Senior Program/Technical Specialist (USAID/OAPA)

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Washington, DC, District of Columbia, United States
Apply by 19 January 2017
Posted on 19 December 2016

Job Description

Senior Program/Technical Specialist

AMEX International has provided a range of technical and institutional support to governments and donor agencies around the world for more than 30 years. We seek a Senior Program/Technical Specialist to lead, coordinate, organize, research, analyze, liaise, and manage processes as part of program, technical or desk teams for the Unites States Agency for International Development (USAID) Office of Afghanistan and Pakistan Affairs (OAPA). The work covers several broad operational, programmatic and technical areas, such as budgeting, monitoring and evaluation, legislative and public outreach, as well as gender, public health, education, infrastructure, democracy and governance, economic growth, agriculture, and information and communications technology. The full-time positon is for a proposal and if AMEX wins, the job starts in a couple of months or sooner following the award. The position is located in downtown Washington, DC.

Responsibilities include:

  • Provide appropriate leadership in design, development, planning, implementation; and capacity- building of specific technical components of programs.
  • Participate in resource development activities.
  • Responsible for accomplishing assigned job responsibilities, and following the standards and practices of the department and division.
  • Responsible for planning and scheduling own work flow and timetables, within area and function guidelines.
  • Identify areas for improved efficiency or effectiveness within prescribed parameters, and institutes enhancements to procedures.
  • Maintaining a constructive dialogue with field counterparts and implementing partners.
  • Developing and maintaining collaborative relationships with donor/client organizations, relevant government agencies, bilateral and other NGOs.
  • Developing tools for the design and implementation of specific technical components of projects.
  • Serve as a departmental resource on procedural, administrative, and operational issues.

Senior Program/Technical Specialist positions require a master’s degree in a related area and a minimum of ten-fifteen years of professional relevant work experience with a strong preference for overseas work. Experience in project administration and management procedures preferred

Please apply through our website, ( choosing the Senior Program/Technical Specialist position with an updated resume, Biodata Form 1420 (available on our website), and cover letter expressing why this position interests you, how it fits into your career goals, and your salary requirements, and your available work schedule. Apply by January 17, 2017 at the latest. AMEX will contact qualified candidates with additional instructions.

More information: Afghanistan and Pakistan have both faced substantial security and governance challenges over the past decade. In countries that are critical to the national security of the United States, progress is fragile, but our continued efforts remain vital. Recognizing that Afghanistan and Pakistan are at the crossroads between Central and South Asia, regional cooperation is also a key focus in the Office of Afghanistan and Pakistan Affairs (OAPA). To ensure mutual progress in a region of the world closely tied to America’s security and prosperity, the Office works closely with USAID’s Asia Bureau on programs to deepen U.S. engagement with regional institutions working to promote integration and sustainable solutions to regional challenges. OAPA also works closely with the Department of State’s Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan, South & Central Asia Bureau, and the National Security Council.

About the Organization

AMEX International, Inc. (AMEX) is a small business with over 25 years of experience providing quality consulting, procurement, and shipping services to federal and local government agencies, foreign governments, international institutions, and private corporations worldwide. AMEX has built a solid reputation as a business-minded, technologically savvy firm with an attentive, highly experienced staff. We have managed more than 100 long-term projects for agencies such as US Agency for International Development, the US Department of Agriculture, various UN agencies, and have worked in over 60 countries. AMEX provides a variety of international consulting services in the areas of: Democracy and governance, Economic growth, and Management support services. AMEX interventions begin with an assessment of local priorities, rooted in the political culture and civil society of each locality and region. Our capability in the area of democracy and governance includes the functional areas of rule of law, elections and political processes, civil society, and transparent and accountable governance. In the economic growth sector, AMEX's experience extends to a wide range of activities designed to promote sustainable growth, the development of open markets, robust private sectors, and long-term poverty reduction. Our management support services encompass administrative, logistical, capacity building, and other institutional support mechanisms designed to meet client needs. Our capacity building and training programs are tailored for each situation and developed through collaboration with local stakeholders. We provide training in management, organizational development skills, staffing needs assessment, private enterprise development, trade policy reform, communications, civic education, and judicial training of trainers for governmental and nongovernmental organizations.

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