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April - May 2019


The purpose of the Tasharoc project is to support implementation of Morocco’s Advanced Regionalisation process in the northern region of Tanger, Tétouan and Al Hoceïma (TTAH), through the provision of technical assistance and capacity building to its regional government bodies and civil society. It is structured around the following three key areas: strengthening the capacity of regional government bodies, primarily the TTAH Regional Council (RC) to better deliver on and respond to the needs of citizens; providing support to more effective service delivery, particularly on implementation and monitoring of the Plan de Développement Régional (PDR); and convening opportunities for improved dialogue and collaborative working between regional stakeholders (government institutions, civil society, media, private sector and citizens). Tasharoc is a two-year project based in Tangiers, funded by the UK Government and implemented by a consortium of DAI, NDI and Golden Resources.

Regional Council

The Regional Council is an elected local body governed by public law and is, according to Organic Law 111-14, in charge of various development areas in the region. The Regional Council of the TTAH region is one of the 12 regional councils of Morocco that constitute the first administrative division in the framework of advanced regionalisation.


The organic law N°111-14 of Regionalisation provides an opportunity for citizens and associations to petition the RC in a direct procedure. The process is prescribed in the National Platform for Citizen Participation of the Government of Morocco, as well as in the DGCL Guide for Petitions Process printed in 2018. The TTAH RC is yet to establish a response mechanism for petitions.

Scope of work

As part of its technical support to the RC in establishing a petition mechanism between the RC and civil society, TASHAROC seeks to hire a Senior Consultant to assist the RC in creating a streamlined, inclusive, and systematised petition process that incorporates the requirements of DGCL and the Government of Morocco. Working closely with the TASHAROC project team, the Consultant will therefore:

  • Conduct consultative meetings with representative CSOs in the Region, as well as the national institutions involved in the petitions process. Present a draft guide for petitions response mechanism
  • Design a final guide based on the feedback and create implementation schedule (the draft
  • Train the staff to receive and process petitions


This support will be monitored through the following deliverables, which the consultant will be expected to submit to a high quality, according to the format and deadline set out below.

Deliverable 1

Conducting consultative meetings with the RC on draft petition response mechanism

Format: Report (word + PDF)

Deadline: 30/6/19

LOE: 3

Deliverable 2

Guidebook for petitions response mechanism implementation, with training plan

Format: Word

Deadline 30/6/19

LOE: 4

Deliverable 3

Trainings for RC staff responsible for processing the petitions

Format: sign-in sheet, presentation (word+PDF), pre-post tests handouts, report + correction table of the tests

Deadline 30/7/19

LOE: 3

The Consultant will be expected to collaborate as required with one other consultant contracted by the project under this Activity as relevant.

The assignment will begin with an introductory meeting with the TASHAROC team to present the methodological approach and to clarify any points.

Outlines/table of contents for all documents should be submitted in draft format for review to the TASHAROC project team before further development of the deliverables (dates to be agreed upon with the team during kick-off call).

Final drafts must include two paper copies, in line with RC’s requirements. A presentation of the materials to the RC will also be scheduled for discussion, before finalisation of the documents.

Level of effort

Up to 10 days are available for this assignment. The expert will report to the CSO Lead, with regular contact at each stage of the assignment to discuss progress, any challenges or questions. The number of days provided does not include any additional time required to amend deliverables outside of the agreed timeframe beyond that reasonably expected.

Closing Date

24 May 2019

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