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  • Mid-level, Long-term consulting assignment
  • Posted on 25 June 2020
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Job Description


  • SOLICITATION NO.: 720FDA20B00059
  • ISSUANCE DATE: June 18, 2020
  • CLOSING DATE AND TIME FOR RECEIPT OF OFFERS: July 16, 2020, 12:00 P.M. Eastern Time
  • POINT OF CONTACT: OFDA Recruitment Team,
  • POSITION TITLE: Senior Program Officer
  • MARKET VALUE: $78,681 - $102,288 equivalent to GS-13 (not eligible for locality pay)
    Final compensation will be negotiated within the listed market value and based upon the candidate’s established salary history. Salaries over and above the top of the pay range will not be entertained or negotiated.
  • PERIOD OF PERFORMANCE: One (1) year, with four (4) one-year options
  • PLACE OF PERFORMANCE: Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo
    There may be an initial training program in Washington, D.C. for three months, which will include formal classroom training and on-the-job training; and may include security training. After completion of Washington training, the SPO will be assigned to the place of performance.
  • SECURITY LEVEL REQUIRED: Ability to obtain and maintain a Secret up to Top Secret/Sensitive Compartmented Information level clearance as provided by USAID.


To effectively respond to the complex emergency in DRC, OFDA operates an office within the USAID Mission in Kinshasa, DRC, which, as of fiscal year 2018, is responsible for overseeing more than $70 million in OFDA funding in DRC. The Senior Humanitarian Advisor (SHA) is OFDA’s principal humanitarian representative in DRC and is located in Kinshasa. The Senior Program Officer (SPO) for DRC supports the SHA by providing program strategy development and implementation oversight. The SPO oversees field monitoring of OFDA programs and ensures reporting on humanitarian needs and programming in DRC. The SPO assists the SHA with assessment, analysis, and reporting on existing or evolving crises, maintenance of partner relationships, and coordination of award management activities.

Under the guidance of the SHA, the SPO will coordinate closely with the USAID Mission and Embassy staff, and exchange information as needed with colleagues covering the DRC portfolio, as well as with the field and headquarters-based OFDA regional team. This includes sharing project ideas and strategies, and soliciting advice and guidance. The SPO will also work closely with the Agreement Officer’s Representative for all assigned awards.


OFDA requires the services of one SPO for the DRC portfolio to ensure that OFDA’s objectives for disaster assistance, risk reduction, resilience programming, strategic reporting, and interagency coordination for the region, are met.


The duties and responsibilities will include the following:

  • The OFDA SPO will primarily provide full time in-country coordination and management of OFDA programming for humanitarian emergency and Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) activities throughout DRC. The SPO may assist in humanitarian assistance activities elsewhere in the region, as needed.
  • This position requires effective daily coordination with several OFDA staff members, as well as with representatives from other USAID offices, Embassy staff, and the humanitarian community, and therefore requires a highly collaborative work style. The SPO must be prepared to function effectively in a challenging and restrictive work environment and be willing to strictly adhere to U.S. Embassy security guidelines. The SPO may be required to serve as a critical component of a USG disaster assessment team, DART, RMT, or to backfill other staff members in the overseas office.
  • Serve as the principal point of contact for OFDA programming in DRC. Coordinate closely with both field and headquarters-based components of OFDA’s Regional Team and maintain regular contact with concerned staff in other USAID Missions and U.S. Embassies.
  • Lead OFDA’s DRC-based program staff in the development of OFDA’s programming for response and disaster risk reduction activities in DRC and oversee implementation of OFDA’s overarching DRC strategy.
  • Continually assess emergency response and DRR needs in DRC in order to ensure that OFDA’s programs are appropriately responsive.
  • Support the SHA in maintaining relations with the senior leadership of the DRC humanitarian community to represent USAID and OFDA on humanitarian issues. This will include but is not limited to UN agencies, IOs, NGOs, USG personnel, donors, host government authorities, and others.
  • Travel as permitted to assess, evaluate and monitor humanitarian conditions in DRC, and make strategic recommendations for appropriate interventions.
  • Participate in and report on joint donor humanitarian evaluations and UN-led assessments, and participate actively in the international community response structures.
  • Provide regular reporting, through official cables and other means, on issues related to the humanitarian situation in DRC. Provide overviews of patterns and trends in the humanitarian situation and keep the SHA, Team Lead, and other staff current on response issues. Provide regular reports on site visits, meetings, general atmospherics and other issues that impact humanitarian relief efforts.
  • With guidance from the SHA, coordinate with the donor community on policy issues affecting humanitarian operations, and develop integrated, non-duplicative programs.
  • Prepare briefing papers, notes and presentations on OFDA programming for official USG visitors interested in humanitarian issues.
  • Conduct performance reviews and evaluations, and coordinate staff development plans for OFDA DRC program team members, with guidance from the SHA.
  • May serve in program positions on Washington-based RMTs for up to 45 days.
  • As needed, serve on DARTs which may require immediate (within 24 hours) deployment overseas for an extended period of time.
  • As needed, may serve on a temporary detail within the office or region not to exceed six months. Duties performed while on detail will be aligned with the Team’s existing duties and responsibilities as well as directly related to the scope of work provided.



(Determines basic eligibility for the position. Offerors who do not meet all of the education and experience factors are considered NOT qualified for the position.)

Bachelor’s degree with significant study in or pertinent to a specialized field (including, but not limited to, international relations, economics, food policy, or a related field) plus a minimum of seven (7) years of progressively responsible experience in emergency relief and humanitarian assistance, including at least two (2) years of international field experience working on multi-agency relief operations in a humanitarian emergency setting.


Master’s degree with significant study in or pertinent to a specialized field (including, but not limited to, international relations, economics, food policy, or a related field) plus a minimum of five (5) years of progressively responsible experience in emergency relief and humanitarian assistance, including at least two (2) years of international field experience working on multi-agency relief operations in a humanitarian emergency setting.


Offers must be received by the closing date and time at the address specified in the cover letter.

Qualified individuals are required to submit:

  1. Complete resume. In order to fully evaluate your offer, your resume must include:

(a) Paid and non-paid experience, job title, location(s), dates held (month/year), and hours worked per week for each position. Dates (month/year) and locations for all field experience must also be detailed. Any experience that does not include dates (month/year), locations, and hours per week will not be counted towards meeting the solicitation requirements.

(b) Specific duties performed that fully detail the level and complexity of the work.

(c) Education and any other qualifications including job-related training courses, job-related skills, or job-related honors, awards or accomplishments.

(d) U.S. Citizenship

(e) Optional: How did you hear about this opportunity? (, OFDA Jobs, Career Fair, etc.).

Your resume must contain sufficient information to make a valid determination that you fully meet the experience requirements as stated in this solicitation. This information must be clearly identified in your resume. Failure to provide information sufficient to determine your qualifications for the position will result in loss of full consideration.

  1. USPSC Offeror form AID 309-2. Offerors are required to complete sections A through I. This form must be physically signed. Electronic signatures will not be accepted. AID 309-2 is available at

Additional documents submitted will not be accepted.

By submitting your offer materials, you certify that all of the information on and attached to the offer is true, correct, complete, and made in good faith. You agree to allow all information on and attached to the offer to be investigated. False or fraudulent information on or attached to your offer may result in you being eliminated from consideration for this position, or being terminated after award, and may be punishable by fine or imprisonment.

To ensure consideration of offers for the intended position, please reference the solicitation number on your offer, and as the subject line in any email.

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