Short-term Civil Society and Media (CSM) Specialist

Apply by 8 July 2018
Short-term contract assignment
Posted on 8 June 2018

Job Description

Assignment Background:

Civil Society and Media (CSM) Assessment

Afghan civil society organizations and media entities play a critical role in Afghanistan’s emerging democracy, helping individuals and communities to articulate interests and concerns to the government and in the public sphere. By engaging in political discourse, and civic and political participation, both civil society and media have made significant progress particularly in the areas of promoting women’s rights and advocating for freedom of expression.

The purpose of the CSM assessment is to assess the key challenges and opportunities in the civil society and media sector. The assessment objectives are to:

  • Better understand the current state of the operating environment for CSM, including relationships with government and the public, as well as between civil society and media organizations, and the challenges that exist therein;
  • Assess CSM resilience, performance and capacity to deliver results and be accountable to their constituents, including women and youth; and to
  • Identify opportunities or constituent needs in the civil society and media sector that are currently not being pursued or addressed by existing CSM activities.

The Assessment Team will consist of two expatriates and two Afghan specialists (1 civil society & 1 media expert). The overall period-of-performance is approximately 55 work days, of which 41 are in Afghanistan. Travel outside of Kabul to Mazar, Herat, Kandahar and Jalalabad for data collection may be required. The anticipated start date is o/a July 15th.

Position Descriptions:

Team Leader: The Team Leader (TL) should have a minimum of a Master’s Degree in International Relations, International Development, Journalism, or a related field, with a minimum of 10 years of experience managing and evaluating development programs in developing countries preferably in post conflict environments. The TL should have extensive analytical (quantitative and qualitative) experience, which equips him/her to conduct high-quality and in-depth analysis of the political, and to a lesser degree economic and social, barriers to democratic development and consolidation in Afghanistan. The TL must have excellent report writing skills and experience designing assessment tools including survey questionnaires, key informant interview and focus group guides. The TL should also have in-depth experience in CSM related projects at the national and subnational level. Regional experience and/or specific Afghanistan knowledge is strongly preferred.

Civil Society and Media (CSM) Sector Expert: The CSM Sector Expert must possess a Master’s degree or equivalent experience in International Relations, International Development, Journalism, or other related field. The successful candidate shall at least have 7 years of experience in areas of Civil Society and Media including advocacy, organizing, and other related fields.

About the Organization

Checchi and Company Consulting, Inc. (Checchi) has worked in international development for over 40 years. The company has operated in more than 140 countries, including a number of fragile states and post-conflict zones, and has implemented nearly 300 long-term contracts. Checchi’s principal areas of specialization include rule of law, anticorruption and monitoring and evaluation (M&E). Since launching one of the first international rule of law practices in the late 1980s, Checchi has provided technical assistance and training in the core areas of improving access to justice; court systems administration; legislative and policy reform; judicial training and legal education; public legal awareness; and security sector reform. The company has implemented a number of long- and short-term activities focused exclusively on anticorruption. In addition, many of Checchi’s rule of law projects have included significant anticorruption components and activities. Checchi’s M&E work encompasses projects in more than 50 countries and spans the spectrum of quantitative, qualitative, and mixed approaches to managing and evaluating performance.

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