Monitoring and Evaluation Manager - Strengthening Organizational Capacity of Local CSOs

  • Senior-level, Full-time staff position
  • Posted on 13 September 2019

Job Description

The Kaizen Company seeks a Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) Manager to support a proposed local capacity strengthening program for East Timorese CSOs. The program will help select CSOs to build the knowledge and skills required to run an efficient, cost effective, accountable, transparent, and technically proficient organization, targeting both the capabilities of the institution as well as the individuals within the institution.

The M&E Manager will be responsible for developing, implementing, and overseeing the performance management and reporting system, including preparing and updating the PMP, ensuring the accuracy and effectiveness of calculation methodologies using the PMP, establishing data collection and management systems, coordinating with organizations, providing performance data, ensuring data integrity, verifying data, and preparing and submitting in a timely manner all required performance reports to USAID.


  • Advanced degree in M&E, public policy, economics, business, international cooperation/international development, or a related field (required)
  • Minimum of 10 years of experience in managing large scale international development operations (required)
  • 5 years of experience designing and implementing M&E results frameworks; developing PMPs, work plans and indicators, monitoring on-going programs for USAID or other large donor organizations (required)
  • Preference for candidates who are East Timorese Nationals
  • Preference for candidates with working proficiency in Portuguese and/or Tetum

About the Organization

The Kaizen Company ( is an incubator for innovative, scalable solutions that address emerging market challenges and opportunities. Our proven solutions catalyze locally driven organizational and institutional performance improvements and establish communities of practice that facilitate peer-to-peer learning and the achievement of shared goals.

We leverage existing knowledge, technology, and new media, and local peer networks to support local reforms. Since our inception, we have provided support to more than 100 government, private-sector, and non-profit organizations in markets worldwide. We have created solutions that achieve outcomes across a broad range of sectors including education, governance, economic growth, environment and water, energy, and global law enforcement.

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