Senior Expert in Results Management and Voter Registration

  • Senior-level, Short-term contract assignment
  • Posted on 16 September 2019

Job Description

Project title: Technical assistance in support to civil service reform, Parliament and the electoral cycle in Sierra Leone

Brief description of the assignment: The global objective of the mission is to contribute to result 2 of the inception report results: Results Management and Voter Registration

Specific objectives include:

  • Conduct a feasibility study on NEC RMS decentralisation process;
  • Configure the RMS software by developing a robust reporting engine;
  • Support creation of a dedicated web address to post results in a real-time and disaggregated manner;
  • Conduct analyses of alignment between the voter registration process and the civil registry.

The requested services will involve working closely with the Commission, the leadership of the secretariat, NEC ICT director and head of datacentre, under the guidance of the Long-Term Key Expert for the Component.

First mission specific tasks will include:

  • Prepare for and participate at a Kick-Off meeting with NEC and the technical assistance team;
  • Conduct analyses of alignment between the voter registration process and the civil registry, prepare common policies on alignment of databases, identify challenges, risks and recommend mitigation tools to ensure voter register is credible for future elections;
  • Review IT equipment supplied by the SNEC project for the voter registration and results management processes including the servers used for the development of the voter roll;
  • Hold consultations with stakeholders to keep them informed about alignment between the voter registration process and the civil registry.

Second mission specific tasks will include:

  • Evaluate the RMS upgrade in line with the recommendations made in 2017 and 2018;
  • Assess functionality of the NEC RMS. Conduct a feasibility study to examine rationality of RMS decentralisation at district level and advise on a system to be used future elections. A feasibility study will address staff capacity, political, financial and legal factors that may impede its execution in future elections;
  • Configure the RMS software by developing a robust reporting engine, ensuring information about polling station/poling centre results, invalid ballots and the number of seats won by parties is timely provided for all elections;
  • Include in reporting system features for a soft copy reporting to allow political parties properly examine results;
  • Hold consultations with political parties and other stakeholders on the RMS to improve the communication with stakeholders and keep them informed about results management system improvement process;
  • Support creation of a dedicated web address to post results in a real-time and disaggregated manner;
  • Setup a search engine on the NEC website for voters to find their names on the voter register;
  • Review tally/recount procedures in order to harmonize with the existing RMS.

The required outputs include:

  • An Inception Report to be submitted within 8 days of the start-up meeting, including a draft work plan, timelines and proposed methodology. The Inception Report will be presented to the Commission, the Executive Secretary and the Team Leader for comments and approval;
  • A final report covering the entire assignment – at the end of the mission period – shall contain, but shall not be limited to, the following elements: Executive Summary; Background; Methodology; Main findings related to the global and specific objectives of the assignment; Key recommendations and future plans; Conclusions;
  • In annexes to the final report, all deliverables foreseen.

Duration of the assignment: 2 missions, each of them 63 working days; 1 mission in 2019, 1 mission in 2020


Qualifications and skills

- Master’s degree (or equivalent) in computer science or software engineering. In lieu of a master’s level degree proven professional experience in the field of work will be considered as equivalent;

- Minimum 7 years of experience working in the areas of RMS and voter registration;

- Extensive knowledge and work experience of IT, data base development in the field of voter registration and RMS;

- Experience in running the IT or software development trainings based on interactive methodology;

- Excellent presentation skills;

- Excellent drafting and analytical skills;

- Fluency in written and spoken English is required.

The expert should have the following skills and competences:

- Active listening and strong report writing skills;

- Ability to operate within a multi-sectoral and multi-cultural context;

- Sound knowledge of IT, software and database development and software training methodology;

- An understanding of theory and practice of electoral operation.

Specific professional experience:

- Strong organizational, analytical and writing skills;

- Ability to work strategically to realize organizational goals, develop strategies, set clear policy related to core assignment;

- Ability to effectively interact with a wide range of national and international interlocutors, reach agreements and promote ideas;

- Demonstrate ability to manage complex tasks and openness to change;

- Ability to handle multiple tasks without compromising quality of work, team spirit and positive working relationships.

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