Research Associate - Liberia Transport & Logistics Market Analysis

  • Entry-level, Short-term contract assignment
  • Posted on 8 June 2020

Job Description


In response to the outbreak of COVID-19 in Liberia, the government instituted emergency actions and measures to protect the public. However, these efforts are already disrupting Liberia’s economy – particularly transportation and trade – and placing businesses and households at risk.

Pandemics present major shocks to economies and communities in any country. In Liberia, this impact is exacerbated as the country is not able to respond with large spending measures utilized in the West. Further, in this time of crises like others, the government and humanitarian actors are largely attempting to meet needs directly and immediately. Working through markets and partners to deliver support safely, on the other hand, can bolster transport, trade, and retail systems that people depend on for goods, services, and income and support a quicker recovery.

As a strong and respected local partner and advisor, GROW is uniquely positioned to support public and private partners in Liberia to weather the emergency and accelerate recovery through markets. GROW is leading research and coordinating and advising public, private, donor, and project response efforts. Concurrently, GROW is working with our core cocoa and horticultural partners to adapt work and advocate for sound response. These activities are essential to support emergency response while laying the foundations for economic stimulus and a transition into recovery efforts.

Role & Responsibilities

Without understanding the context and the challenge, no effort to respond can be done well. It is with this in mind that GROW is commissioning an Agricultural Transport & Logistics Market Analysis. This research will be used to inform and steer GoL and other project efforts to integrate markets and actors into recovery efforts in ways that mitigate risk while supporting stronger economic return over the long-term.

All agricultural produce and foodstuffs rely on transport and logistics to trade. Currently, transportation and movement is heavily controlled and limited, including police-controlled checkpoints, night-time curfews, and passenger restrictions. As a result, formal and informal transportation costs and trade times have skyrocketed. This is further challenging trade in addition to closed markets – in some cases making it unprofitable and/or impossible, impacting food availability and costs and risking trade for export commodities. Support to the transportation industry to adapt their practices in ways that keep trade flowing and agricultural markets alive while controlling for COVID-19 is critical.

The research consultant will be tasked with delivering a market analysis utilizing a literature review and analysis of existing data. In addition, the consultant will coordinate data collection and interviews through a field team. The consultant will also lead interviews with Ministries & Agencies, transport unions, truck and logistic companies, agricultural companies, and outside consultants, researchers, and development practitioners – to adequately complete the analysis where needed. The analysis should be consistent with a market systems approach.


  • This task is expected to take 13 days

  • 100% will be completed remotely

  • The assignment will be completed in July 2020

Knowledge and Experience

  • At least 1 year of work in international development, public policy, economic and social research, or a related field;

  • Masters degree in economics, public policy, international development, or a related field;

  • Research background and expertise

  • Strong statistical analysis skills and knowledge of related tools/software;

  • Excellent oral and written communications in English;

  • Excellent management and organizational skills;

  • Experience living and working in development contexts, West Africa strongly preferred;

  • Must be detail-oriented, able to manage multiple tasks efficiently, independent and motivated self-starter who will take ownership and initiative.

Application process

Interested candidates should apply by submitting their CV, a cover letter, and a work sample to Please enter “Research Associate” in the email subject line. The deadline for applications is 8 July2020. Female candidates are strongly encouraged to apply!

About the Organization

About GROW 

GROW is a business and investment advisory agency that partners with businesses, investors, associations, and government agencies to accelerate inclusive economic returns within high growth industries in Liberia. GROW is funded by Sida and implemented by Adam Smith International. 

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