Regional Disaster Risk Reduction- Panama

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American Red Cross
Apply by 11 June 2013
Mid-level , Full-time staff position
Posted on 17 December 2012

Job Description

Delegate, Regional Disaster Risk Reduction

The American Red Cross International Services Department (ISD) seeks to prevent and alleviate human suffering around the world by responding to disasters, building safer, more resilient communities, and educating future humanitarians. Currently and in the coming years the American Red Cross will rapidly deepen and expand its international programming while also working to strengthen the global Red Cross Red Crescent network, in order to deliver vital help and hope to some of the most vulnerable communities in the world.

The primary goal of the Regional Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) Delegate is to help ARC to implement high quality projects and to facilitate learning of and sharing of good practices within the region, among other regions, and with ARC National Headquarters and Red Cross/Red Crescent partners. In coordination with the HQ Program Integration Unit, the Regional DRR Delegate will also contribute to ensure that information and learning is appropriately used and disseminated.

The Regional DRR Delegate will be based in Panama. The position will report directly to the Quality and Learning Sr. Delegate, and maintains an integrated, collaborative relationship with the HQ-based DRR advisor and relevant staff in the region to ensure consistent and standardized use of HQ Disaster Risk Reduction best practices and processes. The Regional DRR Delegate may have additional responsibilities depending upon the region.

This is a full time position for a minimum of 366 days with the possibility of extension. This is an accompanied post.


The Regional DRR Delegate will provide high-quality support in developing and implementing regional disaster preparedness and risk reduction portfolio for International Response and Programs (IRP) and responsibilities include but are not limited to the following:

  • Provide technical assistance and support to ARC field offices and our National Societies partners in the planning, design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) and Preparedness strategies and programs,
  • Establish and maintain mechanisms for capturing, analyzing, reporting/sharing and applying DRR project and program findings, information, lessons learned, and best practices,
  • Provide evaluation and project monitoring/management advice and skills within the organization to enhance program quality and organizational learning processes,
  • Produce, assimilate, analyze and use DRR program information from varied and diverse sources to provide in-depth analysis and communicate complex information to a wide audience,
  • Use research, analytical and project management skills to support program development and implementation,
  • Support the implementation of latest DRR thinking into program activities,
  • Proactively engage with a range of stakeholders and practitioners and provide an influential role with some external representation and relationship management responsibilities,
  • Build and maintain strong relationships with country program staff, NS staff, NHQ program and technical staff and other internal and external partners to assist them in improving quality and learning, and
  • Collaborate closely with other sectors, such as health, water and sanitation, and shelter, to ensure integrated programming approaches at the field level.

Main Responsibilities

Project Design:

  • Provide technical input in the development and review of DRR project and program proposals, results framework, monitoring plan, and evaluation elements.
  • Ensure DRR program and project design are integrated, incorporating sectors, such as health, water and sanitation, assets protection, shelter. In addition to cross-cutting themes, such as climate adaptation management and gender equality.
  • If requested by field offices, support NS to develop DM strategies and work plans (3-5 yr) with associated HR and budget needs.
  • Support field offices and our NS partners in assessing disaster risks, vulnerabilities, and capacities at local and national levels.

Project Monitoring

  • Establish routinely quality control system to measure performance of DRR activities and improve processes and practices relating to implementation and impact.
  • Support and assist ARC project staff and national societies/project managers in program/project implementation, and monitoring plans implementation in order to document and disseminate best practices and to promote shared learning within the region, ISD and NS
  • Facilitate beneficiary accountability as part of program/project implementation
  • Assist field offices and our NS partners in the design and implementation of baseline, mid-term and end of DRR program and project evaluations.
  • Facilitate programmatic planning reviews, as needed. Including field monitoring trips of DRR activities which includes, community awareness, formation of community disaster response teams, development of community action plans, micro-mitigation projects, and community based early warning system, among other disaster risk reduction activities.
  • Ensure involvement of affected population and consideration of safety, environmental and sustainability matters in the technical design and works on site.
  • Ensure that DRR program and project M&E tools are used and modified as necessary to meet the needs of the program as well as monitoring goals and objectives of the program.


  • Support and Facilitate Organizational Learning at the national, regional, and global level
  • Support a cycle of program review and application of learning to project course correction on a regular basis, i.e annually.
  • Support and guide ARC and our NS partners to ensure full institutionalization and ownership of a well-functioning planning, monitoring, reporting and evaluation structure.
  • Ensure that lessons learned from evaluative activities are integrated into the knowledge base of the American Red Cross, are shared with the Program Integration Unit and Senior Management on a regular basis and are used to inform decision-making concerning ongoing and future programs/projects
  • Organize best practices, peer review opportunities among National Societies to create a learning culture in the Region
  • Establish and maintain mechanisms for capturing, analyzing, reporting/sharing and applying M&E findings, information, lessons learned, and best practices
  • Analyzes disaster response, early recovery mechanisms and operational procedures and practices to ensure disaster preparedness elements are integrated in programming where possible and reflect and inform industry best practices.
  • Together with the GDPC, and Regional Reference Centers in Central America and Sub Reference Center in Barbados, facilitate the development, dissemination and implementation of standardized regional disaster preparedness and response materials.
  • Review and build on ARC DRR tools and best practice methodologies.


  • Participates in the development of DP guidelines and tools in-line with established ISD strategic program priorities.
  • Provide training and capacity building programs for ARC and our National Society partners that transfer and enhance capacity to design, introduce and implement appropriate DRR programs and projects. Interventions may include but are not limited to: Vulnerability and Capacity Assessment, CBDRR, Early Warning System, Emergency Needs Assessment, Community Disaster Response Team (CDRT) technical interventions and models, evaluation methodologies, and volunteer management.

Project Evaluation

  • Design, lead and manage participatory processes to establish regional, and identified national evaluation systems within agreed National Society programs/projects
  • Ensure that evaluation activities implemented in the region follow commonly-accepted best practice and reach the highest levels of quality possible in design, implementation, analysis and reporting
  • Assure the quality of data collection and analysis performed for all evaluative activities
  • Liaise with national societies on the design and management of evaluative activities and on the recruitment of external consultants in coordination with the Program Integration Unit
  • Support the coordination of program reviews, including senior management field visits and internal and external evaluations.


  • Provide guidance to the preparation of program/project management reports and ensure consistency
  • Assist field offices and our NS partners in producing regular, accurate and timely DRR reports through proper analysis of program and project progress.
  • Organize regular case studies, program/project evaluations and appropriate accountability and participate in Federation-wide reporting systems, in coordination with ARC headquarters.


  • Bachelor’s degree is required, but Masters degree in related field preferred, and 5-7 years experience in emergency humanitarian response operations with at least 5 years experience working on disaster planning and preparedness programs.
  • Experience in both community preparedness and organizational preparedness “readiness to respond” programs.
  • Experience working in a developing country required.
  • Must have exceptional fluency in best practices and literature pertaining to disaster management, including preparedness, response, mitigation and early recovery programming.
  • Proven record of successful teamwork, demonstrated experience in providing technical assistance to field staff, and strong international project design and project management experience necessary.
  • Knowledge of American Red Cross operating procedures helpful.
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills essential.
  • Must have the ability to work in an environment of diverse languages and cultures.
  • This position will require operational flexibility to meet sudden and unpredictable business needs, including ability to travel internationally

The American Red Cross is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer

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About the Organization

With more than a century of experience, the American Red Cross works with the global Red Cross and Red Crescent network to meet the needs of the world’s most vulnerable communities. Our initiatives promote cost-effective, community-based programs while building the capacity of our partners to continue programs in the long-term. In 2011, we helped 229 million people in 76 countries.

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