One Stop Shop/ Citizen Services Advisor

  • Senior-level, Short-term contract assignment
  • Posted on 15 January 2020

Job Description


The International City/County Management Association (ICMA) seeks a short-term international consultant in support of the Egyptian Economic Governance for Development Project (EGDP). EGDP focuses on improving the economic governance of Egypt by providing better-quality customer service, making it easier for citizens, developers, and other stakeholders to easily access government services.

The selected advisor will be responsible for preparing an analysis of Egypt’s One Stop Shops/Citizen Service Centers and provide recomendations that take into account other sucessful international models.

Specific Tasks

The One Stop Shop/ Citizen Services Advisor will conduct a desk study of available evidence on Egypt’s one stop shops/citizen service centers including cataloguing existing and new efforts underway within various ministries. S/he will interview one stop shop staff, Government of Egypt representatives working on current initiatives, other donors which support citizen service centers and private sector representatives. S/he will be expected to review and compare different types of one stop shops and current citizen service centers and e-services initiatives in Egypt. Efforts in Egypt should also be compared to successful models from other, relevant countries, and best international practices with an eye toward recommendations for USAID about key factors contributing to success and sustainability of citizen service models. Particular attention will be paid to address the relevance of the models for hard-to-serve populations such as women, rural and poor urban communities.


  • Analysis and report on the Government of Egypt’s one stop shops providing citizen services. Report recommendations will promote civil society dialogue and enhance feedback loops among relevant ministries through which the Government of Egypt can inform the private sector and civil society about governance reforms and receive feedback from the private sector and civil society about performance of business and citizen services, and recommendations for reforms.
  • Written input to and participation in a joint presentation with the Business Services Advisor and the Private Sector Engagement/Public Private Dialogue (PSE/PPD) Advisor at a conference in July of 2020.

LOE and Period of Performance

Once approved by USAID, the advisor will work during Feb-July 2020, with approximately 30-35 LOE days (estimated 20 onsite, 10/15 offsite), and make two trips – initial information gathering in early 2020, and participation in a presentation at a conference in July.


The purpose of this scope of work is to inform future USAID programming in support of Citizen Service Centers (CSC).

  • Advanced Degree in Communications Technology, Public Administration, International Studies or related fields.
  • Experiance with Public Service Delivery
  • Familiarity with current research and literature on local government practices in customer services on an international scale
  • At least 5 years of experience advising governments on structuring one stop shopts/ citizen service centers.
  • Knowledge of practices related to citizen engagement, service delivery, organizational development, and workflow and business processes to ensure greater efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Experience in Egypt or Middle East/North Africa preferred
  • Ability to travel to Egypt
  • Excellent writing and communications skills

About the Organization

ICMA is the premier organization of professional local government leaders building sustainable communities to improve lives worldwide. ICMA advances professional local government worldwide. Its mission is to create excellence in local governance by developing and advancing professional management of local government. ICMA, the International City/County Management Association, provides member support; publications, data, and information; peer and results-oriented assistance; and training and professional development to more than 9,000 city, town, and county experts and other individuals and organizations throughout the world. The management decisions made by ICMA's members affect 185 million individuals living in thousands of communities, from small villages and towns to large metropolitan areas.

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