Senior Associate Advisor Water, Sanitation and Hygiene

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SNV Netherlands Development Organisation
South Sudan
Apply by 12 March 2013
Senior-level , Long-term consulting assignment
Posted on 11 January 2013

Job Description

SNV South Sudan is looking for a:

Senior Associate Advisor Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)

Based in Juba, South Sudan

(Associate Advisor / Consultancy contract)

SNV South Sudan has adopted a programmatic approach to its work in three different sectors- Agriculture, Renewable Energy and Water Sanitation and Hygiene. This is to ensure that each sector works in synergy with the other two through a framework tailored to achieve scale and quality in impact. Activities are expected to put cutting-edge knowledge in each sector to practice that is carefully monitored and documented to capture breakthroughs to overcome challenges of delivering services to the poor.

The SNV South Sudan strategy identifies four programmes:

  1. Sustainable Sanitation and Hygiene for All in rural areas and large transient and permanent settlements including small towns;
  2. Sanitation and food safety in the livestock, fisheries and horticulture sector;
  3. Functionality-plus of Rural Water and sanitation services
  4. WASH in Schools
  5. WASH integration with biogas for renewable energy;

SSH4A programmes consist of 5 components: 1) Improving WASH governance and multi-stakeholder sector development; 2) Establishment of a reliable WASH M&E system in the public sector; 3) Developing Behavioural Change Communication and Education (BCC/E) for hygiene and sanitation; 4) Enhancing the design and quality (multi-functionality) of supply systems in WASH infrastructure to meet girls’ and women’s caregiving and reproductive health needs; 5) WASH related vocational training to supply standardized skills for the public, private and voluntary sectors.

In South Sudan these five component areas of action will have, as much as possible, identical footprints with Agriculture and Renewable Energy (RE). In particular, the agriculture value chains of livestock, fisheries and horticulture require a robust WASH component to be built into the lives of producers and consumers to meet the human development objectives of food security and nutrition. Similarly, within RE, biogas is highly dependent on aggregation of waste from humans, animals and plants and adequate water to create slurry for digesters. Residue from biogas makes good fertilizer.

This is a senior advisory position that aims for strategic positioning, network development, resource mobilisaton, review & evaluation of advisory services, knowledge development and coaching. Hence, the objectives of this position are: 1) contribute to overall quality of programme design and implementation; 2) To build Partnerships for Resource Mobilisation (PRM) and fulfill the M&E and accountability requirements of SNV and Donors ; 3) to organize Multi-stakeholder Platforms at all levels of the governance structures; 4) To generate and share knowledge and innovation for continuous improvement of programmes through publications, media and curriculum development for vocational training (VOSD)


  • To take responsibility and initiative as part of the Senior Management Team for the overall control and performance of all SNV programmes, assets and relationships of SNV South Sudan;
  • Lead the WASH team and LCBs in achieving quality and scale through coaching and motivation;
  • Develop viable market-based approaches to promote access and gender equity in access to WASH infrastructure and services;
  • To establish partnerships and mobilize resources through vigilant scoping of business opportunities and development of funding proposals in support of the South Sudan WASH strategies;
  • To generate and share knowledge and innovations relevant to continuous improvement of WASH quality, scaling and affordability;
  • To implement SNVs M&E system following training in the Managing for Results (MfR) approach;
  • Develop vocational institutions, training materials and curricula for localization and propagating quality standards in WASH infrastructure and services;
  • Support the formation of Multi-stakeholder platforms by mapping and coordinating institutions and organizations to work toward establishment of effective public services in South Sudan’s WASH sector;
  • Promote knowledge exchange and networking with other SNV Country Programmes;
  • Coordinate and synergize WASH activities with Agriculture and Renewable Energy Sectors;

Candidate profile

  • Masters in social and economic development related fields; engineering or allied health background a plus;
  • At least 5 years of senior level working experience in developing countries; experience in WASH and South Sudan context is a plus;
  • Record of successfully introducing creative, practical and innovative ideas;
  • Record of working in WASH at senior level, especially capacity building of public sector institutions;
  • Native or near-native English language communication skills;
  • Evidence of producing knowledge products, including publications and training materials;
  • Ability to lead and synergize the efforts of a multi-disciplinary team of advisors;
  • Proven track record of generating resources and preparing funding proposals for WASH programmes.
  • Experience in developing funding proposals;

Contract Duration: One year with the possibility of extension.

Desired start date: ASAP

Information on duty station

Non-family station: SNV South Sudan is a non-family duty station where housing, food and security is provided for international staff; RnR travel and leave is provided every 12 weeks to the country of family residence, in addition to annual leave days;

Medical facilities: Healthcare facilities in South Sudan are inadequate for treatment of major illnesses. Daily connections to Uganda and Kenya enable access to higher standard medical services. Diagnostic and prescription services are reliable for malaria, typhoid and other common infectious diseases.

Security situation: Improving political situation and stability and no direct security threats; low to moderate criminality levels; SNV is part of the security information circuit of the UN (UNMISS) that transmits by email daily security alerts and road safety information to subscriber.

Accessibility: Juba is connected to Addis, Nairobi, Entebe and Khartoum once or twice daily. SNV is subscribed to WFP, UNMISS and MAF air services to numerous airstrips in more remote locations. Rainy season travel is restricted to all weather roads only; Duty stations in country are optimized for easy access to project areas.

Communication: SNV has satellite internet access in three locations; Five mobile networks offer adequate coverage in most major settlement areas; SNV provides Thuraya satellite phones for rural travel and two-way radio communication on vehicles.

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