Senior Accountant

  • Mid-level, Full-time staff position
  • Posted on 17 June 2019

Job Description


The MTaPS Senior Accountant in collaboration with Country Project Director, Regional Finance & Administration Director and focal US-based MTaPS Finance team will participate in preparation of reports for donor agencies as required.

S/he will provide hands on support in budget management, financial analysis, accounting, operational and management support for MTaPS, under the supervision of the Director Finance and Operations in the country and Regional Finance and Administration Director. To this end, s/he develops routine and ad hoc reports, budget updates for different technical activities to ensure the regular flow of accurate and relevant financial information for enhanced project management and planning. This position will prepare and enter in accounting transactions, prepare payroll and make vendor payments.

S/he will provide hands on support on all financial operations of MTaPS in country. S/he ensures that MTaPS project in countryoperates as a cohesive, neutral, functional unit that provides high-quality, responsive, timely and cost effective services within the framework of local laws, MSH policies and standard operating procedures, and donor requirements. S/he is a member of the Project management team and is expected to play an active role in assisting the Country Project Director and Operations to develop a strong and strategic country presence, as necessary.

S/he will assist in safeguarding the assets (financial and physical) of MSH and ultimately the U.S. Government or other donor against fraud, loss or misuse. This position is responsible for ensuring that any money expended in the field is done in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, MSH policy, and any cost principles imposed by the donor agency. H/She is aware of, and adheres to, MSH’s procurement integrity standards in all activities.

This position has primary responsibility for ensuring that MSH operations in country are functioning efficiently and effectively, and aligned to support attainment of project results, donor regulations and client expectations and MSH policies.

S/he will oversee core systems by implementing and proactively engaging, coordinating and working with the following HO colleagues: human resource management in conjunction with the HO Human Resources Manager, financial budgeting and budget management with MTaPS Director of Finance and Operations, and the MTaPS Finance Manager, general management and operations with the HO Senior Manager and HO Senior/Project Officer field accounting and cash management in conjunction with MSH’s regional office; payment of payroll; management of local contract, consultant and vendor agreements; procurement and purchasing with HO Procurement; travel, fleet management and logistics; security; and facilities and communication services.

S/he will participate in preparation of payroll information. The Senior Accountant is aware of and adheres to the MSH Procurement Integrity policy and is responsible for safeguarding the assets (financial and physical) of MSH and ultimately USAID against fraud, loss, or misuse.

S/he will partner with Project Director, Regional F&A Director and US MTaPS HQ team to lead and conduct the annual work planning process. S/he help ensure that the work plan activities are feasible, and that all activities and costs comply with MSH’s and donor policy. S/he will assist in revising work plan budget when warranted and will work with MTaPS HQ teams throughout these processes to ensure a seamless flow of information.

Specific Responsibilities

Financial Management (50%)

  • In collaboration with Country Project Director, Regional Finance & Administration Director and focal US-based MTaPS Finance, team will participate in preparation of reports for donor agencies, as required.
  • In collaboration with Project Director, Regional F&A Director and US MTaPS HQ team, lead and conduct the annual work planning process with dedicated focus on budgeting.
  • Assist in preparation of project budgets and pipelines and in collaboration with the technical team, estimate upcoming cash needs, prepare expense projections and accrue expenditures as appropriate.
  • Together with Regional Finance and Administration, Perform analysis of financial data to identify financial risks in country.
  • Manage cash flow, including funds transfers from MSH headquarters, local currency exchange, and petty cash, as per MSH policies and procedures.
  • Provide support to monitor, mitigate or control financial risks in country.
  • Issue project advances, reconciling advance accounts each month. Follow up on outstanding advances which have not been liquidated in the timeframe prescribed by the SOP and local office policy and resolve any queries through dialogue with individual employees and their supervisors.
  • Review of vouchers and vendor invoices to ensure the maintenance of thorough documentation on all field transactions.
  • Ensure that all paid invoices agree with supporting documentation, including price quotes, purchase requests, purchase orders, EPLS and ATTUS checks and shipping receipts, as per MSH procedures for procurement.
  • Maintain current standing with all mandated tax liabilities and organization registrations including submission of payments and required statutory reports.
  • Assist the Country Project Director, and the Regional Finance and Administration Director in providing an audit interface between MSH Corporate Accounting, MSH Internal Audit Department, MSH external audit firm, and donor auditors, and ensure timely follow up to reviews or audits conclusions and recommendations that are relevant to operations in collaboration with the Project Delivery Group.
  • Manage timesheets for office staff ensuring timely submission, approval, accuracy and filing, as per MSH procedures for recording of time worked.
  • Procure and work with the contracted local vendors to administer, process and record local payroll, taxes and pension contributions and benefits.

Accounting (30%)

  • Undertake the recording of financial transactions and record financial transactions into the approved MSH Field Expense Accounting System, QuickBooks; submit each month’s expenses by the 5th business day each month for upload by Corporate Accounting into MSH’s Corporate Accounting System, Navigator. Ensure on-time, accurate data entry, completing the journal entries for non-routine expenses as necessary.
  • In collaboration with the Country Project management team and corporate accounting, assist monitor MSH Country bank account transactions and reconcile account with project expenditures as part of the month end close process
  • Prepare payment vouchers and properly code all transactions.
  • Payment of activity expenses, including per diem and transport to participants during activities in the field.
  • Prepare and control advances and ensure timely reconciliation, liquidations and review of vouchers and capture into the QuickBooks Online
  • Maintain accounting files.
  • Control consumption of project (petrol, electricity, water, telephone,)
  • Participate in the improvement of the accounting system and the system of internal control.
  • Create all financial reports as requested by supervisor.
  • Preparation of forms for payments of taxes and social security.
  • Liaise with procurement team and ensure that all commitments & accruals are accurately reported in Quick books on monthly basis
  • Examine all financial documents for payment (i.e. purchase requests, purchase orders, agreements, leases, grants, and contracts) and ensure the completeness, accuracy and validity of financial data, including accounting classification and computations.
  • Perform bank reconciliation and ensure all unreconciled items are reported to your supervisor.
  • Ensure timely preparation of VAT report to USAID
  • Ensure timely submission of statutory deductions from staff and vendors in line with the Ethiopia Government guidelines

General (20%)

  • Ensure accurate and timely submission of required administrative reports and other information as needed to the Project Directors, HO Senior/Project Officer project, or corporate offices.
  • Facilitate the processing of documentation for obtaining VAT exemption certificates for procurements made with USAID and other donors’ funds, conducting quality control checks on and filing all documents for reimbursement.
  • With support from MSH/HQ and as part of regular voucher analyses, aid in enforcing existing written policies on internal control systems for procurements, inventory maintenance and asset use which will ensure compliance with MSH policies and standards.
  • Review and prepare as necessary country activity travel advances and process travel claims (TEFs) and work with country program staff to resolve accounting related issues, as per MSH policy and procedures for request for advances and reimbursement (TEF) procedures.
  • Work with the HO Project Associate in providing administrative and logistics support for all short term consultants, serving as the liaison between MSH/Country and home office on administrative and financial matters related to these contracts.
  • Review of procurement analysis and supporting documentation and ensure that procurements are done in accordance with MSH policies and procedures and Donor rules and regulation.
  • Any other duties as assigned by management and as required by the position.
Qualifications and Experience



  • The ideal candidate should have a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting or Business Management or ACCA/CPA Ethiopia in similar field for 6 years of relevant work experience OR Master’s degree in Business Administration, Accounting, and a similar field and 4 years of relevant work experience



  • Advanced spreadsheet skills required. Familiarity with accounting or business information systems software strongly preferred. Database skills desired. (Microsoft Office applications preferred).
  • Experience in office management preferred.
  • Experience in working with USAID funded projects required and knowledge of applicable regulations and requirements.
  • Work experience with projects supported by international organizations.
  • Ability to create and monitor budgets. Understanding of the basic tenets of Cash Control, Asset Management, and Bank Reconciliation.
  • Minimum of 4 years’ experience as a Senior Accountant
  • Understanding of key aspects of accounting
  • Experience creating and analyzing journal entries.
  • Ability to use basic accounting software i.e. Quickbooks Online

Knowledge and Skills:

  • Strong leadership, mentoring, management, analytical and organizational skills demonstrated by ability to work both independently and within a team, assess priorities, and manage a variety of activities with attention to detail.
  • Understanding of the principles of adequate documentation and of audit, and of the procedures necessary to ensure audit compliance.
  • English fluency required (including speaking, writing, understanding, and reading and the ability to work with vendors, staff and stakeholders).
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Expert skills in Microsoft Word, Excel, and QuickBooks or similar accounting packaging, comfortable in a Windows PC environment.
  • Ability to work in a cross-cultural team and willingness to travel.


  • To continue process innovation, must be determined, self-motivated, and with excellent interpersonal skills.
  • Group facilitation
  • Capable of managing work with shifting priorities
  • Able to manage and coordinate a variety of activities simultaneously
  • Can work in a team-oriented environment while driving for results
  • Perform logical analysis
  • Creative problem solving
  • Organized and detail-oriented
  • Process oriented

Physical Demands:

  • Travel requirements: Availability to travel domestically and internationally as needed.
  • Keyboard use, Pulling drawers, lifting papers <10lbs.

About the Organization

Management Sciences for Health, an international nonprofit organization, is dedicated to closing the gap between what is known and what is done about public health problems. MSH saves lives and improves health by helping public and private organizations throughout the world to effectively manage people, medicines, money, and information. Working from more than 30 country offices and our US headquarters, our staff from 65 nations is highly regarded for its technical expertise, integrity, and commitment to making a lasting difference in health.

Management Sciences for Health (MSH) is a nonprofit international health organization composed of more than 2,000 people from 73 nations. Their mission is to save lives and improve the health of the world’s poorest and most vulnerable people by closing the gap between knowledge and action in public health. Together with their partners, they are helping managers and leaders in developing countries to create stronger management systems that improve health services for the greatest health impact.


MSH takes an integrated approach to building high-impact sustainable programs that address critical challenges in leadership, health systems management, human resources, and medicines. Simply put, they support stronger health systems for greater health impact.

Their expertise in these areas falls into the broad categories of management functions—for example, leadership and governance or pharmaceutical management—and health areas like tuberculosis or maternal, newborn, and child health. They apply their expertise by

  • Partnering with governments, local organizations, and communities in developing nations to build their own capacity for long-term health impact;
  • Providing global leadership in critical areas of health management and health care delivery;
  • Bringing the best of MSH from around the globe to the people we serve, working as One MSH with a focus on lasting health system improvements.



Leadership, Governance, & Management

They work with in-country partners to build stronger health systems to improve:

    • the management and leadership of priority health programs, health organizations, and multisectoral partnerships such as The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, developing a critical mass of managers at all levels of the health system who can lead and inspire teams to achieve results;
    • the management systems of health organizations in the public and private sector, transferring practical approaches and skills to ensure that management structures contribute to sustainable organizational success;
    • the governance and management of health organizations and multisectoral partnerships, facilitating change and transferring knowledge to enable organizations to administer their resources efficiently and scale up their services.


Health Service Delivery

MSH combines extensive public health expertise, proven service delivery approaches, and evidence-based interventions in five critical areas:

    • HIV & AIDS
    • Tuberculosis
    • Maternal, newborn, and child health
    • Family planning and reproductive health
    • Other communicable diseases, including malaria and pandemic and avian influenza

Human Resources for Health

MSH helps governments develop multisectoral strategies and policies to plan and manage their health workforces. We use a comprehensive approach that addresses all the facets of human resources for health needed to achieve an adequate supply of well-trained and motivated health workers. MSH offers capabilities in leadership, human resource management, education, partnerships, policy, and finance to achieve these goals.

Pharmaceutical Management

Vital to our success is a participatory approach to project design and implementation, which cultivates broad-based support from all stakeholders. We also build and improve infrastructure and local capacity to effectively purchase, store, deliver, and use quality essential medicines.

Health Care Financing

MSH helps governments and NGOs assess their current financial situation and systems, understand service costs, and develop initiatives to use existing funds more effectively and generate additional revenue—all with the goal of supporting a nation’s health priorities.

Health Information

MSH has developed proven methods for rapidly strengthening the analysis and use of existing health data—normally at the province, district, and facility levels—without revising existing recording and reporting requirements. With an emphasis on learning through action, district teams undertake assessments of health services, identify gaps in performance, and design solutions to support better decision-making and, therefore, better management of improved services.

MSH has worked closely with the Health Metrics Network of the WHO to develop a comprehensive approach for enhancing the performance of health information systems and data by employing a practical, strategic planning process that can be carried out by national working groups.

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