Project Director/Value Chain Specialist

Apply by 31 December 2013
Senior-level , Full-time staff position
Posted on 10 September 2013

Job Description

SCOPE AND PURPOSE: NCBA CLUSA operates a “Cooperative Development Program” –CDP- in various countries around the world. The Project Director (herein known as PD) is an integral team member for the Guatemala CDP “Cooperative & Food Security” project that supports economic development and nutrition for rural families in coffee, horticulture & artisan value chains. The Project Director/Value Chain Specialist, (PDVCS) overseas the Guatemala Office staff including: Training Specialist, Office Manager/Bi-lingual Secretary, Bookkeeper and the M&E Officer. The PDVCS is responsible for overseeing all CDP Guatemala field operations in Guatemala City and other areas including management and training of staff and ensuring operations run smoothly. (S)He will prepare work plans, budgets, and reports, and oversee M&E data collection and reporting. As the Value Chain Specialist, (S) he will provide technical leadership and coordinate project value chain development activities to improve Cooperative governance, improve producer/business owner business capacity and expand rural households’ income-generation through a “Nutrition-led agricultural production” approach.


Specific duties and responsibilities include:

Project Director

  • Organization leadership: To develop, implement and monitor action plans related to farming, commercial out grower production and small businesses;
  • Field Leadership: Provide Project Leadership to field personnel, empowering them to conduct their activities effectively, ensuring a positive work environment and a strong team spirit;
  • Representation and Relationships: Maintain relationships with the project authorities, the Government of Guatemala, NGOs, Other bilateral and multilateral development project and private sector partners;
  • Project Planning and Reporting: Contribute to the preparation and submission of work plans, semi-quarterly and annual reports;
  • Administration: Under the Direction of the Regional Director for Latin America and the Caribbean, at HQ, and In cooperation with the HQ Senior Program Manager, supervise the coordination of all project activities as well the management of human resources and project assets such as vehicles, computers, office equipment, etc. in accordance with USAID rules and regulations;
  • Finance: Ensure compliance with USAID stipulated regulations and project accounting principles regarding the purchase of goods, services, documentation, archiving, reporting and budget monitoring;
  • Contract compliance: In coordination with HQ SPM & PM, ensure project compliance with the terms of the prime contract, including ensuring the timely submission of quality deliverables he deliverables are consistent with the project work plan and the project PMP;
  • Logistics: Coordinate the logistics of project technicians as they conduct missions to the field;
  • Monitoring and evaluation: In close collaboration with M&E Officer and assistants, contribute to the preparation of the project PMP, including the establishment of baseline data and targets, implementation of systems of data collection, archiving, quality control and reporting;
  • Act as the principal contact with USAID responsible for ensuring satisfactory consortium responses to all requests for information;
  • Liaise with local site and facilities representatives to ensure service provider compliance as necessary;
  • Oversee on-going staff development including coordination of regular staff meetings;
  • Prepare and submit various periodic reports as required by the contract; be responsible for all program and financial reporting, including monthly field financial reports and quarterly narrative program reports; oversee preparation of administrative and technical reports for submission to USAID and CLUSA;
  • Oversee financial management of funds for the purchase of materials and supplies with direct responsibility to the CLUSA Guatemala Finance Director. Oversee budget development, management, and reporting;
  • Oversee the recruitment, hiring, training, supervision and administration of local project staff, with the NCBA Chief Financial Officer, and ensure that local personnel policies are in place and adhered to, and that local labor laws and practices are complied with; ensure all USAID and CLUSA policies and procedures are followed;
  • Research and prepare Annual Training Plans and incorporate these into the AIED Annual Work Plan. The Annual Training Plan should be submitted in August- September every year and will include activity programming, cost estimates, target groups, performance-based training objectives for training modules and or proposed training activities, descriptions of the proposed training methodology, and a Monitoring and Evaluation plan;
  • Develop and update training materials and manuals for the use by CLUSA trainers;
  • Oversee the M&E Specialist in the development of training records and a possible training data base in order to evaluate the training contents delivered, participants’ evaluations of the events, trainer’s evaluations, and the performance of CLUSA trainers;
  • Ensure excellent and timely communication with CLUSA U.S. home offices to ensure high-quality technical support, monitoring and reporting;
  • Coordinate with a wide range of donor, international, public, and private actors (USAID, Government of Guatemala, CBOs, Ministry of Agriculture, other development agencies including local partners) to ensure program outcomes, including strategic coordination with similar US government funded programs where appropriate;
  • Lead and coordinate the consortium members’ inputs to, and responsibilities for, the technical strategies, operational planning, and implementation processes;
  • Foster an overall atmosphere of productivity, creativity, teamwork and innovation.

Value Chain Specialist

  • In close collaboration with the Training Specialist, carry out value chain assessments, develop value chain action plans and direct the implementation of agribusiness activities including Cooperative/POs/SME BDS, input supply and processing and marketing;
  • In collaboration with the Training Specialist, builds the capacity of the Field Training Technicians and links them to Private Sector Input Suppliers, Service Providers and Financial Institutions;
  • Oversees the implementation of the Grants (E-voucher) program;
  • Works with enterprises that create and sell inputs to improve distribution in target communities;
  • Helps conduct social marketing activities in communities to create demand for value chain and nutrition focused products and services;
  • Provide training to staff in value chain and market led approaches.

Required Skills & Experience

  • Master’s degree, or equivalent experience in agribusiness, agriculture or related field;
  • At least ten years of experience in managing agricultural project activities;
  • Experience in managing USAID programs;
  • Valid driver license;
  • Knowledge of smallholder agriculture and coffee, vegetable, livestock value chains and improved agriculture techniques;
  • Ability to plan and lead trainings;
  • Fluent spoken and written English and Spanish;
  • Citizen of Guatemala;
  • Some knowledge of local languages (Quiché, Mam, etc.) is preferred
  • Excellent interpersonal communication skills;
  • Proven capacity in empowering people through mentoring;
  • Demonstrated ability to work with multiple partner organizations with varying levels of capacity;
  • Use of desktop software for; spreadsheets, presentations, email and word processing, and database systems, IT;
  • Proven ability to function in a multi-cultural environment;
  • Ability to travel extensively within project area and occasionally beyond;
  • Ability to lead and work as a team member;
  • Hard working, responsible, willing to work long hours, some weekends and Holidays.