Media Producer

  • Long-term consulting assignment
  • Posted on 10 June 2020
  • Kaduna, Nigeria
  • Closing on 5 July 2020

Job Description

Contract work spread over 24-30 months with 40 day minimum (field work beginning after Covid restrictions are lifted).

Note: This position is annually contingent upon funding approvals by the doner.

Feed the Future EatSafe PROJECT

The Feed the Future EatSafe (Evidence and Action Towards Safe, Nutritious Food) program aims to generate evidence and knowledge of the potential of consumer demand for safe food in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs). The five-year program is funded by USAID and will be undertaken by a consortium led by Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition and containing Pierce Mill Media (PM) and the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI).


We are seeking a skilled and resourceful Media Producer to oversee and manage field operations in Kaduna State and facilitate production components working in close collaboration with Pierce Mill.

PM seeks a creative and resourceful Media Producer with production experience demonstrating attention to detail and organization.

The Media Producer will serve as PM’s main contact in Nigeria for identifying and managing work of various contractors hired by PM to execute components of the production process. In a sense, he/she will be the glue to hold the process together, while yielding their creative and professional expertise to move the media production process forward.

The Media Producer will need to be comfortable engaging with local creatives and managing all phases of production for potential media programs, including but not limited:

· Visual content: Narrative/Nollywood style, episodic drama, short-form non-fiction, motion graphic content and 2D infographic content.

· Audio entertainment: Radio, podcast, music.

· Written content: Copy for print, social media, infographics and websites.


Production of quality media programs that can be delivered to market vendors in Kaduna state along with EatSafe Partner-designed interventions in a timely manner and within budget.

  • Online and via email:
    • Documentation of preproduction, production, and post-production process
  • On a hard drive
    • Organized digital files of all final media products (e.g. H.264 and ProRes)
    • Organized digital files of all raw media files (e.g. ProRes)


The Media Producer would be expected to accomplish the following:

  • Assist in media design
    • Advise on media stakeholders
    • Advise on relevant distribution channels
  • Manage Story Scouts (for information on Story Scouts, please see attachment)
    • Assist PM in the Story Scouts hiring process and HR: selection, defining protocol and quality control measures, ensure that all Scouts submit their deliverables.
    • Manage up to 5 Story Scouts, provide them with direction and support as needed
  • Manage the Program Design Meeting:
    • Assist PM in identifying and gathering relevant personnel to attend the meeting
    • Assist with the logistics of organizing the meeting
    • Work with PM to organize and analyze meeting outcomes to facilitate program design and writing process
  • Manage the Pre-Production, Production and Post Production Process.
    • Assist PM in identifying suitable writers, booking a professional production crew, casting talent who reflect the population and building a professional post-production team.
    • Work with PM team to ensure written programs are of professional quality and relevant to local market vendors.
    • Manage all aspects of production process in the field and oversee post-production.
  • Oversee Delivery and Monitoring:
    • Work with PM and PM partners to ensure produced media is properly embedded into the EatSafe intervention materials
    • Assist PM partners as needed in ensuring produced media is delivered to the audience properly and effectively
    • Monitor program delivery activities and report to PM
  • Program Research (Design, Data Collection, Evaluation):
    • Support program researcher and research team as needed
    • Collaborate with the research team during the delivery monitoring and data collection as needed
    • Become familiar with summary of findings of the ethnographic study, literature review, survey, and other studies conducted by PM and by EatSafe partners, when available.
  • Program Operations:
    • Regularly update PM on progress and suggest improvements.
    • Regularly meet with PM staff online and in person for collaborative work sessions
    • Work with PM to document the entire media production process, all steps and measures taken, highlight lessons learned and implications for future program development
    • Deliver all of the above tasks in a timely fashion and within budget
    • Serve as or identify translator to relevant local languages.


Producer should be located regionally (ideally in Northern Nigeria) and should be comfortable working in the field at selected markets in Kaduna State. Producer does not need to live in Kaduna but should be familiar with Kaduna and able to travel and work in Kaduna during different phases of production. PM will cover any necessary and reasonable travel costs associated with the execution of this work.

Interested contractors and freelancers should prepare:

(a) An expression of interest including reasons for interest in the position, qualifications, and prior experience with undertaking media production in general and your approach to executing this type of project in particular. Please no longer than a page.

(b) Average daily fee (Pre-Production, Production and Post Production Management)

(c) A relevant CV highlighting recent experience and your current location

(d) Link(s) showcasing produced programs with brief descriptions of the project and of your specific contribution to the project

(e) At least three professional references including contact information (email and phone)

Candidates should highlight any existing and prior relationships with the professional creative community in Nigeria (film, music, design etc). Candidates should highlight relationships with filmmaking freelancers and production studios.

About the Organization

Pierce Mill Media is an award winning, end-to-end media production house that creates social and behavior change media for some of the biggest NGOs, universities, and governments in the world, addressing some of the biggest challenges in the world.

We discover universally human stories in all kinds of locations—from factory floors to preschools, from the halls of government to remote villages. And from these stories, we create compelling shows, movies, documentaries, animations, live events, and interactive programs that aim to have positive social impact.

Working with an experienced team of program designers, media producers, and local creatives, we aim to make culturally relevant and globally significant media for targeted audiences and broader populations.

More information

Producer - EatSafe.pdf

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