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Apply by 2 August 2018
Posted on 3 July 2018

Job Description

RTI International is requesting applications for the Off-Grid Advisor role on USAID-funded, the Beyond-the-Grid Program (BTG) under Task Order of Power Africa Indefinite Delivery project. This Task Order intends to expand affordable and reliable electricity services in East Africa, with the ultimate goal of supporting development priorities, including inclusive economic growth, security, and improved health and education outcomes. Off-Grid Advisors will be based in Uganda, Cameroon, Kenya and Ethiopia.• The Off-Grid Advisor will provide technical assistance to off-grid energy companies to accelerate transactions and increase access to finance. He/she will also build institutional capacity off off-grid government departments to improve the enabling environment for off-grid energy companies.
Required Skills and Qualifications: • Masters degree in a relevant technical field and 10 years• relevant experience including substantive field experience in Africa. • Understanding of/experience with: pico-solar systems, solar home systems, micro-grids, battery storage systems. • Understanding of/experience with: pay-as-you-go models, import/export restrictions, distribution and retail networks/business models, mobile finance strategies, execution/design of willingness-to-pay survey strategies, market mapping diagnostics, equity fund design. • Demonstrated skill in community engagement, consultative processes, field-based constraints sector analysis. • Demonstrated experience with productive use analysis/project design such as solar irrigation, cold storage, light manufacturing, etc. • Demonstrated policy experience and skills including preferably tendering processes, standards-setting, and strategy formation. • Targeted transaction advisory service (equity and debt, recruitment, business model, market trend advisory, supply chain and distribution partnering advice) preferable. • Strong/demonstrated project management, reporting, writing and numerical skills.

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