Performance Audit Expert

Belgrade, Serbia
Apply by 28 June 2018
Senior-level , Short-term contract assignment
Posted on 12 June 2018

Job Description

USAID Government Accountability Initiative (GAI)

Performance Audit Expert

Background and goal

The Government Accountability Initiative (GAI) is a four-year United States Agency for International Development-funded project with overall objective to strengthen the capacities and connections of key Serbian stakeholders resulting in increased government accountability at the national and local levels. The project is structured around three components: Local Government Accountability, Independent Oversight Institutions, and Adjudication of Corruption Cases. GAI counterparts include the State Audit Institution (SAI), the Anti-Corruption Agency, local governments, specialized anti-corruption courts, and civil society organizations.

GAI will support the SAI with technical assistance designed to increase the likelihood that audit report recommendations lead to improvements in Serbian public sector governance and enhance the utility of the SAI’s work to the National Assembly. The SAI Council would like to institutionalize performance auditing and has requested GAI to train, over time, up to 200 state auditors in performance auditing. SAI also has requested GAI to provide advanced auditing techniques for supervisory auditors previously trained with USAID assistance, support the Council and SAI leadership in identification of performance measures for the institution, and design audit report recommendation follow-up procedures. GAI will support the SAI and the National Assembly in formulating strategies to enhance the utility of SAI reporting to the National Assembly. GAI will design methods for the SAI to improve its strategic communications to the media and the public.

Assistance in performance audit design, methodology selection, implementation and reporting, risk-based strategic selection of audit topics, effective interface with the National Assembly, and other audit and strategic communication skills will increase the SAI’s ability to execute its mandate. The goal of the support is to build the SAI’s capacities to assess whether the public entities are achieving economic, efficient and effective use of available resources.


The expert is expected to provide technical assistance to the SAI during at least three training sessions and other technical assistance activities between July 2018 and February 2019 to build the capacities for risk-based planning, management, implementation, reporting and follow-up for performance auditing. The target participants will be the SAI leadership, SAI auditors newly assigned to conduct performance audits, and SAI supervisory state auditors. The technical assistance will include the following:

  • Conduct an interactive two-week training on fundamentals of performance audit to selected staff of the SAI, including junior staff auditors and their supervisory state auditors. The training will enable the newly assigned auditors to gain a detailed understanding of the objectives and methods of performance auditing and to undertake all steps in the performance audit management cycle.

The training will cover an overview of the performance audit process consistent with International Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions (INTOSAI) performance audit standards and practices of other national audit institutions such as the US Government Accountability Office. Topics covered will include: strategic planning for audits; risk-based selection of audit topics; performance audit design and methodologies; data collection instruments appropriate to audit design; interviewing techniques; sufficiency and appropriateness of evidence; quality control techniques; and report writing.

The training will be organized for up to 35 participants and will provide the audience with performance audit skills and techniques, using practical group and individual exercises, scenario-based learning and discussion groups.

  • Conduct an interactive training for supervisory state auditors on advanced performance audit methodological design, data collection strategies, report writing for intended audiences, and audit report recommendation follow-up strategies to improve auditees’ implementation of SAI recommendations and measurable progress against SAI performance measures.
  • Technical assistance to SAI leadership to identify performance measures to enhance the SAI Strategic Plan and accountable public reporting on SAI impact on government performance. The assistance will also include facilitation of a roundtable with the SAI and the National Assembly Committee on Finance, State Budget and Control of Public Spending to develop a strategy to better align SAI selection and timing of future performance audits with legislative calendars to optimize the impact of SAI reporting. The assistance will also identify opportunities for public Committee hearings with the SAI and ministries, where appropriate.


The total level of effort for the task is up to 45 days of work over 3 trips in Serbia, including:

  • First trip:
    • 2 days travel
    • 2 days total for training design and reporting
    • 10 days in country technical assistance
  • Second trip:
    • 2 days travel
    • 2 days total for training design and reporting
    • 10 days in country technical assistance
  • Third trip:
    • 2 days travel
    • 2 days total for training design and reporting
    • 10 days in country technical assistance

The work is anticipated to be completed during the period 1 July 2018 and 28 February 2019.


  • Two training sessions, including the Power Point Presentations for each session delivered;
  • Interviews and briefings with SAI, National Assembly and other relevant government and civil society stakeholders as needed to develop trainings and to provide technical assistance to SAI and the National Assembly;
  • Reports not exceeding 10 pages, excluding annexed Power Point Presentations, summarizing training delivered and recommendations for follow-up, delivered within a week of completion of each trip to Serbia; and
  • Briefings for USAID, GAI and counterparts, as requested.


This is a Senior level position.

  • Education – At least Master’s degree in the field of economics, public administration, organizational sciences, sociology, psychology or another relevant field
  • Prior Work Experience – A minimum of 10 years of professional-level experience in performance audit in the public sector and relevant training experience. Note: Additional experience may be substituted for Education.
  • Language Proficiency / Communication Skills – Must have excellent communication skills in English
  • Job Knowledge – A thorough knowledge of performance audit process in public sector
  • Skills and Abilities – Ability to use various computer software (e.g. PowerPoint, Word)

About the Organization

Checchi and Company Consulting, Inc. (Checchi) has worked in international development for over 40 years. The company has operated in more than 140 countries, including a number of fragile states and post-conflict zones, and has implemented nearly 300 long-term contracts. Checchi’s principal areas of specialization include rule of law, anticorruption and monitoring and evaluation (M&E). Since launching one of the first international rule of law practices in the late 1980s, Checchi has provided technical assistance and training in the core areas of improving access to justice; court systems administration; legislative and policy reform; judicial training and legal education; public legal awareness; and security sector reform. The company has implemented a number of long- and short-term activities focused exclusively on anticorruption. In addition, many of Checchi’s rule of law projects have included significant anticorruption components and activities. Checchi’s M&E work encompasses projects in more than 50 countries and spans the spectrum of quantitative, qualitative, and mixed approaches to managing and evaluating performance.

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