Programme Manager

Entry-level , Full-time staff position
Posted on 12 March 2018

Job Description

Post number: 241201
Place of employment: Indonesia
City: Jakarta
Function Group: IV
Living conditions allowance: 30%
Unit: FPI.4.DEL. Indonesia.003.95
Contact point: Charles-Michel Geurts, Deputy Head of Delegation (
Deadline for application: 09/04/2018
Send Applications To: Applications to be sent to sends e-mail) with as subject of the email: ” FPI CA IV 241201 – applicant’s family name and surname”

Job title
Programme Manager

Overall purpose
In coordination with Headquarters and the Regional Team for Asia-Pacific: - To manage projects in the framework of the “Partnership Instrument” (PI) in relation with its stated objectives (global challenges, EU 2020 and Union’s policies projection outside the EU, trade and business - To contribute to the identification and design of projects and programs of the PI including global and/or regional programmes as appropriate - To contribute to annual activity report and any other reporting requirements as appropriate. - To contribute to the programming process for the second term of the Multiannual Indicative Period (2018-2020) and any subsequent MIP.

Functions and duties

POLICY COORDINATION - Identification and co-ordination of possible Pl projects

  • For Indonesia and ASEAN, fol/ow closely the policy developments and windows of opportunity in order to identify proactively the scope for the new or additional Pl interventions;
  • Contribute to the shaping of the overall EU policy in a given geographic and thematic scope, in close cooperation with EEAS geographic services, Delegations and line DGs through proactive participation in related meetings, and contribution to related briefings and other documents;
  • Where appropriate, engage with other services to help define and plan the overall EU intervention and avoid possible overlapping.


  • Prepare timely, solid and accountable programmes under the Pl, by identifying the issues to be addressed and designing the proposed actions, fulfilling the criteria of political desirability, legal eligibility and practical and procedural feasibility;
  • In the case of programme proposals submitted from EEAS/Commission services and EU Delegations, ensure rapid screening of proposals for political desirability, legal eligibility, and practical feasibility, and help improve proposals from these perspectives;
  • During the preparation stage, consult and co-ordinate in the field or in Brussels as appropriate, with all appropriate EU or outside actors: EEAS and Commission services, EU Member States’ local representations and third parties or other relevant international organizations;
  • Contribute to the screening of concept notes and assessment by the Quality Support Group and preparation of the fiches for the Annual Action Plans;
  • Following formal adoption of programmes, ensure contracting
  • During the implementation period of programmes, prepare, in coordination with Regional Team Asia-Pacific, any relevant amendments or extensions, and periodically review the need for additional measures

PROCUREMENT and CONTRACT MANAGEMENT - Contracting and follow-up of PI Projects managed by the Delegation

  • For all the new projects to be contracted by the Delegation in the area of responsibility, ensure timely and accountable negotiation of technical and financial aspects of projects, act as operational initiator in view of preparing the signature of contracts or award of grants (drafting ToRs, launching tenders, managing and monitoring calls for proposals, tenders, evaluations selections of projects etc.) in close co-ordination with the implementing partners, Del, RT finance cell, desks at HQ;
  • For all ongoing contracts under direct responsibility, monitor closely, and react to implementation reports, treat or suspend payment requests, invoices, and requests for contract amendments without delay;
  • Report and contribute as appropriate to geographic or thematic reports and documents, including the PI annual report and monthly notes, overview tables, the web site, different briefings, formal or informal inter-service consultations, request from the public or the Parliament, etc;
  • During and after the period of implementation, supervise evaluation and audit of projects, disseminating results as appropriate. Ensure recovery, de-commitment, and regularization of finance, and all other activities of an operational manager as may be required;
  • Contribute to horizontal issues related to financial rules and procedures, modalities for the implementation of EU projects, as requested;
  • Follow-up of financial circuit and provide necessary operational initiation/verification visas according to the current regulations and financial circuits approved by FPI.

REPRESENTATION and NEGOTIATION - Representation and external coordination

  • Support FPI in its representation at meetings with regard to preparation and implementation of PI projects
  • Consult and support negotiations with all partners in the preparation and implementation of PI projects, including EEAS and Commission services, Member States’ services and representatives of third countries.

EXTERNAL COMMUNICATION (general) - Communication related to PI programmes

  • Support FPI in its Information and reply to questions from European Institutions, Member States and the general public;
  • Support the development of communication strategies for PI actions and ensure EU visibility during implementation of activities.
  • Produce and disseminate best practices. Participate in exchanges of experiences;
  • Provide information for audit by Commission services or the European Court of Auditors