Request for Proposals – Preferred Provider For Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning

  • Posted on 2 July 2018

Job Description

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Land O’Lakes International Development invites proposals from qualified monitoring, evaluation and learning (MEL) consultants, firms, and/or universities to provides MEL services to Land O’Lakes. We seek vendors to undertake services in Area 1: Project evaluations or Area 2: MEL Technical Support. More specifically, MEL Technical Support is broken into Sub Area 2.1: MEL Proposal Design, Sub Area 2.2: MEL System Design & Implementation, and Sub Area 2.3: MEL Capacity Building. Each area and sub-area will be evaluated separately.

Successful bidders will be placed on Land O’Lakes’ MEL preferred provider list. Selection as a preferred provider does not guarantee issuance of a contract. The preferred provider list shall be valid for a period of two years. Contracts issued to preferred providers will be negotiated based on program needs, vendor qualifications and availability, and will incorporate the bidder’s proposed (inflation adjusted) rates. Land O’Lakes reserves the right to select any or none of the bidders. Land O’Lakes reserves the right to issue contracts to MEL firms outside of those on the preferred provider list.

To receive a full copy of the request for proposals including application instructions, interested parties should email Final proposals must be received by or before July 27, 2018.

NOTE: Land O’Lakes reserves the right to accept or reject/cancel or reissue this RFP without assigning any reason. Only shortlisted proposals will be contacted.

About the Organization

Land O'Lakes International Development is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit helping communities around the world build economies by strengthening agriculture from farm-to-folk, helping businesses grow, and linking farmers to markets. Since our start in 1981, we have been leveraging nearly 100 years of expertise in dairy, animal nutrition, crop inputs and agricultural insights from our close affiliate, Land O’Lakes, Inc., a farmer-owned agribusiness committed to fulfilling its purpose of feeding human progress.

Our team is made up of nearly 350 employees who are committed to market-led approaches, and passionate about collaborating locally to create lasting inclusive economic growth. By unlocking the potential of agriculture for the last 36 years, the lives of more than 3 million people have been transformed through nearly 300 programs in more than 80 countries.

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