Procurement Associate LICA-6

  • Mid-level, Long-term consulting assignment
  • Posted on 22 August 2020

Job Description

Currently, UNOPS EMCO is undertaking the EU COVID 19 Pandemic Response project for the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) with a base in Djibouti.

IGAD member states are among the most vulnerable to the COVID-19 pandemic. The virus appears to be spreading rapidly in the sub-region and governments have limited capacity to effectively monitor, contain and mitigate the pandemic. Various containment and mitigation measures are now in place in most countries, including complete lockdown, with the closure of borders and the reduction/suspension of international flights. These measures have however negative secondary effects not only on the movement of vulnerable populations and goods, but also on food security. Very dependent on external markets and investments, the impact of the pandemic on the sub-region economy and in particular employment is already manifesting and could be dramatic in the coming months. Disruptions to supply chains could cause food price hike and shortages, increase nutrition insecurity, halt production in key value chains.

The proposed programme design is intended to mitigate the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in the IGAD sub-region, responding to the call for international support made by IGAD Heads of States, Health and Finance Ministers.

UNOPS seeks a professional with sound procurement administration background to support Ethiopia Multi-country Office (EMCO) projects, and more specifically the Project Management Unit of the EU COVID 19 Response for IGAD.

Under the direct supervision of the functional supervisor and under the guidance from the Head of Support Services, the Procurement Associate ensures the provision of efficient and timely support services in procurement and contract administration and supports the Project Management Support Specialist (Grants & Project Support Officer) in procurement coordination and oversight with Implementing Partners (IPs). He/she promotes a client-focused, quality and results- oriented approach and provides support to the relevant procurement personnel. In the discharge of her/his duties, the Procurement Associate works with minimal supervision and liaises with UNOPS Programme Support Officers, Chief Technical Advisors, Portfolio Managers and Portfolio Assistants in order to ensure best support.

Transactional Procurement Support services: Administers a range of transactional-procurement support activities, ensuring compliance with UNOPS rules, regulations, policies and strategies, including the following:

  • Full compliance of procurement activities with UNOPS rules, regulations, policies and strategies; including implementation of the effective internal control, proper design and functioning of a client-oriented procurement management system

  • Incorporation of necessary steps to embed sustainability in the procurement process;

  • Completeness of submissions to the Contract and Property Committees (CPCs);

  • Completeness of documentation for preparation/processing of Purchase Orders (POs), Contracts, LTAs or their Amendments;

  • Provision of requested research/data on market supply by conducting routine market research to determine sources of supplies, using United Nations Global Market Place, and other external sources;

  • Set-up/improvement and maintenance of the local supplier database, ensuring regular update of data;

  • Information databases, all procurement files and records updated and maintained;

  • Status reports generated, as required;

  • Availability of all supporting documents for audit and review purposes.

Procurement planning, requisitions and sourcing: Administratively and technically supports the office’s planning, requisitions/procurement and sourcing support processes, focusing on achievement of the following results:

  • Collaboration with projects personnel and Managers in the preparation of their Acquisition Plan (AP), awarding, administering and monitoring of all matters related to procurement for the given geographical area / project activity;
  • Maintenance and update of Procurement Plan (PP) and monitoring processes for projects and provision of feedback on purchase orders to requesting office;
  • Provision of proposals to requesting entity on modes for providing goods, works and services, including procurement deadlines for each stage;
  • Review of requisitions for completeness;
  • Preparation of proper and complete specification for goods, Terms of Reference (ToR) and Statement of Works (SoW) for the preparation of Request for Quotation (RFQ), Request for Proposal (RFP) and Instruction to Bidders (ITB), ensuring clearance/approval by respective units of the requests;
  • Create Vendor/Supplier Profile on oneUNOPS ERP system as per prevailing policy and procedure;
  • Constant liaison and close-follow-up with Vendors/Suppliers and consignee until safe delivery of goods and/or cargo are arrived at their respective final destinations;
  • Drafting of letters, memoranda, faxes, email, etc.; monitoring of progress and liaison with vendors during the entire procurement cycle; investigation and resolution of post-order problems and of progress reports on procurement matters;
  • Oral/written responses to queries from projects, clients, companies, etc. regarding procurement related matters;
  • Preparation of monthly reports on procurement matters;
  • Liaison with the Logistics Unit or projects on receipt of goods, equipment and services in view of acquiring proper delivery report, RIR (Receipt and Inspection Report), Goods Receiving Note (GRN) or relevant certificates and that accurate inventory is taken.

Bidding and Tendering Processes: Undertakes or supervises technical support to bidding and tendering processes, focusing on achievement of the following results:

  • Preparation of shortlists of suitable contractors/suppliers for purchases of value over designated amounts for approval of designated officer;
  • Preparation and issuance of Expression of Interest (EOI), Request for Information (RFI), Request for Quotation (RFQ), Request for Proposal (RFP), Instruction to Bidders (ITB) or other tender documents as required, ensuring their conformity with UNOPS approved templates or seeking legal clearance in case of required adjustments on UNOPS eSourcing Platform;
  • Handles Note for Shopping (NFS) for small purchases for Goods, Services and/or Works for PMU in Djibouti Office;
  • Handles Call-of-Orders (COO) from exiting and active LTAs for Goods, Services or Works;
  • Together with the requesting programme/operations clients, support review and evaluation of bids or proposals received and preparation of analysis for less-complex, contract awards and for submission to the LCPC or other, statutory, designated body;
  • Preparation of HQCPC, or designated body, submission together with the requesting programme/operations component;
  • Organizing of LCPC (or designated, statutory body) meetings as may be required, and circulating at least 24 hours in advance documents for review;
  • Maintenance of records of LCPC or designated, statutory body.

Contract administration: Supports efficient contract administration, focusing on achievement of the following results:

  • Follow-up signing of contracts by vendors;
  • Obligation of funds on oneUNOPS Enterprise system and obtaining of appropriate signatures for approval;
  • Manages Contact Amendments and/or Variation Orders (VOs) (if any) once the contract is in due course of implementation;
  • Review of commercial invoices, shipping documents thereof and follow-up of payments to vendors upon successful delivery of Goods, Services or Works;
  • Facilitates Vendors/Suppliers Performance Evaluation in close collaboration of Project Managers (PMS);
  • Dissemination of contract records and awards;
  • Maintenance of contracts and record system in hard copies, soft copies and oneDrive platforms for subsequent review by Project Managers, internal users and/or Auditors;
  • Maintenance of databases/rosters of the best suppliers, contractors and service providers, activities and procurement statistics;
  • Collaborate with internal and/or external UNOPS auditors while reviewing contract records for procurement of Goods, Services and/or Works within a given timeframe; as well as adhere to auditor’s recommendations (if any) to ensure procurement due diligence thereby improve service excellence.

Knowledge building and knowledge sharing

  • Organizes, facilitates and/or delivers training and learning initiatives for personnel on procurement and project staff;

  • Provides sound contributions to knowledge networks and communities of practice by synthesizing of lessons learnt and dissemination of best practices in procurement;

  • Collects feedback, ideas, and internal knowledge about processes and best practices and utilize productively.

Impact of Results: The effective and successful achievement of results by the Procurement Associate affect the performance of major aspects of the relevant business unit/s, project activities, procurement and contract management support services, impacting the timely and effective implementation of the respective services and deliverables. This ensures client satisfaction and promotes the image and credibility of UNOPS as an effective service provider in project services and management. This enhances UNOPS’ competitive position as a partner of choice in sustainable development and project services in the country/region served.

About the Organization

Background Information – UNOPS Ethiopia Multi-country Office

Established in 2009, UNOPS Ethiopia Multi-country Office has been providing services to various partners, including the government of Ethiopia, UN agencies such as WHO, UNHCR and WFP, and other international organizations. Since 2014, the UNOPS Ethiopia multi-country office manages and coordinates the UNOPS activities in Ethiopia, as well as Sudan and Djibouti.

UNOPS Ethiopia Multi-country Office offers a broad range of services and activities such as tailor-made administration, operations, human resources and logistics support for implementation of development and humanitarian projects; infrastructure and procurement management services; and advisory services to partners to facilitate effective procurement, supply and financial management.

The UNOPS Ethiopia Multi-country Office team is composed of approximately 100 national and international women and men.