Manager, Resilient Housing Market Systems

  • Mid-level, Full-time staff position
  • Posted on 10 August 2018

Job Description

Habitat for Humanity International (HFHI) is currently seeking a talented professional for the role of a Manager, Resilient Housing Market Systems. Reporting to the Asia Pacific’s Director of Housing and Human Settlements (HHS), the Resilient Housing Market Systems Manager will lead strategic program development and quality implementation for forthcoming initiatives between the Housing and Human Settlements Department and the Terwilliger Center for Innovations in Shelter (TCIS).

These innovations bridge humanitarian, development and market systems approaches to improve the resilience of housing. The first year of this position will be dedicated to developing, launching and monitoring market-based disaster resilience programming. This will include pre- and post-crisis market support interventions, which utilize cash transfers as an implementation tool. This position will be based in Manila, Philippines.

​Key Responsibilities:

Collaboratively lead HFHI Asia Pacific’s program development in market-based approaches to disaster resilience and response in shelter (beginning with cash-based tools and complementary approaches) (45%)

- Lead the launch of the first major cash-based disaster response and recovery program for Habitat, to be piloted in the Philippines; this includes work from concept development to operational execution, to evaluation methods; must be completed in coordination with Habitat’s Philippines National Office, TCIS, DR3, and headquarters.
- Advise market systems program development to ensure that construction quality, resilience and other HHS-relevant subject matters are considered and incorporated; support reviews and research more generally.
- Synthesize research and learnings in succinct and actionable forms for educating internal stakeholders.
- Write strategy documents and position papers for HFHI Asia Pacific on market-based approaches to disaster resilience, based upon research, field-testing, and iterative program monitoring and feedback.
- Research country- and subject-specific case studies from HFHI and external organizations related to market-based approaches to disaster resilience (e.g. building back safer behavior change, post-disaster market assessments). Lead safer construction behavior change studies for HHS, particularly as it links with the TCIS.
- Develop standard operating procedures for National Office, HFHI Branches, and HFHI on implementing resilience-focused approaches (e.g. cash-based shelter response and recovery, market support interventions).
- Research and recommend private-sector opportunities for partnership (e.g. cash transfer institution, market support interventions with construction service or product provider).
- Train Habitat staff on market-based approaches to disaster resilience and response in shelter, and its operationalization.
- Advise on program implementation approaches and stakeholder engagement as it relates to resilient construction quality and market systems program development, reviews and research more generally.

Proactively coordinate with relevant internal departments and teams as well as external organizations to inform the above. (45%)

- Coordinate with global Associate Directors of DR3, particularly exchanging best practices and emerging learnings from the Global Shelter Cluster.
- Coordinate with HHQ Department colleagues and disciplines, including construction quality, disaster risk reduction and response, urban planning, and land/advocacy.
- Coordinate with global and regional Director and Associate Directors of TCIS, particularly their Market Systems team.
- Coordinate with the AP Program’s Department on country operating and business plans, specifically how this work reinforces and connects to the broader country program.
- Coordinate with the AP Finance Department on establishing standards and processes appropriate for facilitating these new approaches.
- Coordinate with AP Resource Development to identify and pursue funding opportunities.
- Coordinate with National Directors and their Program teams on program development and quality implementation of market-based approaches to disaster resilience and response in targeted countries.
- Network with thought and operational leaders outside of HFHI (e.g. attending conferences, co-authoring papers).

Execute necessary administrative responsibilities to facilitate advancement of objectives. (10%)

- Draft terms of reference, support procurement process, and manage external consultants.
​- Coordinate monthly with regional HHS and TCIS teams.
​- Provide a short weekly update to the DR3 Manager, CC’ing the Associate Director of TCIS, Market Systems.
​- Provide input into donor reporting as required.
​- Provide timely ad-hoc updates to relevant stakeholders.
​- Complete necessary administrative paperwork – yearly and quarterly workplans, timesheets that document percentage level of efforts, travel authorizations and reimbursements, etc.
​- While this position supports the Asia Pacific region, the Resilient Construction Systems Manager will primarily focus on the Philippines (55%), Nepal (30%), and India (15%), with some time allocated to channeling learning from these countries to global counterparts. Precise percentages of time spent on above-mentioned responsibilities and countries will evolve with time, based upon changing disaster contexts, funding opportunities, and internal capacities.

Education and Experience Preferences:

- Master’s degree in business administration, engineering or related field.
​- Experience managing post-disaster cash-based shelter recovery programs.
​- Experience in monitoring and assessment of construction quality and/or cash-based disaster response programs.
​- Experience in market systems tools and approaches, such as value chain commodity analyses, Making Markets work for the Poor (M4P), Emergency Market Mapping and Analysis (EMMA) toolkit, Post-Crisis Market Assessments (PCMA) or other post-disaster market assessments.
​- Experience conducting impact evaluations or academic research.


- Bachelor’s degree in engineering, architecture, construction management, international development or similar.
​- Minimum 3 years of work experience in construction-related field, preferably in a humanitarian context.
​- Demonstrated knowledge of methods to ensure construction quality.
​- Understanding of the construction private sector, including client-oriented design.
​- Knowledge of Sphere and CORE Humanitarian Standards, IFRC Code of Conduct, HAP, as well as other relevant standards and codes.
​- Experience collaborating to develop innovative program approaches.
​- Fluent in English – written and verbal.
​- Highly effective communication skills.
​- Strong sense of collaboration and iterative learning processes.


- Professional experience in Asia Pacific.
- Demonstrated knowledge of community development and non-profit work.
- Knowledge of HFHI’s mission, principles, and core values.
- Prior experience working with Habitat for Humanity.
- Fluency or experience in a local Filipino language.

About the Organization

Habitat for Humanity International (HFHI) is a nonprofit, ecumenical Christian housing ministry. The purpose and goal of Habitat for Humanity International is to eliminate poverty housing and homelessness from the world, and to make decent shelter a matter of conscience and action. Habitat invites people of all backgrounds, races and religions to build houses in partnership with families in need. HFHI has an Administrative Headquarters based in Atlanta, Georgia, an Operational Headquarters based in Americus, Georgia and Area Office bases of operations in Manila, Philippines for our Asia and the Pacific work, San Jose, Costa Rica for our Latin American and the Caribbean work, and Bratislava, Slovakia, for our Europe, the Middle East and Africa work.

HFHI is an equal opportunity employer and seeks to employ and assign the best qualified personnel for all our positions in a manner that does not unlawfully discriminate against any person because of race, color, religion, gender, marital status, age, national origin, physical or mental disability, sexual orientation, veteran/reserve national guard status, or any other status or characteristic protected by law.

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