Maritime Governance Expert, Team Leader, based at PMU (KE1)

  • Posted on 25 June 2018

Job Description

Project title: Technical assistance of the ‘Support to West Africa Integrated Maritime Security’ project (SWAIMS)

The overall objective of the project is:

To improve maritime security and safety in the Gulf of Guinea in the ECOWAS Region.

The specific objectives of the SWAIMS project are: (1) Governance and law enforcement frameworks are strengthened and prosecution and adjudication of maritime crimes are more successful; and (2) law enforcement operational capacities and responses are strengthened.

The Technical Assistance is implementing selected activities of the SWAIMS programme, and the purpose of this contract is as follows:

The Technical Assistance has certain general and specific responsibilities to ensure the effective organization of the overall SWAIMS programme and will be in charge of the operational implementation of specific activities of the SWAIMS programme. The Technical Assistance will be reporting to ECOWAS and the EU Delegation in Abuja.

The expected results of the project are:

  • Result 1. Strengthened integrated maritime governance, policies, laws and systems to support maritime security. The aim of these actions is to build or strengthen maritime policies and administrative structures to ensure that maritime security is benefitting from clear and streamlined organisational linkages, from the political level, through to the strategic, administrative and operational levels.
  • Result 2. Illicit financial circuits generated by maritime crime are assessed. The aim of this action is to improve information on the financial circuits and flows resulting from maritime criminal activities, including their clandestine money laundering networks. The key action consists of a comprehensive survey addressing the following matters.
  • Result 2.1 Regional operational training is strengthened. This action will focus on providing support to specific activities/institutions based on requested and assessed needs in order to boost regional cooperation by helping financially and technically the main pillars of the mutual regional capacity : ICC (International Coordination Centre) in Yaoundé, ISMI (Institut de Sécurité Maritime Interrégional) in Abidjan, RMU (Regional Maritime University) in Accra.
  • Result 2.2 Coordination with the private sector and participation of civil society are improved. This action will focus on developing the involvement of the private sector and civil society in fighting maritime insecurity, and develop steps to coordinate that involvement better.
  • Result 2.3. An equipment facility for local needs is established. This action will aim to fill gaps in the provision of equipment to meet local needs associated with the Yaoundé architecture.
  • Result 3.Effective project management of SWAIMS is ensured.

Commencement date of the project: 01.11.2018 (48 months)

Duration of the assignment: minimum 750 working days

Qualifications and skills:

  • Master Degree or equivalent (Academic level) in International Law, Public Administration, International Relations or Political Science with a focus on Maritime, Defence or Security Affairs or related fields;
  • PhD degree or other specialist studies in these fields will be considered an asset;
  • Excellent command of English and at least good command of French (or vice versa) as well as reporting and communication skills in both languages (written and spoken). Knowledge of Portuguese is considered an asset.

General professional experience:

  • Minimum 12 years of professional experience which must include experience in project management.

Specific professional experience:

  • Proven track record of at least 7 years professional experience in maritime security related issues, systems and infrastructures; more than 12 years would be considered an asset;
  • At least one experience in either monitoring &evaluation or the identification/formulation of large development projects in complex political environments with particular reference to EU-funded projects/programmes, preferably in developing countries;
  • Expertise in problem analysis, stakeholders’ analysis, assessment and communication of best practices demonstrated by having been team leader in one relevant assignment, particularly in the maritime security field;
  • Work experience in at least two Gulf of Guinea Countries demonstrated by having been team member of at least 1 assignment in the region;
  • Expertise in technical assistance, capacity development, training or awareness campaigns in at least one country with civil law and one country with common law legal system;
  • Experience in EDF financial and procurement procedures as well as construction of logical frameworks will be an asset.

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