SCADA/EMS Telecomms Engineer

  • Posted on 31 July 2020

Job Description

Role Responsibilities:

Conduct a study of data communications options to identify and mitigate current weaknesses in WAPP’s telecoms network

Assess WAPP’s current SCADA/EMS architecture and arrangements and recommend interim solutions to achieve sufficient data transmission speed for synchronous power-pool-wide operations from their ICC.


- SCADA/EMS-telecommunications engineer
- Experience in grid code alignment, variability planning
- Proficient with different electrical test equipment i.e., voltmeters, meggers and scopes
- Knowledge of basic grid code requirements and specifications associated with pipeline operations as well as all applicable governmental regulations
- Proficient with Programmable Logic Controllers(PLCs), flow computers, UPS system,inverters, and back-up battery systems maintenance
- Proficiency in troubleshooting and repair of motor starters/capacitors, field tank gauges, transmitters, relay controlledfield devices, LACT units and associated timers and controls, familiarity withelectrical theory and electrical skills.
- Experience with high voltage electrical systemsand safety
- Experience in substation and switchgear work
- Knowledgeable inall types of protective devices associated with pipeline operations, including mechanical andsolid-state protective relays, breakers, motor windings, RTDs, temperature transmitters and vibration sensors/recorders, and associated devices
- English and French required

About the Organization

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