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  • Posted on 5 March 2020
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Job Description


Action Against Hunger is a global humanitarian and development organization that takes decisive action against the causes and effects of hunger. We save the lives of malnourished children. We ensure families can access clean water, food, training, and health care. We enable entire communities to be free from hunger. With more than 7,600 staff in over 45 countries, we have reached over 20 million people in 2018.


playing a key role in coordinating technical country strategy and support provision of operational management and integration of all technical areas.

  • Coordinate the development and review of Action Against Hunger’s programmatic strategy in South Sudan.
  • Coordinate the qualitative review of programs with Technical Coordinators to ensure that humanitarian standards are ensured.
  • Develop that sector operating plans are in place in liaison with the technical coordinators, ensuring integration amongst the various sectors.
  • Proactively engage with various stakeholders (Governments, partner agencies, donor community) in understanding the context needs and positioning for relevant actions.
  • Ensure oversight of the quality of Action Against Hunger’s Programmes in South Sudan through regular meetings with Technical Coordinators;
  • Oversee the quality implementation of ongoing programming based on robust grant management and monitoring and evaluation systems and the facilitation of Technical Department.
  • Coordinate closely with Finance, Log, HR and Field Managers to ensure that security, procurement, HR and financial protocols are designed to support quality programming.
  • Lead on the development and roll-out of new and more effective systems to improve program implementation.
  • Ensure Action Against Hunger is represented at relevant and appropriate forums in South Sudan in liaison with the technical coordination team and information shared accordingly.
  • Maintain an up to date database of all grants managed by the country.
  • Act as interim Country Director in the absence of the Country Director.

You’re an experienced humanitarian professional

  • Advanced University degree (Masters) preferably in development and/or political/humanitarian studies or equivalent.
  • You have advanced knowledge of donors’ guidelines and procedures (ECHO, DFID, OFDA, FFP etc).
  • You have at least 5 years INGO experience preferably recovery and complex emergencies.
  • Experience in monitoring and evaluation as well as Project Cycle Management.
  • You have proven ability to translate analysis and evaluation into operational planning and strategy.
  • You are highly organized & pays attention to small details.
  • You are passionate about finding creative solutions & innovative approaches to long-standing & critical problems.
  • You have excellent planning, management and coordination skills, with the ability to organize a substantial workload, diverse tasks and responsibilities, and also work calmly under pressure.
  • You are self-disciplined and can work autonomously making decisions with minimal guidance.
  • Your leadership style reinforces trust within your team.
  • You have excellent reporting and proposal writing experience.
  • You have good diplomatic and negotiation skills.
  • You are fluent in English.


  • Experience in running nutrition programmes in an emergency context
  • Experience working in insecurity environments
  • Experience with press and donor communications.
  • Previous experience with Action Against Hunger.

Our Core values.

In this position, you are expected to demonstrate Action Against Hunger-USA’s five core values

Respect- we work with compassion and dedication, treating everyone the same way we expect them to treat us.

Integrity-: we believe that being honest and fair is integral to every aspect of our work. conducting our work with a spirit of sincerity, truthfulness and transparency is imperative.

Creativity-we encourage new ideas, embrace innovative solutions, and create opportunities for meaningful and exciting ways to do our jobs and provide solutions to address the needs of the populations we serve.

Excellence- we strive to provide services that meet and even exceed the expectations of our stakeholders (populations in need, staff, communities and donors).

Empowerment- we are committed to fostering an environment in which our staff, partners and communities where we work have the space to grow, develop and feel confident about participating.

Gender Equality Commitments

  • Ability to foster an environment that reinforces values of women and men, and equal access to information.
  • Provide a work environment where women and men must be evaluated and promoted based on their skills and performance.
  • Respect beneficiaries’ women, men, boys and girls regardless of gender, sex orientation, disability, religion. race, color, ancestry, national origin, age, or marital status.
  • Value and respect for all cultures.

Action Against Hunger values its employees and offers a comprehensive remuneration and benefits package. These include but are not limited to: -

  • Health Insurance
  • R&R Breaks
  • Paid annual leave (vacation)
  • Training opportunities
  • Child allowance

For an all-inclusive list of benefits check the Action Against Hunger Website

About the Organization

Action Against Hunger's four-pronged approach integrates nutrition, water and sanitation, food security and health programs. The fight against hunger goes beyond simply supplying food, and the complementarity's of our programs is essential. It is not enough to cure children suffering from malnutrition; it is also necessary to fight against the diseases and epidemics that cause millions of cases of infant malnutrition; to ensure access to safe drinking water and sanitation; and to help a population regain its self-sufficiency. All of these activities are necessary to eradicate hunger and must be addressed simultaneously. Our nutrition, water/sanitation, health and food security experts work together to bring appropriate and effective integrated solutions to the specific problems facing communities for long term sustainability. Nutrition Saving the life of a severely malnourished child or an adult can be a matter of hours. We set up therapeutic feeding centers to treat malnourished children and adults. We also help control and prevent malnutrition through child-growth monitoring, nutritional surveys, and public education. Our therapeutic feeding centers, at the heart of our emergency programs, save children who are between life and death. Food Security To protect food security in the long term, it is essential to support local agriculture and economies by ensuring access to new resources. We distribute seeds and tools as well as conducting training programs in income-generating activities such as farming, gardening, animal breeding, and food conservation. Our food security programs put people on the road to self-sufficiency. Water & Sanitation Clean water and sanitation prevent the spread of disease. We provide access to safe drinking water by drilling wells, tapping springs, and installing water systems. We train local teams and whole communities to maintain equipment and about the importance of clean water and sanitation. Health A vicious circle exists between disease and malnutrition. A malnourished child is more vulnerable to diseases than a well-fed child. A sick child, weakened by illness, often becomes a victim of malnutrition. It is therefore necessary to fight disease to combat hunger. We set up mother and child health centers to provide immunization and pre/post-natal care. Our public health programs train medical staff, provide medicine, monitor and control epidemics, and rehabilitate clinics. In a food crisis, we respond by distributing the foods needed for the survival of the population. The choice of foods, which must take into account cultural factors, their quality and the identification of the most needy beneficiaries are the key elements for defining the right type of aid that must be put in place.

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