Scientist (Gender and Market System Specialist)

  • Mid-level, Full-time staff position
  • Posted on 18 December 2018
  • Penang, Malaysia
  • Closing on 31 January 2019
  • Current

Job Description

The Scientist will lead, collaborate on, and publish innovative, impactful, high quality strategic gender research in the CGIAR Research Program on Fish Agri-Food Systems (known as FISH). The work focuses on generating new knowledge regarding gender-related barriers and opportunities related to fish value chains and market systems, as well as testing innovations in gender-inclusive business models. This will include inclusive and women-led entrepreneurship and farmer group enterprises, increasing input and market access of poor women producers, as well as identifying private sector incentives and strategies for inclusive sector growth. The Scientist will also play a critical role in ensuring effective gender integration into FISH by working closely with scientists across the program. A critical aspect of the role is to collaborate with and support scientists in FISH research countries, as well as to engage in successful partnerships for research and for the scaling of these innovations.

Main responsibilities

  • Work with the Gender Research leader and team members to spearhead the development of cutting-edge and rigorous approaches to gender and market systems in FISH.
  • Lead and participate in the preparation of successful grant proposals as appropriate, always maintaining productive relations with donors and partners to mobilize resources, including grant leadership, management, and reporting.
  • Lead the design, implementation and publication of innovative, impactful, high quality strategic gender research for both Bangladesh and Nigeria.
  • Develop and maintain strategic partnerships in relation to the above in order to ensure research relevance, use, and influence.
  • Carry out cross-country analysis of findings regarding gender and market systems, leading to and/or contributing to global science publications and to broader lessons that may impact WorldFish policy and practice.
  • Actively contribute to the design and analysis of quantitative and qualitative research in a range of FISH projects in Bangladesh, Nigeria and other FISH research countries.
  • Provide technical input and contribute to monitoring, evaluation, and reporting of FISH and WorldFish investments in gender.
  • Enable the development of gender research capacity amongst FISH and WorldFish staff and partners, through mentoring as well as formal training programs.


  • In-depth expertise in pro-poor women’s entrepreneurship and inclusive growth strategies.
  • Practical experience in fisheries, aquaculture, natural resource management or agricultural development in FISH focal countries and a familiarity with Bangladesh and Nigeria contexts.
  • Familiarity with gender transformative approaches, including engaging men in social change processes.
  • Ability to communicate effectively with both scientific and nonscientific audiences.
  • Excellent working knowledge of Microsoft packages and electronic communication.

How to Apply

If you are interested in this role or can provide suggested contacts for CTI on this search, please contact CTI at the email and phone number provided below. Our search is not confidential and this document may be redistributed.

Dave Jensen, Founder and CEO

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Skype at: daveproactive

Ryan Raver, PhD Managing Director

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Skype: ryan.raver

About the Organization

WorldFish is an international, nonprofit research organization that harnesses the potential of fisheries and aquaculture to strengthen livelihoods and improve food and nutrition security. Globally, more than 1 billion people obtain most of their animal protein from fish and 800 million depend on fisheries and aquaculture for their livelihoods. WorldFish is a member of CGIAR, a global research partnership for a food-secure future.

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