coordinators, WHP, Posts, implementers, and all other relevant partners to determine the most effective and efficient data collection methodology for selected indicators and will be in charge of collecting all data that originates from entities within PERU. Data collection effort may include (but are not limited to), submitting data requests to host governments, partnering with NGOs or other government partners, researching open source data, and working with private entities, or designing and implementing surveys and interviews.

This person will become a subject matter expert in all INL/WHP programs in PERU and will coordinate with the D.C.-based team to ensure the measures being developed are standardized across the region. They shall draft Performance Measurement Definition Forms (PMDFs), Variable Definition Forms (VDFs), and Data Collection Templates (DCTs) for selected indicators and work with their D.C.-based counterparts, implementers, and Post to determine how the data will be collected, displayed, and reported.

This person will be called upon to design measures and collect the data for smaller and more local projects, which will be done in coordination with the D.C.-based team and will help ensure workplans, implementer DCTs, and other strategic documents meet WHP requirements and standards. They will respond to data calls and produce written and oral reports and presentations on performance measures when requested. This individual will also brief decision-makers when requested and will ensure continuity of operations by guaranteeing the transfer of all data, standard operating procedures, and knowledge are transferred to the appropriate INL/WHP staff upon completion of the contract.

This individual will oversee collecting all performance measure data in compliance with the INL/WHP reporting cycle. This position will ensure all data, knowledge, documents, and systems are properly turned over to their INL/WHP-Post counterpart(s), and that those counterpart(s) are adequately trained on all indicators, data collection methods, and sources in order to ensure their counterpart(s) are able to continue collection and reporting.


Minimum Requirements:

  • At least three (3) years of experience in monitoring and evaluation, strategic planning, foreign assistance, and/or performance management
  • At least two (2) years of experience with data collection and management
  • Ability to obtain MRPT certification (if US Citizen or Third Peru National) or successful RSO vetting approval (if Local National)
  • FSI Level 4/4 English and Spanish or equivalent
  • Proven ability to deliver a quality written product and presentations in English
  • Be based in LIMA and able to attend meetings at the U.S. Embassy and other INL/WHP partners in the area
  • High level of knowledge of the laws, customs, current events, and governmental institutions of PERU
  • Experience in a customer-facing position, with the ability to interact with government officials
  • Ability to travel to D.C., within the WHP region, and to any required Lima in PERU
  • Ability and experience presenting results in presentations and written reports
  • A moderate level of experience and competency with data analysis and producing quality descriptive data visualizations
  • Basic knowledge of statistical analysis and software
  • Proficient computer skills including Microsoft Word, Excel, and Outlook
  • Master’s Degree OR two (2) years of post-graduate education

Preferred Requirements:

  • Experience with technical writing or report production
  • Knowledge or experience with international narcotics and law enforcement-related programs
  • Experience supporting the Government Accountability Office, Office of Inspector General, U.S. Department of State, Department of Justice, USAID or other similar government partners
  • Experience with PowerBI or other similar business intelligence software
  • High level of competency with statistical analysis and statistical programs
  • Experience supporting Non-governmental Organizations

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