Senior Public-Private Partnership Specialist (USAID/India Gender Analysis)

  • Posted on 11 February 2019

Job Description

USAID/India has contracted Banyan Global to carry out a country-level Gender Analysis, which will inform the mission’s 2019-2024 Country Development Cooperation Strategy (CDCS). Under the new CDCS, the Mission’s internally-focused portfolio will aim to bolster India’s development progress by strengthening India’s ability to be a convener, accelerator, and broker to facilitate the domestic capacities and resources that underpin its development progress. The CDCS will focus primarily, but not exclusively, on enhancing the Government of India’s (GOI) performance in addressing complex development challenges that exist within India. Depending on what is appropriate for each sector supported, the CDCS strategy and follow-on programming will conduct policy dialogue; promote reforms that encourage private sector investment; assist in eliminating critical choke points in government systems; leverage funding, expertise and private sector ingenuity; and continue to act as the GOI’s development laboratory, testing and incubating new ways of doing business that the GOI and/or the private or non-governmental sectors can subsequently bring to scale.

Within this context, the Senior Innovations and Public-Private Partnership Specialist (IPPPS) will carry out a gender analysis within several sectors: health (tuberculosis, maternal and child health, and family planning), WASH, energy and environmental health, energy, water security, disaster risk reduction, and digital connectivity. In these sectors, the gender analysis will address:

  • What are the barriers for equal male-female participation in all USAID/India in the sectors mentioned above?
  • What are the ways in which women and men are impacted differently by problems/opportunities in these sectors?
  • What are potential measures for improving women’s access to services, employment opportunities, and policy planning?
  • What are potential measures for enhancing the leadership role that NGOs and others play on gender issues in the sectors that USAID might want to engage?
  • What role does gender-based violence play as a cross-cutting priority in all of the sectors mentioned above and what are potential measures to mitigate it?


The Senior IPPPS will work under the leadership of a Senior Gender Expert (Consultant) and also collaborate with an extended research team comprised of the USAID Regional Gender Specialist, the USAID/India Program Office Director, and the USAID/India Gender Focal point. The IPPPS will collaborate on the preparation of an inception report; and will travel with the Senior Gender Expert to India for two (2) weeks to carry out the data collection for the Gender Analysis. The IPPPS will collaborate on the preparation of a draft and final Gender Analysis Report in English in line with USAID and Banyan Global formatting and graphics standards. The estimated level of effort is maximum 50 days, and the tasks to be completed include the following:

  • Collaborate with the Senior Gender Expert and an extended team of three additional USAID regional and mission staff.
  • Collaborate on the preparation of an inception report, which will include a review of existing literature and resources, a detailed methodology, work plan, table of contents, and data collection instruments for the Gender Analysis.
  • Collaborate with the Senior Gender Expert on the presentation of the findings of the literature review to the USAID/India mission upon arrival in India.
  • Collaborate with the research team on data collection for the Gender Analysis in India (two weeks), which will include conducting discussions and interviews with staff from USAID/India, US Embassy, Government of India counterparts, other bilateral and multilateral organizations, private sector and NGOs active in gender-related areas in India.
  • In collaboration with the Senior Gender Expert, present the preliminary findings and recommendations of the Gender Analysis to USAID/India, including breakout sessions with the various mission Offices to obtain recommendations to incorporate into the gender analysis report.
  • Carry out an exit briefing with the USAID/India Program Office, Office Directors, and Mission Director.
  • Collaborate on the drafting of the final Gender Analysis report in collaboration with Senior Gender Expert, the USAID Senior Regional Gender Advisor and the USAID/India Mission Gender Focal Point; and make revisions to the draft based on USAID/India and Banyan Global feedback; and submit the Final Gender Analysis Report to Banyan Global.


  • At least 7-10 years of experience is required in the design and management of innovation activities and public-private sector engagement strategies, partnerships and leveraging in a development sector context.
  • Experience in forging public-private partnerships focusing on innovations in multiple sectors with vast understanding of market dynamics in the Indian context.
  • Experience working with private provider networks preferably in the area of USAID/India’s sectors of intervention: health (tuberculosis, maternal and child health, and family planning), WASH, energy and environmental health, energy, water security, disaster risk reduction, and digital connectivity.
  • Experience working with private provider associations will be an advantage.
  • A Master’s degree or PhD in sociology, anthropology, political science, economics, public health, rural development or another relevant field.
  • Familiarity with the USAID project cycle and programming will be an advantage.
  • Ability to communicate diplomatically and clearly with USAID staff and partners required.
  • Experience with the drafting and implementation of qualitative research instruments.
  • Ability to undertake a mission to India required (March 25-May 17, 2019 approximately).
  • Previous work experience in or related to India required.

About the Organization

Banyan Global is a small, women-owned development consulting firm, founded on the principle that integrating expertise and experience from the development community and private sector will achieve a broad and lasting impact. Through market-driven, business approaches, Banyan Global works with the private sector, civil society, and government to improve livelihoods, build markets, and promote efficient resource allocation in developing and transitional economies. Banyan Global operates seamlessly within four practice areas: health sector development, microfinance, enterprise development, and financial sector development. Gender is a cross-cutting area of expertise. Banyan Global brings together a unique team of professionals with experience in international development and the private sector. Banyan Global provides advisory, policy, and regulatory services; program management; technical assistance and training; and research and evaluation. Banyan Global also provides niche expertise in gender and post-conflict. Banyan Global's clients include leading bilateral and multilateral donor agencies, regional development banks, foundations, not-for-profit organizations, business, and industry. Banyan Global holds a significant portfolio of subcontracts for USAID-funded work and has worked in more than 35 countries, serving clients in Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East.

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