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under the USAID funded Central Asia Energy Links Project, Award No. AID-176-C-14-00004

These are the Terms of Reference for the position of Pakistan Country Coordinator for the CASA-1000 Intergovernmental Council (IGC) Secretariat’s Pakistan Country Office (CO).

The IGC Secretariat is planning to establish Country Offices in all four-member countries of the CASA-1000 project (Kyrgyz Republic, Tajikistan, Afghanistan and Pakistan) to increase the efficiency of daily communications and interactions with the project implementation units (PIUs), government stakeholders, donor organizations and international financial institutions (IFIs) within each of the countries.

USAID Central Asia is providing technical and financial support to the CASA-1000 IGC Secretariat under the Energy Links project (Contract Number AID-176-C-14-00004). ECODIT LLC is the prime contractor for implementation of the Energy Links project and is looking for a highly qualified individual to assume the role of the IGC Secretariat Pakistan Country Coordinator.

  • BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES This project is financed by a number of donor organizations and IFIs (the World Bank, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), the Islamic Development Bank (IsDB), and the UK Department of International Development (DFID)). The project entails the construction of a cross-border power transmission system comprised of:
  1. CASA-1000 aims to facilitate sustainable electricity trade between hydropower surplus countries in Central Asia and electricity deficient countries in South Asia by putting in place the commercial and institutional arrangements and the transmission infrastructure required for this trade. In addition, to maximize the utilization of CASA-1000’s transmission capacities, the project will also actively promote the use of Open Access system to facilitate trade of electricity supply from other, non-CASA parties during the non-supply periods (October to April).
  1. about 475 km of 500kV HVAC transmission lines to carry power from Kyrgyz Republic to Tajikistan at Sugd;
  2. (ii) a 1300 MW terminal with HVDC converter facilities in Tajikistan (at Sangtuda);
  3. (iii) 750km of ±500kV HVDC transmission lines via Afghanistan to Pakistan;
  4. (iv) a 1,300 MW terminal with HVDC converter facilities in Nowshera, Pakistan. The four CASA-1000 countries have created an Inter-Governmental Council to foster cooperation on the project. The IGC is responsible for discussing and deciding on strategic issues regarding the project, and for ensuring that the necessary steps are taken to implement it.
  5. To provide central coordination and high-level leadership in support of the CASA-1000 project, the IGC has also established the CASA-1000 IGC Secretariat. The main functions of the IGC Secretariat are:
  6. The HVDC convertor stations would be designed to help power trade in any direction, and would offer significant emergency system support to the national grids of the countries connected through HVDC system. Within each country, CASA-1000 construction activities will be managed by four Project Implementation Units (PIUs), which will be established by each country within the structure of their respective National Transmission Companies. The PIUs will be established before commencement of CASA-1000 construction phase.
  • Governance – provide the IGC with complete and timely information on CASA-1000’s progress, including assessments of risks or problems, and recommendations, so that the IGC can make proactive, rather than reactive decisions
  • Policy – provide the IGC with the necessary information to communicate to senior level government officials regarding the project
  • Management – support and facilitate informational exchanges between project committees, subcommittees and other entities to provide logistical support for project events
  • Technical/coordination – interface with the national transmission companies (NTC) and the project implementation units (PIU) of the four-member countries to ensure timely information regarding potential problems or obstacles
  • Communications – facilitate the sharing of information to ensure that partners’ (international financial institutions (IFI), donors, other bodies) concerns are addressed in a timely manner. Maintain effective communications with the engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contractors (procurement consultant, owner’s engineers, etc.)
  • Document management – in order to properly manage the increased flow of information during the implementation phase, the IGC Secretariat will implement a data management system to serve as a project information center. The IGC Secretariat will collect key project data and documentation from the NTCs and IFIs to store in a single repository, and develop an efficient record maintenance system.
  • USAID Central Asia Mission is financing the IGC Secretariat activities under the Energy Links Project and has retained ECODIT, LLC as the Prime Contractor to support the CASA-1000 project. The IGC Secretariat is operating from Almaty, Kazakhstan.
  1. General Coordination

One of the most crucial functions of the Pakistan Country Coordinator will be to act as the main face of the CASA-1000 project to the Pakistani Government, project financiers and donors, and other local stakeholders. S/he will represent and help to advance the goals of all stakeholders who are supporting the CASA-1000 project, and will work under the overall strategic guidance of the IGC Secretariat Executive Director (ED) and in close coordination with Pakistan’s JWG members and PIUs.

Following a team approach, the Pakistan Country Coordinator will provide technical and communications assistance to the Secretariat ED and the CASA-1000 Working Group and PIUs to advance the goal of successfully completing the CASA-1000 project in partnership with the CASA-1000 countries and participating IFIs and donors.

It is imperative that the incumbent be able to establish good working relations and effective cooperation with the following stakeholder groups:

    • Pakistan’s CASA-1000 Working Group;
    • Pakistan’s National Transmission and Dispatch Company (NTDC);
    • the CASA-1000 Pakistan PIU;
    • the Owner’s Engineer for the DC portion of the CASA-1000 transmission system;
    • the engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) Contractors; and
    • the participating donor organizations, and IFIs.
    • The incumbent will collect and share all relevant information on CASA-1000’s implementation in Pakistan with the IGC Secretariat and with each of these entities in a timely manner. In addition, s/he will serve as the focal point of contact in all IGC Secretariat communications with the Pakistan CASA-1000 Working Group, IGC members, NTDC/PIU, the Owner’s Engineer and the EPC contractors.
  1. Logistical Support

The Pakistan Country Coordinator will also provide support to the IGC Secretariat with respect to the planning, organization and implementation of all CASA-1000 project activities (e.g., IGC or Joint Working Group meetings, high-level country visits, etc.) that take place in Pakistan and that will be funded by the IGC Secretariat or that are considered key to the advancement of the CASA-1000 project’s goals. S/he will also provide assistance to Pakistan’s CASA-1000 Country Working Group, and to Pakistan’s IGC members, in all logistical matters related to these individuals’ participation in all CASA-1000 meetings (regular and ad hoc) outside of Pakistan (i.e. issuing and tracking the invitation letters, visa assistance, etc.). S/he will also provide organizational support and assistance to the IGC Secretariat ED or other technical experts during their visits to Pakistan.

  1. Monitoring and Evaluation of the project progress
  2. In coordination with the PIU and Owner’s Engineer, the Pakistan Country Coordinator will also be responsible for carrying out field visits to construction sites to verify that the reported progress is being achieved. S/he will conduct regular analyses of project monitoring and evaluation reports (as well as other project progress reporting documents) to identify potential bottlenecks that might affect the project implementation schedule, and will coordinate closely with the IGC Secretariat and key CASA-1000 stakeholders on potential problems and risks, and advise on corrective measures needed to mitigate them.
  1. Other responsibilities
  2. Perform other tasks and responsibilities as instructed by the IGC Secretariat ED.
  • QUALIFICATION REQUIREMENTSThe incumbent for the subject position should meet the following qualifications requirements:
  1. Educational Background
  • The incumbent should possess, at minimum, a master’s degree in a related area (i.e. engineering, business administration, public administration, etc.)
  1. Experience
  • Minimum of five to seven years of experience working in the Pakistan power sector is required. Relevant experience includes: management employment by a governmental institution/ministry (e.g. a transmission/distribution company), and/or a project management position with a donor organization or an IFI implementing a technical assistance or infrastructure project in the Pakistan power sector
  • Minimum of four years of experience working for a governmental institution, an international donor organization, or an IFI-funded technical assistance project in the Pakistan power sector is required
  • Fluency in technical (power system) English and Urdu (reading, writing, and oral presentation) is required. Working knowledge of Russian will be a plus but is not required
  • Knowledge of computer software for project management is essential
  • Excellent communication skills, both verbal and writing, are essential
  • Experience in management/coordination and/or in monitoring/evaluation of complex cross-border power projects (preferably in the area of high-voltage transmission line construction) will be considered a significant plus
  • PLACE AND PERIOD OF PERFORMANCE The incumbent is expected to start the performance of his/her duties immediately upon signing the appropriate agreement with ECODIT LLC (estimated start date is November 15, 2018).
    1. This is a full-time position and the incumbent will be authorized to work up to five days (or up to 40 hours) per week. No overtime work will be authorized for this position.
    2. The post for this position will be Lahore/Islamabad, Pakistan. The job will require intensive and frequent in-country travel, as well as travel to other countries/locations to participate in IGC/JWG meetings or other events/meetings related to CASA-1000 project as requested.
  • REPORTING/SUPERVISION This is a full-time expert position, which requires the incumbent to be able to independently plan and organize his/her working schedule with minimal daily supervision and direction from the IGC Secretariat ED. The incumbent will be responsible for preparing and submitting the following reports and deliverables:
  1. The incumbent will be administratively and technically supervised, and his/her performance will be directly evaluated, by the IGC Secretariat ED. The incumbent will also receive technical supervision and guidance from the Energy Links project Chief of Party (COP). Additional guidance and requests for support may also come from Pakistan’s extended CASA-1000 project team, and from other key financiers and donors who are collaborating to successfully implement the CASA-1000 project. In the implementation of his/her daily activities, the incumbent will work in close cooperation with all of Pakistan’s CASA-1000 stakeholders, as well as with the donor and IFI representatives implementing the overall coordination of activities under the project. A key determinant of the incumbent’s success will be the reported degree of satisfaction, from each of these parties, with the performance of his/her duties.
  • Weekly reports: shall be submitted in electronic format (in English) to the IGC Secretariat ED and Energy Links COP each Friday, elaborating on the major activities and tasks performed by the incumbent in implementation of his/her duties during the reporting period,
  • Inputs for Energy Links project weekly reports: shall be submitted in electronic format (in English) to IGC Secretariat ED and Energy Links CoP each Friday, elaborating on the major activities performed by the IGC Secretariat and highlighting the progress achieved in implementation of CASA-1000 project during the reporting period,
  • Monthly reports: shall be submitted in electronic format (in English) to IGC Secretariat ED and Energy Links COP last day of each month, elaborating on the major activities and tasks performed by the incumbent in implementation of his/her duties during the reporting period,
  • Monthly timesheets: shall be submitted to IGC Secretariat ED and Energy Links COP last day of each month in an electronic format, stating the time spent by the incumbent on the project,
  • Other deliverables: will include (but will not be limited to) plans, agendas, talking points, minutes of the meetings, presentations, project implementation schedules, financial reports/budget estimates, trip reports, etc. These will have to be submitted to the IGC Secretariat ED and/or Energy Links COP on an as-required basis.
  • Interested candidates with the necessary qualifications should submit a brief cover letter and CV. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted; no phone calls please. ECODIT is an Equal Opportunity Employer and is proud of its diverse staff.

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