Program Director - Mekong Australia Partnership on Transnational Crime

  • Senior-level, Long-term consulting assignment
  • Posted on 2 April 2021

Job Description

Program Description

The Mekong Australia Partnership on Transnational Crime (MAP-TNC) is an ambitious program designed to enhance the impact of Australian government efforts to disrupt and prevent crime in the region. It represents a coordinated model of engagement to identify key issues, contribute research and analysis and to harness Australian and regional expertise in addressing TNC issues. The Program Director will play a critical role in supporting the Australian government efforts, working closely with Australian expertise in program design and implementation. The position offers a unique opportunity for an experienced strategist to play a pivotal role in a key Australian development initiative in the Mekong region.

Role Summary

The Program Director (PD) will lead a team of professionals across several counties in the Mekong region and international experts to deliver on all aspects of the MAP-TNC Program. While ultimate accountability for the implementation of the program will rest with the Contractor Representative, the PD will ensure the effective and efficient delivery of all services, milestones and team operational and technical outcomes. The PD will be based in Bangkok, Thailand with extensive travel, restrictions permitting, in the Mekong region.

The PD will build rapport and trust to influence and guide program delivery across a broad range of Australian and Mekong countrystakeholders. Senior Level management experience in the Mekong region is preferred with sectoral experience in TNC highly desirable.

This is a full time position based in Bangkok, Thailand.

Duties and Responsibilities

Leadership and Management of the program:

  • Provide high-level direction and leadership of Program implementation to ensure outcomes are delivered as required by the MAP-TNC Statement of Requirements (SoR) and aligned to the Program Monitoring and Evaluation Framework. Specifically, implementation must be coherent, effectively sequenced, and monitored for progress and achievement of outcomes. and ensures alignment with workplans and required reporting schedules.
  • Lead and manage the program team, with direct supervision in accordance with the MAP-TNC organisational structure, ensuring Personnel have the relevant experience and expertise, managing the contributions of short term expert technical advisers and cultivating a team culture that supports adaptive management practices.
  • Supervise the Deputy Director’s delivery of effective program operations (Delivery Services), including the set-up of management, financial and administrative systems, ensuring the Program operates efficiently and effectively and within budget and timeframes.
  • Assume ownership of program risks, oversighting maintenance of risk management products, communicating risks and issues to the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) and relevant stakeholders.
  • Accountable for submission of quality assured program deliverables as outlined in SoR.
  • Champion the integration of gender equality, disability and social inclusion across all program activities.

Strategic and technical support to partners and client:

  • Oversee delivery of an adaptive program to support Australian and Mekong countries cooperation to address transnational crime, including the key functions of working politically, in cross-cultural contexts and facilitating locally-driven solutions. Provide high quality advice on best practices in adaptive management.
  • Provide relevant and timely information, strategic advice and analytical support to DFAT and the Program Coordination Committee (PCC) to inform decisions, support flexible resourcing and measure success.
  • Manage secretariat support to the PCC.
  • Support DFAT’s coordination and strategic management of Australian Public Service (APS) Agencies’ services and technical inputs; work with DFAT, APS Agencies and regional partner agencies to ensure alignment of Australian and partner country policies.
  • Provide expert international development advice and quality assurance to APS Agencies throughout the activity cycle of APS Agency-implemented activities; supervise program provision of development expertise to the design and implementation of APS agency activities, including activity design, establishing sound M&E Plans and collating inputs from APS Agencies into the annual plans to ensure that outputs are delivered on time and to a high standard.

Program representation and stakeholder engagement:

  • Establish working relationships with high-level stakeholders both in Australia and across the Mekong region, including within partner country governments; key TNC and border security stakeholders; and related established programs in the region.
  • Oversee Country Coordinators as TNC focal points within a regional network; oversee establishment of thematic Communities of Practice across the region.

Reporting Requirements

  • Reports to, works with and receives direction from the Contractor Representative.
  • Routinely consults and coordinates with the DFAT MAP-TNC Activity Manager, under delegated authority of the Contractor Representative.
  • Frequent contact with the PCC and Management Oversight Group (MOG).
  • Routinely engages with potential and established stakeholders within APS partners and partner country agencies.
  • Works closely with complementary programs at regional and country levels.

Selection Criteria

  • Substantial understanding of transnational crime issues and related experience in the Mekong region.
  • Demonstrated experience in providing strategic advice to Australian government agencies and bilateral partners.
  • A strong background in adaptive management practices for delivering development projects.
  • A track record of leadership with excellent team building skills that foster individual and collective learning and development.
  • Demonstrated commitment to championing gender equality, disability and social inclusion.
  • Proven ability to think strategically and analytically and to respond effectively to changing circumstances.
  • Collegial and collaborative communication style that builds rapport and trust across cultures.
  • Results orientated, with capacity to review, analysis and modify attitudes and perspectives.
  • Able to facilitate, advise and guide stakeholders in activity delivery.
  • Strong problem-solving skills with an aptitude to involve others in decision making.
  • Superior diplomacy, tact, and negotiation skills.

Note: The PD must be willing to obtain and maintain a Negative Vetting Level 1 security clearance.

This role was originally titled Partnership Director.

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