OFDA Evaluation Consultant

Relief International
Khartoum, Sudan
Apply by 8 December 2012
Senior-level , Short-term contract assignment
Posted on 8 November 2012

Job Description

Statement of work for Consultancy Services

Objective: Provide an evaluation of the following:

  • Activities achieved to date by Relief International programming in North Darfur, Sudan
  • Impacts of activities upon beneficiaries to date by Relief International programming in North Darfur, Sudan
  • Perceptions of Relief International programming

Target Date for Evaluation:

Background: Relief International has been working in the North Darfur region of Sudan to address the emergency needs of the populations since 2004. Through agriculture input distributions, livestock care, healthcare and nutrition service delivery RI has partnered with communities to alleviate suffering through relief work while developing long term strategies to facilitate development and empowerment.

RI’s support of health facilities and health outposts seeks to increase the general access to, and therefore utilization of, healthcare and reproductive health services and health education through a community health promoters network. Mobile clinics are further increasing the access to services and have been instrumental in improving ante natal care (ANC) through culturally adapted methodologies. Additionally, vaccinations have been a focused component of the work, reaching IDPs and host communities to build immunity against childhood and other illnesses.

Nutrition remains a focal point of RI’s work in North Sudan. RI currently facilitates Outpatient Therapeutic Programs (OTP) in conjunction with Supplementary Feeding Programs (SFP) that target moderate acutely malnourished children and pregnant women. RI is committed to improvement in nutrition outcomes, treating malnutrition through multiple modalities and closely monitoring growth and recovery. A community outreach component of RI’s programming creates a mechanism through which to increase program coverage, develop active case finding and to deliver nutrition counseling.

Until December 2011 RI also supported significant livelihoods programming in Darfur including agriculture and livestock efforts. To the extent the sites where this programming was implemented are accessible, RI would also like to evaluate the impact of this programming.

Scope of the consultancy: This consultancy aims to deliver an objective, external evaluation of RI’s achievements thus far and to measure the impact of those achievements within the beneficiary communities. This bifurcated modality intends to demonstrate the reach of program activities while most importantly highlighting the impact upon the populations served. The following program components will be evaluated.

  1. Health: Primary health care including safe motherhood services, vaccination, family planning, establishment of emergency system and health information system
  2. Nutrition/Community Management of Acute Malnutrition: SFP, OTP, community outreach and capacity building program
  3. Income generation and livelihood projects/Food Security

Consultancy Objectives and Requirements:

A. Evaluation of Health Program Achievements and Impacts

Achievements are to be measured and verified by querying project data and RI-supported facilities records. Impacts will be evaluated through focus group discussion as well as key informant interviews that will include program beneficiaries, local officials and Ministry of Health personnel. Additionally, a sub-set of questions will seek information on the perceptions held of RI by these same audiences.

B. Evaluation of Nutrition Program Achievements and Impacts

Achievements for the nutrition programming are to be collected through project data and cross-checked with records at the RI-supported clinics and OTP/SFP centers in the program catchment area. Review nutrition survey reports. Program impacts can be verified through monitoring of all exits from OTPs during the consultancy data collection period to cross reference with outcome data collected by the clinics to date. This step is meant simply as verification as the clinic records will be much more robust than data collected during the period of the consultancy. Interviews with key informants, ministry of health personnel and local leaders will be included for assessing impact more qualitatively. Additionally, a sub-set of questions will seek information on the perceptions held of RI by these same audiences as well as key partners such as UNICEF/WFP/WHO/FAO.

C. Evaluation of Agriculture and Food Security Program Achievements and Impacts

Achievements are to be measured through project data and verification of RI-supported animal health facilities to verify program metrics. Impacts will be assessed qualitatively through key informant interviews and focus group discussions with beneficiaries. Additionally, a sub-set of questions will seek information on the perceptions held of RI by these same audiences.


Deliverable Item


Time Period

Deliverable 1 (D1)

Desk Review

Pre-Deployment (2 days)

Deliverable 2 (D2)

Development of Focus Group and Key Informant Interview Questions

Food Security/Livelihoods

  • Animal Health Services Beneficiaries
  • Animal Health Training Beneficiaries
  • Agricultural Leadership Training Beneficiaries


  • Healthcare Service Beneficiaries


  • OTP Beneficiaries
  • SFP Beneficiaries
  • Nutrition Counseling Beneficiaries

Pre-Deployment (4 days)

Deliverable 3 (D3)

Training for FGD facilitators

In-country (1 day)

Deliverable 4 (D4)

Fieldwork – Data collection

Key Informant Interviews and Records Verification

  • Series of site visits to RI supported facilities and locations accompanied by interpreter

FGD Data Collection

  • FGDs administered by trained facilitators
  • Daily data quality checks with FGD facilitators

In-country (14 days)

Deliverable 5 (D5)

Draft Report

  • To be submitted to team for comments and review

Post-deployment (6 days)

Deliverable 6 (D6)

Final Report


Post-deployment (2 days)


  • 7+ years in Monitoring & Evaluation with extensive experience in qualitative methods
  • Ability to work independently and innovatively
  • Experience working in challenging environments
  • History of similar work
  • Experience in Darfur highly desirable
  • Arabic language skills a strong advantage


To be considered for this recruitment, please submit (i) a cover letter, (ii) resume, (iii) 3 professional references (whom RI may contact if needed) by November 30, 2011. Incomplete applications will not be considered. The email subject line should include the following: Darfur OFDA Evaluation Consultant.

About the Organization

Relief International (RI) is a leading global change organisation and home to teams of humanitarian activist-professionals committed to transforming adversity into renewal for the world’s most vulnerable populations. By partnering with beneficiaries and communities on the front-lines, RI innovatively bridges the gap between immediate relief and long-term community development.

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