Pro Jeunes / Team Leader

  • Mid-level, Full-time staff position
  • Posted on 22 May 2018

Job Description

Requisition ID: req1968
Job Title: Pro Jeunes / Team Leader
Sector: Economic Recovery & Livelihood
Employment Category: Fixed Term
Employment Type: Full-Time
Location: Cote d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast)

The IRC is in the Year 2 of its 5 year project entitled Pro-Jeunes. Its main objective is to enhance economic opportunities for young people (Projet de Renforcement des Opportunités pour les Jeunes; PRO-Jeunes). The project is being financed by the MasterCard Foundation (MCF) and aims to improve the economic wellbeing of 10 000 young Ivorians based in the (peri-)urban areas of Abidjan and Grand Bassam as well as in urban and northern rural areas of Khorogo and Tchologo. It targets youth who have experienced academic and/or professional failure, through entrepreneurship training and the promotion of self-employment and employment. PRO-Jeunes’ intervention logic has four main components : i) Entrepreneurial training vie e-learning on tablets, ii) the development of vocational training courses in collaboration with private sector partners iii) support to young entrepreneurs through a coaching and mentoring system, iv) linkage building to financial services to facilitate the start-up of micro-enterprises. In the first years of implementation, four economic sectors that offer self-employment opportunities will be targeted: agricultural production and transformation, energy and associated services, ICT and beverage sales. To encourage innovation, creativity, and social capital increase Pro-Jeunes will be developing and facilitating collaborative spaces to leverage the ideas and competences of young entrepreneurs. Finally, PRO-Jeunes will build a network of public and private partners which will include the Agence Emploi Jeunes (AEJ), Schneider Electric, OLAM and Unilever, the Jokkolabs community, public and private training centers and microfinance institutions (MFIs).

Overall, the Team Leader will guarantee the quality and timeliness of the project implementation as well as the technical consistency of PRO-Jeunes activities in consultation with his/her supervisor, the Economic recovery and Development (ERD) coordinator as well as the ERD Technical Advisor (TA). The team leader will manage a team of 23 employees and a network of 34service provider coaches. S/He will ensure coordination between all partners and stakeholders, including government employment agencies, private sector partners, microfinance institutions, youth associations and vocational training centers, relevant donors, providers and government entities as needed. This position is based in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire, and reports to the national Economic Recovery and Development (ERD) coordinator. S/He will frequently travel to the northern intervention areas.

Leadership and management of the timely implementation of the PRO-Jeunes program to high qualitative and technical standards

1. Quality Project Management:
* Create and oversee the application of all required project management tools by staff members and partners;
* Develop and oversee timely implementation of detailed work plan to ensure activities are implemented in line with IRC’s commitments made in the program proposal as well as in compliance with IRC and MCF requirements;
* Oversee the development, adaptation, regular review and refining of the project’s quality intervention methodology, including targeting, communications, training, coaching mentoring, linkage building to financial services, safety, business start-up & employment search, vocational training, gender and innovation on women’s inclusion in non-traditional/male-dominated industries/sectors, especially in northern regions of implementation
* Develop and update budget spending plan and ensure compliance with budgetary and logistical requirements by IRC and MCF;
* Ensure activities comply with the intervention strategy initially established and that they advance according to the defined work plan;
* Verify the transparency and proposal compliance of the programs’ identification and enrollment process of beneficiaries
* Create an accessible feedback/grievance mechanism, including a systematized timely response process and regularly review feedback from all stakeholders to inform program improvements through the program cycle
* Identify training needs of staff and partners and coordinate support being delivered to partners and through partners;
* Oversee the e-learning manager in guiding quality content development by contracted service provider(s) digitizing the foundational skills learning content to be of high content and technological quality, can be maintained and is user-friendliness corresponding to IRC’s expectation
* Coordinate program with IRC logistics and finance to ensure timely delivery of quality programming;
* Coordinate program planning and implementation with other relevant IRC program departments, especially the gender advisor

2. Team Supervision and Management:
* Hire, supervise and assess performance of Pro-Jeunes staff under direct reporting line, 7 staff in indirect line management (planning, quality, timeliness, compliance) as well as their management of other staff
* Establish pool of 16 coaches in Abidjan and Korhogo who will provide support and mentorship to young entrepreneurs throughout their participation in the different phases of the Pro-Jeunes project
* Identify internal and external opportunities to enhance coaches’ capacities to support youth adequately;
* Assess team’s work progress and quality on a regular basis, including through very regular supervision visits on the ground in Abidjan, Grand Bassam, Korhogo and Tchologo;
* Proactively problem-solve quality issues, and implementation delays in coordination with the supervisor

3. M&E, Research & Knowledge Management
* Ensure an effective, efficient and high quality monitoring and evaluation system is established, compliant with the proposal’s M&E plan as well as IRC’s MFA (Monitoring for Action) standards;
* Ensure development of a detailed M&E plan, including resources plan and its implementation of the M&E work plan and compliance with it by the Pro-Jeunes M&E team;
* Produce high quality, accurate and timely monthly internal reports to supervisor describing the progress made towards the program’s objectives;
* Produce quality and timely donor reports using MCF templates provided;
* Contribute to the development and implementation of a randomized controlled trial of the Pro-Jeunes project between 2018 - 2021 in partnership with the World Bank Gender Innovation Lab;
* Plan and implement mid and end-line evaluations to be conducted through external consulting services;
* Ensure detailed documentation of the project’s methodology, processes, learnings, costs and outcomes throughout the life time of the project as well as in a final comprehensive report on the project towards the end of the implementation phase.

Lead coordination and collaboration between PRO-Jeunes’ partners
* Define contracts/engagement modalities with all program partners (partner enterprise, training centers, government employment agencies (AEJ), MFIs and service providers) in collaboration with IRC’s local and global supply chain, finance and legal team staff;
* Coordinate activities between all partners by means of establishing a representative steering committee (to include IRC staff, representatives of beneficiaries, partner enterprises, training centers, AEJ and MFIs) and leading its meetings;
* Together with partners, create and facilitate working groups on employment, self-employment and vocational skills training to ensure program quality and relevance;
* Follow-up with partners to assure their contractual commitments are being delivered in time and to required quality standards (Enterprises, VTCs, AEJ, and MFIs);
* Establish pool of volunteer mentors in collaboration with private sector partners supporting youth through Phase 2 &3 of the project and support mentors in their abilities to provide adequate and safe support to their mentees;
* In collaboration with private sector partners support VTCs in the elaboration of formal technical training standards and their VTCs’ adherence to them in the delivery of their trainings;
* Ensure partners’ training in and adherence to the IRC’s code of conduct and the IRC Way as well as the adherence to safe interaction with beneficiaries and handling of any potential protection cases;
* Organize quarterly steering committee with partners to provide project’s status report and advice on future decision making;
* Collect and communicate information requested about the program by partner enterprises and public employment agencies.

Program representation and advocacy
* Oversee the adaptation and implement of Pro-Jeunes’ national communication campaign to inform at least 15,000 youth of the program’s opportunity and ensure adequate enrollment of beneficiaries with a particular focus on young women’s inclusion in the project and in non-traditional/male-dominated economic sectors;
* Develop and implement the program’s overall communication strategy in compliance with the donors’ communications and visibility policy on communication platforms, on visibility tools and digital content;
* Accurately represent the program, its activities and its strategy when dealing with donors., implementing partners, the press, public institutions or other third parties;
* Attend all relevant meetings concerning the program implementation, partner coordination, or program development;

Actively develop and grow the PRO-Jeunes program
* Identify new business opportunities for young entrepreneurs and develop new partnerships with national and/or international enterprises ;
* Promote the accessibility of a diverse financing portfolio for young entrepreneurs’ microenterprises by means of advocacy with MFIs and/or other innovative financing solutions;

* Holds a Master’s degree in economics, education, social or development sciences or can demonstrate equivalent practical work experience thereof;
* At least 7 years of professional experience working predominantly in field positions and with increasing responsibilities, including multi-million USD program planning and implementation
* Demonstrated experience in youth employment, entrepreneurship promotion and vocational training and related training and programming approaches;
* Extensive experience in the management of multidisciplinary teams;
* Demonstrated experience in managing complex projects, including public and private sector partnerships
* Demonstrated experience in conducting comprehensive market assessments
* Good knowledge of the private sector in West Africa;, including excellent knowledge of job markets and self-employment opportunities as well as development obstacles especially for youth in West Africa (microenterprises, microfinance, value chains, development of entrepreneurial skills, financial inclusion);
* basic knowledge and/or practical experience in e-learning methods and technologies preferred, demonstrated experience in quickly learning and incorporating new technologies;
* Perfect command of French and good command of English
* Excellent written and verbal skills in French, good skills in written English

IRC est dans l’année 2 d’un projet d’une durée de 5 ans. Le Projet de Renforcement des Opportunités pour les Jeunes (PRO-Jeunes) financé par la Fondation MasterCard (MCF) vise à accroître le bien-être économique de 10.000 jeunes ivoiriens des régions d’Abidjan et du Nord de la Cote d’Ivoire en situation d’échec scolaire et/ou professionnel, à travers la formation à l’entrepreneuriat et la promotion de l’auto-emploi. La logique d’intervention du programme PRO-Jeunes repose sur quatre composantes principales : i) la formation à l’entrepreneuriat accessible sous format numérique (plateforme en ligne et tablette numérique), ii) le développement de filières de formations techniques qualifiantes en partenariat avec les opérateurs stratégiques des filières économiques, iii) l’accompagnement des jeunes entrepreneurs à travers un dispositif de coaching et de mentorat, iv) et la mise en place de solutions financières d’aide à la création de micro-entreprises. Pour la première année de mise en œuvre, trois secteurs économiques offrant des opportunités d’auto-emploi seront privilégiés: la production et la transformation agricole, l’énergie et les services associés, et les technologies de l’information et de la communication. PRO-Jeunes encouragera également l’innovation, la créativité et le renforcement du capital social en développant et animant des espaces collaboratifs de capitalisation des idées et des compétences des jeunes entrepreneurs. Enfin, PRO-Jeunes tissera un réseau de partenaires publics et privés comprenant notamment l’Agence Emploi Jeunes (AEJ), les sociétés Schneider Electric, OLAM et Unilever, la communauté Jokkolabs, des centres de formation publics et privés et des institutions de microfinance (IMF).

De manière générale, le Chef d’équipe assurera la qualité de la mise en œuvre et la cohérence technique des activités sur le programme PRO-Jeunes et gérera une équipe constituée de 20 employés et d’un réseau de 25 coachs prestataires de services. Il/elle assurera la coordination entre toutes les parties prenantes du programme : agences du gouvernement d’aide à l’emploi, entreprises partenaires, institutions de microfinance, centres de formation. Ce poste est basé à Abidjan, en Côte d’Ivoire, et rapporte au coordinateur national Relance et Développement Economique et impliquera des voyages fréquents à Korhogo. Le Chef d’équipe contribuera également au développement du secteur Relance et Développement Economique.


Assurer la qualité de la mise en œuvre et la cohérence technique du programme PRO-Jeunes
* Créer les outils de gestion de projet et en assurer leur application ;
* Assurer la transparence du processus d’identification et d’enrôlement des bénéficiaires;
* S’assurer que les activités respectent la stratégie d’intervention initialement établie et progressent selon les plans de travail définis ;
* Assurer des visites de supervision régulières sur le terrain à Abidjan et Korhogo afin d’évaluer la progression des activités et rédiger des rapports de mission avec plan d’action après chaque visite ;
* S’assurer du respect de la planification budgétaire et logistique ;
* Contribuer au développement d’un système de suivi et d’évaluation performant ;
* Assurer la mise en place et le respect du plan M&E initialement établi ;
* Fournir au superviseur des rapports respectant les échéances décrites par le projet et décrivant la progression vers les objectifs du projet ;
* Assurer la qualité des rapports bailleurs et des rapports de monitoring produits ;
* Constituer et maintenir un pool de coachs prestataires de service pour Abidjan et Korhogo compétents, capables d’accompagner les jeunes entrepreneurs ;
* Superviser la conception, par une société prestataire de service, des contenus pédagogiques numérisés (plateforme en ligne et applicatif accessible sur tablette), leur mise en place et leur exploitation par les apprenants.

Assurer la coordination entre tous les acteurs du programme PRO-Jeunes
* Définir les modalités de partenariat avec toutes les parties prenantes du programme (entreprises partenaires, centre de formation, agences publiques d’aide à l’emploi, IMF et sociétés prestataires) ;
* Assurer la coordination des activités entre toutes les parties prenantes en organisant des réunions de comité de pilotage intégrant les représentants des bénéficiaires, des entreprises partenaires, des centres de formation, des agences publiques d’aide à l’emploi et des IMF ;
* Créer et animer avec l’ensemble des parties prenantes des groupes de travail thématiques sur les différentes filières du programme, à savoir, l’emploi, l’auto-emploi et la formation technique qualifiante ;
* Assurer la coordination entre les équipes logistiques, finance et programme ;
* Assurer le suivi contractuel des partenariats avec les entreprises, les centres de formation, les agences publiques et les IMF ;
* Appuyer les centres de formation dans l’élaboration des référentiels de formations techniques qualifiantes et s’assurer de leur bonne qualité ;
* Rassembler et transmettre les informations demandées sur le programme par les entreprises partenaires et les agences publiques d’aide à l’emploi.

Représentation du programme et plaidoyer
* Mettre en place une campagne de communication à l’échelle nationale sur les actions de PRO-Jeunes afin d’assurer un enrôlement suffisant de bénéficiaires ;
* S’assurer du respect de la politique de communication et de visibilité du bailleur sur les supports de communication, les outils de visibilité et les contenus numériques;
* Représenter fidèlement le programme, ses activités et sa stratégie auprès des bailleurs et des partenaires de mise en œuvre ;
* Participer à toute réunion qui concerne de près ou de loin les activités du programme ;
* Coordonner les activités du programme avec les autres programmes au sein de IRC.

Contribuer au développement du programme PRO-Jeunes
* Rechercher de nouvelles opportunités d’affaires pour les jeunes entrepreneurs et développer de nouveaux partenariats avec des entreprises nationales et/ou internationales ;
* Identifier les besoins en formation des formateurs des centres de formation partenaires;
* Identifier des stratégies en interne comme à l’externe pour le renforcement de capacités des coachs et des mentors ;
* Diversifier les sources de financement des micro-entreprises des jeunes entrepreneurs en recherchant de nouvelles IMF partenaires et des solutions de financement innovantes;
* Établir des objectifs de performance pour chaque membre de l’équipe PRO-Jeunes et chaque coach.

* Titulaire d’un doctorat ou d’une maîtrise en économie, éducation ou science sociale ;
* Au moins 10 ans d’expérience professionnelle générale ;
* Au moins 7 ans d’expérience dans le domaine de l’entrepreneuriat et de la formation professionnelle ;
* Bonne connaissance du secteur agricole, de l’énergie électrique et des TIC ;
* Parfaite maîtrise des enjeux liés au marché de l’emploi et à l’auto-entrepreneuriat en Afrique de l’Ouest (microentreprises, microfinance, chaîne de valeur, développement des compétences entrepreneuriales, inclusion financière) ;
* Bonne connaissance des méthodes et techniques d’e-formation (tutorat, e-portfolio, multimédia, développement, infographie, audiovisuel, etc.).
* Excellentes capacités d’analyse, de synthèse, de rédaction et d’accompagnement d’équipes pluridisciplinaires ;
* Parfaite maîtrise du français et de l’anglais.

Rend compte au Coordonnateur secteur ERD

Durée: 24 mois initialement avec une possibilité de renouvellement selon les financements disponibles

Location: Ivory Coast - - Cote d’Ivoire

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