Security Training Consultant - NE Syria

  • Mid-level, Full-time staff position
  • Posted on 8 November 2019
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Job Description


Training security staff based on the principles established by CHF including community engagement, risk management and observing the humanitarian principles culminating in a ‘Do No Harm’ approach.
* Capacity building of security staff to provide more accurate and standard approach to data gathering and communication within communities
* Improving response capabilities of security staff in contingencies
* Increasing the awareness of security staff on risk and vulnerability assessments
* Able to provide appropriate level of training according to staff ability and posting

Improving response capabilities for staff and in daily activities and contingencies, the topics should include but may not be limited to:

o For both Security Staff and Drivers:

§ Guard and monitor the premises including offices, guest houses and protection centers

§ First Aid Responder Training including trauma response

§ Access and Exit control

§ Fire Protection and Safety

§ Patrols and Fixed Posts

§ Physical Security and Crime Prevention

§ Emergency unplanned prolonged stay preparation (for non-residential locations)

§ Maintaining a Safe Work Environment

§ Non-aggressive Defense (protection center guards)

§ Communication Techniques

§ Office, government and Community Relations

§ Anti-Surveillance Techniques

o For Drivers only:

§ Basics of safe driving, convoys and checkpoints Vehicles checking and pre-travel preparation

§ Recognize IEDs \ road side hazards

§ Possible contingency\attacks scenarios - mitigation and response
* The training might contain on two parts (theoretical and practical) though this is at the discretion of the trainer
* The trainer will ideally speak fluent Arabic, however translation is available
* A certificate should be provided after the training

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

* The training should be delivered within a maximum of 10 working days including pre and post assessments.
* Provide the training materials
* Include elements of testing and familiarization to ensure participants’ understanding
* Training sites will be in Derik and Talabiad in NES - venues, movements within NES and accommodation will be provided at no cost by NES.
* Consultant will be required to visit each protection centre in addition to training centre
* Movements and training will be planned however will be undertaken only in agreement with the NES Director


* Experience of training in conflict zones with INGOs
* Reputation within INGO community
* Background and suitability for training INGOs operating on a community acceptance model and without the use of ‘hard’ security tactics including firearms and armoured vehicles.
* Approach to training in Syria context and where relevant using a translator or teaching in a non-native language.

About the Organization


Global Communities/CHF International implements humanitarian projects in both NES and NWS. The safety and security of GC/CHF staff and beneficiaries is considered to be of paramount importance.

Syria has been ravaged by conflict in recent years resulting in a heavily displaced population, heavily mined field locations and the destruction of community infrastructure. CHF operates a number of protection centers that provide access to services considered essential to equip a traumatized population begin rebuilding lives and the security of clients and staff using these facilities is the major component of this consultancy service.

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