Pineapple Production and Handling expert

  • Posted on 11 February 2020
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Job Description

The Exporting Quality (EQ) Program is being implemented in the Dominican Republic. It works with five value chains, pineapple, cocoa, avocados, greenhouse, and Asian vegetables, and takes a “field to fork” approach, providing technical assistance all along the value chain, including producers, packinghouses, and exporters.

General Objective

Organize and deliver a five-day workshop in Costa Rica, which include 2 days field trip on critical issues to improve the quality and productivity of Dominican pineapple.


In years past, Dominican producers have not capitalized on export opportunities due to high local market prices. However, pineapple production is increasing and surpassing current domestic demand. This is creating a downward domestic price and a need to better utilize export markets to maintain and expand profit margins.

Some Dominican exporters have taken advantage of market opportunities in Europe and Israel. As their companies grow and expand internationally, they increasingly need to have a better control over their processes to be able to provide high quality fruits. Each buyer has their own requirement regarding size, skin color, brix, translucency, etc. The shelf-life of pineapple depends on maturity at harvest, post-harvest handling and method of transportation. Dominican growers usually focus on the premium market segment, which means that pineapples must be harvested when fully ripe because their quality will not improve after harvest. Thus, Dominicans growers need to understand pineapple physiology to determine best harvest time and proper handling to reduce mechanical damage and maintain quality.

Exporters have shown interest in more opportunities to develop their expertise and have requested that Exporting Quality organize an educative mission in which they can strengthen the areas that they consider to be weaknesses such as; soil preparation, plant nutrition, use of biological products (fertilizers and pesticides), and learn about the new techniques and technologies that Costa Rica is implementing.

In that context, Exporting Quality will hire an international consultant to organize and deliver a five-day workshop, which includes two (2) field trips on the following topics (non-exhaustive list):

  • Farm Management.
  • Soil Management.
  • Machinery and Equipment.
  • Nutrition.
  • Production.
  • Preparation of biological products.

Detailed responsibilities

Before the trip:

  • Identify and hire experts to provide trainings to the beneficiaries on the topics previously described. Include CV of trainers.
  • Coordinate lodging and accommodations to all participants.
  • Maintain constant communication with Exporting Quality office with every update on the planning process.
  • Assist with the Visa applications to Costa Rica

During the trip:

  • Provide support during the workshop
  • Hold two (2) field trips to pineapple plantations.
  • Coordinate transportation to all the participants from the airport to the hotel, from the hotel to the pineapple fields and back to the hotel, also from the hotel to the airport

After the trip:

  • Collect and compile all PowerPoints presentations in an editable format (no pdf)


  • A trip agenda including location of places that will be visited and contact person.
  • PowerPoints presentations in an editable format (no pdf)


  • At least ten years of experience working in the pineapple sector.
  • Experience giving technical assistance to private companies dedicated to pineapple production and export.
  • Good understanding of the challenges faced by pineapple producers and exporters of Dominican Republic.
  • Good understanding of market quality requirements.
  • Good oral and written communication skills.
  • Fluent in Spanish.

About the Organization

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