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Beijing, China
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Posted on 8 May 2015

Job Description

Job # 141384
Job Title Sr Transport. Spec.
Job Family Other
Job Type Professional & Technical
Grade GG
Location Beijing, China
Recruitment Type International Hire
Language Requirement English [Essential]
Closing Date 29-May-2015

Background / General description:

Regional Context :

The East Asia and Pacific (EAP) Region presents a dramatic illustration of the global dynamics, opportunities and risks of the 21st century. After making the fastest progress in growth and poverty reduction of any region around the world in the last fifteen years, some countries in the region – such as Mongolia – are poised to become middle-income, and some are preparing to join the small group of high-income countries. Such a rapid transformation is leading to the largest shift in rural-to-urban population in human history, generating rising inequality within and across countries, leaving individuals and regions behind in the dash for prosperity.

Meanwhile, the uncertainty in the advanced economies clouds the prospects for countries across the region which are being forced to adjust to changed growth and development prospects while addressing evolving impacts on macroeconomic stability, employment and poverty.

EAP comprises of more than 20 countries, including China, several Middle and Low Income Countries, and fragile states (EAP has the second highest number of fragile states amongst all the Bank regions). The Region is characterized by generally rapid growth, both sophisticated and low capacity borrowers, and some highly dynamic sectors. At the same time, EAP countries are faced with weak governance environment. The Bank’s program in EAP is multi-faceted and has grown rapidly in recent years: lending in FY14 exceeded $6.3 billion; the portfolio consists of nearly 300 operations for about $30 billion; and the Trust Fund program is also significant (with a portfolio of about $4.3 billion).

Transport and ICT in EAP:
EAP’s transport project portfolio consists of more than 90 projects with loan commitments of around USD 7.4 billion. The transport portfolio covers a wide spectrum of transport modes, with a stronger focus on road and urban transport. The region’s demand for transport infrastructure and services has grown alongside the needs required by its, generally, strong economic growth and poverty reduction. The countries in the region seek high quality support from the Bank and the key strategic areas of our assistance are: (a) planning and programming of transport infrastructure investment and service provision, with particular attention to the reduction of economic imbalances across intra-country regions and to the enhancement of transport accessibility in rural and urban areas; (b) management tools and strategies for maintaining infrastructure assets; (c) attention to externalities of transport modes, including environmental, climate change, and air quality issues and travel safety; (d) promotion of technological innovations and commercial practices incorporating private sector participation; and (e) the institutional/governance setup and financial frameworks, and the rules and regulations in support of the above strategic areas. In addition, inter-country trade facilitation and transport logistics represent other key areas for consideration in specific territories of the EAP Region.

The Transport and ICT Global Practice at the World Bank (GTIDR) is led by a Senior Director and a Director, based in Washington DC. Each of the six regions of the Bank in turn has a Practice Manager that leads the global practitioners that work mostly in that region. The Global Practice model seeks to draw the best expertise available within the Bank to help a client address a problem. Therefore, while practitioners work primarily in one region, they are expected to support operations in other regions and to seek support from entire practice to address client needs.
In EAP, the Practice Manager is in Sidney and over 60% of the practitioners are located in field offices that are grouped into 6 Country Management Units (Indonesia, Vietnam, China/Mongolia, Australia/Pacific Islands, Philippines, and Thailand/Cambodia/Lao PDR/Myanmar). The rest of the practitioners are in HQ. The decentralization of staff seeks to improve the level of service to the client without losing the global knowledge that the World Bank has.

Sector Context in China :
The World Bank portfolio in China consists of over 100 active operations with net commitments above $11.3 billion. The transport portfolio amounts to 40 operations for about $6 billion, of which 31 are projects in supervision with a loan commitment of $4.6 billion, and nine are in preparation ($1.4 billion). In addition, the unit manages analytical activities and an active engagement with the Urban Transport Knowledge Platform, a collaborative urban transport solution platform jointly established by the Bank and China to distill and disseminate knowledge from ongoing urban transport projects.

In response to a rapid expansion of operations, the World Bank Beijing office requires a Senior Transport Specialist with a background in urban transport, transport management, transport planning and project implementation. The selected candidate will be assigned to contribute to the preparation and implementation of lending and analytical and advisory assistance (AAA) projects in support of the Bank’s mission of ending extreme poverty and promoting shared prosperity in the EAP region. The Senior Transport Specialist will be based in the World Bank’s Beijing Office on a four year appointment. He/She will be expected to undertake frequent travel throughout China and EAP. The chosen candidate will report to the Practice Manager, Transport, currently based in Sydney, Australia.

The Position:
The Sr. Transport Specialist will (i) lead and manage a number of urban transport and transport operations in the EAP region at each stage of the project cycle for lending (e.g., preparation, appraisal, and supervision, completion); (ii) manage and develop knowledge products in areas related to transport and infrastructure; (iii) build long-term business relationships with national and local government stakeholders, including development partners, through policy dialogue, strategic communications, and outreach activities; (iv) contribute to policy dialogue to enhance the ability of clients to respond to emerging issues; (v) participate in knowledge sharing activities and staff mentoring.

Duties and Accountabilities:

The Sr. Transport Specialist will have overall responsibility for the following key areas:

(i) Work closely with Bank teams to support clients in China and other EAP Countries to help them develop appropriate sector policies, regulatory structures, investment plans and operating practices, which link with the country’s broader economic, social and poverty alleviation objectives;

(ii) Task management and team membership for lending operations both in the portfolio and pipeline, including leading cross-sectoral teams responsible for the preparation and development of transport investment projects and policy studies;

(iii) Task management and team membership for AAA and NLTA activities, including leading cross-sectoral teams established to prepare specific advisory and analytical tasks and studies;

(iv) client engagement and policy dialogue both with national and sub-national level government counterparts;

(V) Keep abreast of recent developments in transport policy, planning, operations, management, and financing;

(vi) Promote exchange and dissemination of best practices, including through the production of short policy and good practice notes;

(iv) mentor more junior staff/consultants in the Beijing transport practice group; and

(v) support the Transport and ICT Global Practice if needs for the skills of the selected candidate emerge.

Selection Criteria:

In addition to meeting Bank-wide Grade GG level positions, it is expected that the successful candidate will meet the
following selection criteria:

• Advanced degree (PhD or Masters) in transport economics, engineering, or similar relevant discipline;
• A minimum of 8 years of professional experience in the transport sector with a track record of designing and implementing transport projects
• Proven experience in preparing and supervising transport development projects.
• Experience in leading studies on transport topics;

Competencies (Level GG, Senior Transport Specialist) :

1.Knowledge and Experience in Development Arena - Translates technical and cross-country knowledge into practical applications and contributions to country and sector strategies; interacts with clients at the policy level.
2.Policy Dialogue Skills - Anticipates needs and requests in the field and conducts independent policy discussions with representatives of the government and non-government partners.
3. Integrative Skills - Understands relevant cross-sectoral areas how they are interrelated; able to undertake cross-sectoral work in lending and non-lending operations.
4. Transport Policy, Strategy, and Institutions - Solid understanding of transport policies, strategies, institutions, and regulations.
5. Urban Transport Policy, Strategy, and Institutions - Solid understanding of urban transport policies, strategies, institutions, and regulations.
6. CMU/Sector Integration - Able to act as a facilitator for the sector teams and country units, as well as with clients, promoting integrated development solutions.
7. Operational Project Management - Demonstrates in depth knowledge and understanding of project management tools & methodologies, as well as of Bank instruments and processes related to project preparation & implementation, resource management, and stakeholder communications.
8. Team Leadership - Leads teams to achieve challenging outcomes, providing a role model and enhancing the team-leadership skills of team members.
9. ESW/TA Policy, Strategic and Technical Analysis for Country/Sector Issues - Participates fully in the production of quality AAA work and policy papers, leveraging relevant analytical tools and a grasp of issues surrounding policy and sector reform.
10. Client Orientation - Maintains client relationships in the face of conflicting demands or directions and provides evidence-based advice and solutions based on sound diagnosis and knowledge.
11. Drive for Results - Identifies the needed resources to accomplish results involving multiple stakeholders and finds solutions to obstacles affecting key deliverables.
12. Teamwork (Collaboration) and Inclusion - Shows leadership in ensuring the team stays organized and focused, and actively seeks and considers diverse ideas and approaches.
13. Knowledge, Learning and Communication - Leads in the sharing of best practice, trends, knowledge and lessons learned across units and with clients and partners, articulating ideas verbally and in writing in a clear and compelling way across audiences of varied levels.
14. Business Judgment and Analytical Decision Making - Gathers inputs, assesses risk, considers impact and articulates benefits of decisions for internal and external stakeholders over the long term.

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